5 Ideas on Trading Station Setups for Remote Work

Since the pandemic, most people have now got used to working from home or even remotely. In fact, everyone is now working out exactly what that means for them and how much flexibility they want. With so many people forced to stay at home for the past year or so, many turned to trade, amongst other online jobs.

The great news is that trading can suit any lifestyle whether you’re at home or on the go. For your at-home 6 monitor setup, ask a professional about the right specifications for the ultimate equipment to suit all your trading needs.

Top 5 Ideas for a Remote 6 Monitor Setup

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Regardless of whether remote means working from home or as a digital nomad, at the end of the day, your personal preference is the utmost priority when it comes to setting up your home office, you can pick and choose any of the following tips that work for you and your multiple monitor setups:

1. Appropriate Laptop Specifications

First and foremost, you’ll need a laptop rather than a desktop if you want to hold on to your flexibility. Even if you have your 6 monitor setup at home, you might like the option of disconnecting your laptop and working from the sofa every now and again. Of course, you won’t have the same visual display of all your charts and graphs as on your 6 monitors. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily need them if you’re doing a bit of a stocktake of your strategy and overall performance to date.

In order to have a laptop that’s powerful enough to deal with a 6 monitor setup though, you’ll need to make sure you have a few basic specifications. These include a CPU processing power of at least 4GHz and a RAM of 16GB or even 32GB if you can afford it. Then, one of the most critical components is your integrated graphics card. In some cases, people choose to upgrade their video cards by installing an external graphics card processing unit.

Nevertheless, a good approach is to look for a Radeon or NVIDIA graphics card brand as these are the best.

2. Home Angled Desk

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Working from home means that you can have the perfect desk that works for you with a never-ending power supply unit. Although, perhaps you want to take notes by hand so you need some actual space? Then again, you might want to spread out your 6 monitor setup with the adjustable arms. Don’t forget that you can also have an adjustable desk. So, you can choose to stand whilst working without affecting your cables or damaging your DisplayPort connections.

3. Ergonomic Chair

It’s worth remembering that trading is like running a business. You’ll therefore find yourself pouring over data for hours on end on your Mac or Windows 10. Our bodies aren’t designed for this. Therefore, it’s important that you’re sitting in such a way as to not strain your eyes, neck, or back. There are some great ergonomic chairs now that are bot adjustable and very supportive.

Try to find an acceptable price range to work with and take into consideration the benefits of the investment. Sometimes investing in a great chair is the best option if comfort is a must. In addition, never underestimate the potential comfort some chairs can provide for their price tag. So don’t hesitate to spend a good porting of your free time searching for a quality chair. It will save you hours or even days of excruciating back/hip pain. It all comes down to confines.

4. Multi-Monitor Screen Space

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Being a trader means juggling different pieces of data and information and making a judgment on trade. Therefore, the more your data sources are spread out then the more likely you can take in the information you need. That’s why traders have a 6 monitor setup although some will go up to 20 monitor screens. It really depends on how many charts and graphs you need to view at any one time. Therefore, plan ahead and think about how many screens would best support you.

Let’s also not forget that you can actually invest in portable monitors if you’re more into the nomadic lifestyle. There are now many traders who travel the world because of the flexibility of their laptops. Everything is saved on an external hard drive and their broker is on speed dial. Now that trading platforms are all online, there’s nothing stopping you from traveling and enjoying a digital nomad’s life.

5. Leverage the Technology

When remote working, you first need to work out what that means for you. If you’re simply working from home then it’s slightly easier to make sure you have the right internet speed and power supply. On the other hand, if you’re opting for a nomadic lifestyle then you’ll need to make sure you have the right power adaptors and that you can get good internet access. These days, that’s possible in most places in the world but it might need a bit more planning. That might include carrying extra HDMI or DVI cables, for example.

So, just like everything else in life, planning is the key to success. Create a rough action plan on how to set up your own office space. Use as many gadgets and upgrades as necessary to ensure you have maximum comfort. Never take a cozy workplace for granted.

Parting Words on a 6 Monitor Setup for Remote Working

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Having a home trading office with your awesome 6 monitor setup is both exciting and liberating. After all, technology now exists to give you the freedom you want. Simply make sure that you get the right specification for your computer. These include a powerful graphics card as well as a comfortable arrangement.

Then, whether you have portable monitors or a 6 monitor setup depends entirely on what lifestyle you’re going for. Either way, anything is possible and you’ll soon enjoy the power of trading both financially and personally.