The Essential Guide to UAE True Copy Attestation

Making sure documents are original and accurate is crucial in today’s environment when presenting them to authorities is a regular occurrence. True copy attestation is one procedure that frequently sticks out as being essential among the many procedures and requirements in the United Arab Emirates. Let’s delve further to learn more about UAE-certified genuine copy attestation.

The procedure of authenticating a document copy is called true copy attestation. To verify that every document element is precisely duplicated, a thorough inspection of the original document and a comparison with the document copy is required. The document copy is attested by a licensed attorney once it has been confirmed. The attester can issue a certified true copy in Dubai, of the document after looking over the original if the person doesn’t have a photocopy of it.

Documents That Can Undergo Certified True Copy Attestation


The importance of certified genuine copy attestation services in the legal domain cannot be emphasized. These services are essential for many legal processes since they guarantee the validity of important papers. In essence, a certified true copy is a replica of the original document that has been verified by an attorney or legal firm.

Document certification is a duty assigned to advocates and lawyers in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai and other emirates. Lawyers need both the original document and its reproduction to grant the coveted designation of a “true copy.” Throughout this process, the document holder must be present as well as present with a legitimate form of identity, such as an Emirates ID or passport.

Let’s now explore the several documents that are eligible for certified true copy attestation:

  • Passports:  An identity document issued by the government that attests to the passport holder’s nationality and identity.
  • Emirates ID: A required identity card that serves as documentation of residency and identity for citizens of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Driving License / International: A required identity card that serves as documentation of residency and identity for citizens of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Utility Bills (i.e., DEWA & SEWA):  Bills from organizations like Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) for basic utilities like water and electricity.
Tenancy Contracts


  • Tenancy Contracts: Contracts with legal force that specify the terms and circumstances of a lease between a renter and a landlord.
  • Telephone Bills/Mobile Bills (Du & Etisalat): bills for telecom services rendered by Etisalat and Du, two significant UAE telecom providers
  • Bank Statement: a statement that a bank issues that lists all of the financial transactions that have occurred, including balances, withdrawals, and deposits.
  • Certificates:  Official records attest to the successful completion of training, courses, or other educational initiatives.
  • Degrees/Diplomas: Formal certificates awarded by academic institutions to students who complete their courses.
  • Marriage/Birth Certificates: official records attesting to a marriage or a person’s birth.
  • Transcripts/Marks Sheet: Documents describing scholastic achievement, such as grades and courses taken.
  • Photographs/Photos: Illustrations that depict people’s likenesses and are frequently needed for identification.
  • Employment Letters: Official records that employers issue to verify the terms and circumstances of employment.
  • Experience Certificate: A record attesting to a person’s professional experience and abilities gained while they were employed.
  • Application Form: A formal application form for a particular program, job, or service.

When the passport bearer chooses not to submit the original passport, certified true copies are especially important. In addition to passports, additional required documents for submission overseas include degrees, diplomas, and experience letters. Obtaining approval from relevant authorities overseas requires certified true copies of these documents due to the time-consuming nature of transporting them internationally.

Importance of True Copy Attestation

Importance of True Copy Attestation


In a wide range of legal activities involving governments, embassies, private businesses, banks, business setup organizations, employers, schools, colleges, and universities worldwide, certified true copy attestation services are essential. For transactions that the document holder requires, these entities frequently rely on and accept a certified copy of the original document. A crucial step in the verification process, True Copy attestation guarantees the effective completion of the relevant transaction.

Our clients often require certified true copies of their passports, utility bills (DEWA bill/SEWA bill, etc.) as evidence of their address, photos, experience letters, degrees, certificates, business licenses, and other documents to satisfy international third-party requirements in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates.

Process of Getting a True Copy Attestation

The process is straightforward, and you can obtain certified true copy attestation in minutes from Notary Services Dubai. Follow these steps:

  1. Original document submission: For true copy attestation, send the original document and a photocopy to our office or a legal professional. Passports, utility bills, Emirates IDs, driver’s licenses, degrees, certificates, transcripts, experience letters, bank statements, application forms, bank KYC forms, photos, and more can be examples of this.
  2. Verification: Our attorneys will verify the authenticity of the original document by checking it. After that, the attorney will attest to the copy’s legality by adding a date, stamp, and signature along with the words, “This is a true copy of an original document which I have seen.
  3. Receive: Together with our firm’s details—firm name, signature, date, address, license number, and certification stamp—you will receive both the original and certified copy. Now that it has received official certification, the copy is fit for a number of uses.
    Depending on the service provider, the speed of the service may change. By selecting Notary Services Dubai, you may avoid delays and have your documents certified right away.

Benefits of Certified True Copy Attestation Services

Benefits of Certified True Copy Attestation Services


In Dubai, Certified True Copy Attestation is very important, particularly for international transactions, business setups, immigration, and employment procedures. The main advantages consist of:

Legally Binding Transactions

  • Banks Transactions: Enhances the legitimacy of financial transactions by guaranteeing accuracy and approval from the law.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Ensures that all required documentation complies with legal requirements, fostering confidence in real estate transactions.
  • Setting up a Business: Attests to the accuracy of firm records, facilitating the seamless establishment of business operations

Immigration Procedures


  • Education Abroad: Makes certain that instructional materials are correct and suitable for use in foreign classrooms.
  • Foreign Employment: Certifies business documents needed for international employment and job applications.
  • Government Transactions: Necessary for a number of foreign government procedures and transactions, including the application for a visa and a resident permit.

With certified true copy attestation, people and companies that conduct business internationally can streamline legal and administrative processes and avoid sending original documents by using a safe and legitimate substitute.

With a focus on Certified True Copy Attestation, Notary Services Dubai provides quick, dependable, and personalized solutions for a range of transactions. Because of its experience and dedication to accuracy, the company is a dependable partner for people and companies navigating the challenges of doing business internationally.

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