Rev Up Savings: Budget-Friendly UTV Maintenance and Repairs

There is no better way to enjoy your free time than by heading to that special place where you feel best and going there by your favorite ATV or UTV. These vehicles are made precisely for that reason, to make people feel happy and really enjoy the ride, regardless of whether they drive it on the road or offroad.

The level of excitement is yet another reason more and more people are buying these vehicles, but just like with cars and motorcycles, it’s also of vast importance to maintain them properly. Of course, one can always just go to a mechanic, and voila, they will take care of everything, but that can be pretty costly, which is why learning what you can do on your own is so significant.

Buy quality parts

Buy quality parts

No one likes to spend more money than they have to, especially when there is something that “grants” the same features and quality as the original. Now, just like in every other aspect of life, there are certain things you simply pay more for as it is the only way to be sure that the quality will be high, and vehicle maintenance-wise, this is about buying quality parts. There are plenty of places where one can buy parts that will fit perfectly and look like the original part, but their quality will be much lower.

Also, there are plenty of websites where one can easily order everything they might need for their ATV or UTV maintenance and repair, but even shopping online should be done after a bit of research. Of course, there are certain sites known for the quality of the parts they sell, but finding them and checking whether that’s legit can be challenging for someone entirely new to all this. That is why doing the research before taking any action is highly recommended, but luckily there are many renowned sites where you can easily shop Can-am UTV parts of the best quality.

Tire pressure

Tire pressure

One of the things you simply need to check regularly is the pressure in tires, especially for this type of vehicle, as the comfort and the entire experience will get much different. Of course, this is something those with a bit of experience driving a UTV will notice, but even if you don’t have some vast experience, it’s always best to check the tire pressure before embarking on your epic journey. Now, the easy and do-it-yourself maintenance tip is to get a tire pressure gauge because it will make checking the pressure and adjusting it much easier.

One doesn’t have to be a huge know-it-all about ATV or UTV to check the pressure in tires, and since flat tires can affect your ride, that makes this tool simply a must-have for everyone planning to enjoy driving UTV.

As for the pressure and how to adjust it, every manufacturer has different recommendations regarding tire pressure, so before doing anything, make sure to double-check how to inflate tires properly. On the other hand, properly inflated tires will also reduce fuel consumption and will save you a hefty sum in the long run.



Even though this is not a must-have while on the road, buying specific tools and pieces of equipment so that nothing can surprise you while on the road can only be helpful. That is where wrenches step in as something of vast importance to have at your disposal at any time.

Namely, quality wrenches for general repairs can be a lifesaver, especially for this type of vehicle, due to the fact that people usually drive them offroad, meaning that you will be on your own in certain situations if something bad happens and the vehicle stops. That is why having a tool set with wrenches can help a lot, but of course, one has to know how to use them, so make sure to enjoy both driving your UTV and how to repair it in case of need.

Another thing we must highlight is the importance of buying quality tools, as regardless of how not that pricey some piece of equipment is, it’s always better to pay a bit more for something of much greater quality.

All of this gets even more highlighted when we talk about specific types of tools like wrenches, as this is not something people buy every now and then – on the contrary, people usually buy quality tools once in their life and don’t have to worry about that anymore. As for how this can affect maintain the vehicle, the logic is simple – some repairs one can perform at their home and garage, and a properly maintained vehicle is less likely to break.

Regularly check the oil


The best way to prolong the lifespan of any vehicle is with proper and regular maintenance. Just like we all have physical exams and should perform some basic medical checks after a certain period of time, the same rule applies to vehicles. Understandably, it’s also important to really do everything you can to avoid going to the mechanic, and one of those things is checking the oil.

Now, there are two parts to this story, and the first and most important is that it’s of tremendous importance to use quality oil for your UTV and we highlight this because there are various types and brands of oil that are not as effective, so make sure to double-check the recommended oil by the manufacturer for a certain vehicle.

The second part is checking the level of oil on a weekly basis. Of course, it all depends on how often one enjoys driving their ATVs or UTVs, but it’s always good to check the oil once a week or two to be sure that the engine works properly.

Besides checking the oil, it’s also crucial to change it after a certain period, and once again, it’s best to check with the manufacturer at what point you should do so. Overall, checking and changing the oil is of huge importance because it’s what makes ATVs run clean and healthy, and just like with other vehicles, oil is an integral part that keeps everything running smoothly.

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