The Ultimate Guide to Keep Summer Pests Out of Your House – 2024 Guide


Summertime is a great time for you and your family to enjoy. However, because of the warmer months, the season also brings a myriad of pests. This is the time when most pests are coming out of hibernation and homeowners realize a surge in pest and vermin activity. Pests are not only annoying, but they also create unhygienic conditions. Wasps, hornets, bees, as well as scorpions, have painful stings, whereas mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas spread diseases.

Fortunately, when you understand what attracts pests to your house, you can make changes that will keep them away for good. In this guide, you will find out some of the most notorious summer pests and how to keep them away from your home.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away


Mosquitoes carry and transmit diseases such as Malaria and the Zika virus. The first step in controlling them is to manage your yard by making it as unpleasant to pests and insects as possible. Other steps in getting rid of them include:

  • Look for sources of stagnant water regularly. Standing water offers mosquitoes a place to lay their eggs and offers nourishment to other pests and insects in general. Check anywhere where water may be logged such as garbage bins, holes, flowerpot saucers, tires, and storage bins.
  • Get rid of birdbaths or maintain them well. Birdbaths work against your objective, but if your house has one, regularly empty it and clean it using a brush as often as possible. When you refresh the water frequently, it means that mosquito eggs will be destroyed before they hatch.
  • Employ natural mosquito repellents. Natural repellents are an effective and safe option and could be sprayed in your yard. They include natural substances such as thyme oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella, and lavender. They smell great and are safe.
  • Keep windows secure. To prevent mosquitoes from getting inside, ensure that the doors and windows in your house are well-insulated. Look for gaps, holes, or cracks and seal them appropriately.

How to Keep Ants Away

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It is impossible to identify each place that ants will enter your house. However, once they are on your premises, you need to get rid of them or they will not leave. Here are tips you can use to keep them away.

  • Seal the house’s exterior strongly and properly. Ants can squeeze themselves through all forms of tiny crevices, and the best line of defense against them is to seal your house properly. Caulk or foam is reliable for keeping even the smallest of ants away.
  • Remove ant temptations. Eliminate temptations that could bring ants to your houses such as leaving half-empty cans outside, and always keep your food covered during summer parties and barbeques.
  • Use natural solutions for small problems. There is a myriad of natural options that can stop ants from accessing your premises and even address the existing problem. Peppermint oil, cinnamon (both oil and powder form), and lemon can get rid of the scent path that is left by ants and thus, stop them from entering your house.
  • Set traps. To eradicate lingering ants, create a sugar, borax, and water solution which will act as the toxic bait. Ants will be attracted to the sugar and will take it to their queen who will immediately die.
  • Once the queen is dead, her colony will follow.

How to Keep Mice and Squirrels Away

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Mice and squirrels can survive any climate and setting which means you can only do so much to prevent their general presence in your yard. You can keep them out of the garden by fencing, or employ motion lighting that is strategically placed to shoo them off.

You could also find a pet that will guard your premises against these intruders. Additionally, ensure that all your food is stored properly to prevent mice from coming in. Mice do not only smell open food, but they will also chew through anything to get it. These tips will help you prevent mice and squirrels from entering your house:

  • Seal every crack and any other opening to your home
  • Keep garages, basements, closets, and attics dry and clean
  • Eliminate any moist areas such as leaking pipes
  • Keep your firewood 20 feet or more away from your house
  • Keep natural foliage and shrubs around your home trimmed

How to Keep Roaches Away

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Here is how you can keep your house free from roaches:

  • Clean your house regularly. In addition to sealing any potential entry points for roaches, home maintenance and conscious cleaning are crucial in keeping roaches out.
  • Have your garbage controlled and regularly taken out. Some items need to be taken to outside garbage right away. A good example is raw meat packaging and composted foods because they become odorous quickly. Clean the surfaces that you use to prepare your food, more so after cooking. Keep all your food in safe containers, ideally in cabinets or pantries that are free from debris and food particles.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in your sink. Furthermore, rinse them thoroughly before you place them in your dishwasher.
  • Seek professional help. Cockroach infestations can intensify swiftly. Therefore, if you spot more than a few in less than three days, the best option is to inform the professionals. All the cleaning and home remedies are not effective in exterminating a serious roach problem. Instead, seek pest eradicators and disinfection service providers such as Excel Pest Services to wipe these pests out.

Wrapping It Up

Similar to people, pests and insects require food, shelter, and water to survive. By getting rid of their hiding spots and cutting their food supply off, you can decrease the impact of summer pests on your home. The best manner of preventing a pest infestation is to entirely keep them out. By following this guideline, you will highly increase your likelihood of having a bug-free house.