5 Easy Ways To Identify Good vs Bad Quality Wine – 2024 Guide

The common misconception about the quality of wine is that you can determine it by the name of the brand and price. This is the most common mistake people are making today. When it comes to the quality, it is much more complex to check it out, and the best way is to learn more about important factors. A lot of people say that experts at wine-tasting events often taste the wine and keep it in the mouth for some time. That is the most efficient way to test it. However, most of us are not sure what to look for while tasting it.

Therefore, the best option for people who are less familiar with these techniques is to check the reviews of experts and listen to their opinions when it comes to the right choice. If you are interested in buying high-quality wine online, check out oaksncorks.com. Moreover, it is always a good choice if you are interested in learning more about wine and how to determine its quality, especially if you are visiting wine-tasting events more often. Here are the best ways to distinguish good from bad wine.

1. Check the Taste

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In case that you were ever watching professionals while they are tasting the wine, you could notice that they are swirling the glass and smell it to find out the combinations of aromas. The main features of good wine are related to nice finishes and the scent of alcohol on the walls of the glass. Also, you can smell different aromas like apple, honey, oak, chili peppers, and more.

If you notice some of these scents, that means that the wine has at least decent quality. Since the determination is quite complex, this can be a great way to find out whether it has a good quality or not. Also, the first touch can be very important because the wine will have the most aroma after the bottle is opened.

2. Year of Production

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Another common factor that we can often hear about is the year of production of wine. However, many people are not so familiar with the meaning of these years. Therefore, we recommend you to read more about the importance of that. The most important reason related to years is the weather condition and quality of grapes during that season. For example, you might hear that the year 2018 was perfect in some regions, and that means that the wine made from those grapes will have a higher quality.

Also, it will last longer, while you can still drink it only after few years. You can notice the price difference as well. The wine made from grapes grown during a good season will cost more, especially if it stayed in the wine cellar for more than 10 years. In most cases, wines that cost under $20 are much younger than that.

3. Read The Label

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When it comes to the appearance and design of the bottle, it has nothing to do with the quality. Also, companies that are selling cheaper and low-quality wine are often using the method where they will introduce more attractive packages to attract more people. Some of them are even using that method to raise the price and present their wine as better than it actually is.

On the other side, we recommend you always read the label and check more information about the producer, year of production, and more. Even if you are not familiar with the factors that will help you to determine the quality, you can use that information to ask someone with more knowledge who will then recommend you the best option.

4. Pay Attention to the Taste and Scent

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You can combine previous techniques with tasting to be sure that you are making the right choice. This is the best option when you are visiting public events where the producers will allow people to taste the wine before they decide which one to buy. On the other side, you can compare the taste of different wines and read more about their years and additional aromas included.

This will help you to make the right choice even when you are buying it in the store. The main feature of high-quality wines is the complexity of aromas and tastes that often have added scents of berries, honey, lemon, and other fruits.

5. Balance

While the feature of good wine is to have some unique characteristics and special aromas, if you notice that there is too much taste of additives, it might not be as good as you might think. Good wine should have a balanced taste where everything is compatible, such as the scent and taste of alcohol, bitterness, additives, and more. The best way to choose the right combination is to choose by your preferences.

How to Spot a Bad Wine?

First of all, you should know how to determine if the wine is infected. The common issue is that the wine could become corked, which means that it is infected with bacteria. You can notice that if the wine smells like condensation. Moreover, if the wine has too many bubbles, it is overoxidized, which is also a bad feature. On the other side, lack of oxidation is also an indicator of bad wine. The key is in perfect balance during the fermentation process.

The Bottom Line

The main issue is that many producers are selling their bottles for a higher price claiming how it has a high quality, while it is actually above average. They are using marketing techniques and attractive bottles to lure people into spending more money. Checking the quality is quite complex, and it will require a lot of experience. Therefore, you should learn these factors and consult with experts before you decide which bottle to buy, especially if you are interested in more expensive products. That way, you can be sure that you are making the right choice instead of wasting money on low-quality products.