How Do You Travel Long Distances With a Large Dog?

Are you preparing for the trip with your dog? Yay, so exciting for both of you. You will have the opportunity to enjoy together in a new location and collect amazing memories. However, a long-distance trip with a dog can be tricky. There are a few important things to consider if you want everything to go perfectly and prevent your dog from being traumatized. If you take only a few important steps, the process can go very smoothly. We suggest that you make a list to ensure that you have done all of the above. In this article, we will discuss in detail all the things you need to consider when traveling long distances with your dog.

Start with water and food


It may seem to you that it is not necessary to mention that you should bring water and food, but you would be surprised how many people overlook situations that can happen during a long trip with a dog. You may get stuck in traffic or have a car breakdown, which will require you to lose a few hours while traveling. Many dog ​​owners bring food and water that is sufficient for the trip itself but do not take into account all that may happen along the way. Always bring excess water if it is very hot outside, to ensure that your pet is not thirsty. Also, have treats at your fingertips if your dog is extra hungry or nervous – cuddling and tasty treats always help. Don’t forget to bring a bowl for water and food, and if your dog normally refuses to eat from other containers, make sure you bring on the trip the one they normally eat from. This is also one of the items that people often forget, which is no wonder when you are packing for a long trip. There are just so many things to think about that you can easily get confused and forget the basics.

Once you write down on paper all the basic things you need to bring for your dog on the long-distance trip you will surely not forget them. Which eventually means that you will be relaxed knowing that you are ready for any set of circumstances during the trip.

Take care of your dog’s safety


Your dog’s safety should always come first, especially when it comes to long-distance travel. There are a few things you need to think about here. First of all, it is necessary to consider where your dog will be placed during the entire trip. Pet carriers are an indispensable part of every trip and it is important to get one that will suit your dog, both in terms of size and comfort.

You have probably seen people holding their dog in their lap while traveling by car, which is very careless and can be more than dangerous for your pet. On the other hand, in case you are traveling by plane, it will be necessary to have dog carriers in order to get your pet on the plane at all. The good news here is that if you have a small dog you can also find small five carriers that can fit under the seat and have your pet next to you along the way. At you can find a large selection of high-quality dog ​​carriers at low prices. Check them out and get prepared for the next long-distance trip with your dog.

Make sure your dog is fully prepared for a long trip


Perhaps one of the most important things to mention when talking about long-distance trips with your dog is that you need to make sure that they are fully ready to travel before you go. In case your dog is still a baby, it is a good idea to hire someone to train them, or to do it yourself if you have the knowledge and skills for it. It is not recommended to take an untrained dog on a trip, as he can make a huge mess, both during the trip and in the hotel room or apartment where you are staying.

On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure that your dog’s long-distance journey will not be too stressful for them. That is why we suggest that you take your dog with you everywhere for a few months before the planned trip so that he gets used to the constant change of environment. If you are going to travel by car, make short trips during which you will take your dog to fun places, in order for him to associate the car ride with something fun. Good preparation is half the battle, as it will ensure that your dog feels safe while traveling and will prevent them from having a traumatic experience.

Your dog should be fully vaccinated


If you are taking a young dog on a long trip, it needs to be fully vaccinated. You can take short trips with your dog and gradually get them used to be in a car. However, longer trips require your dog to receive all the necessary vaccines. This will protect both him and the other dogs that get in contact with him. Puppies are usually fully vaccinated at 4 months of age so this is how long you need to wait before you decide to bring your puppy on a trip.

Conclusion: Going on a long-distance trip with your dog can be a phenomenal way to spend quality time together and collect fond memories. However, the very act of traveling can sometimes be tiring and stressful for the dog, so it is important that you take all the necessary steps to prevent this. Always bring plenty of water, food, and treats for your pet, as well as his favorite bowl, as this will make him feel at home. It is important that the dog is trained, and also that you carry him in a dog carrier, which ensures optimal safety. Take him on short trips to prepare him for the long one and make sure your puppy is fully vaccinated before the trip.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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