Bostitch Vs Porter Cable Compressor Comparison – Which One To Buy?

There are many reasons for buying the air compressor and keep it in your garage. For instance, you can paint different things, add air pressure to tires, use all sorts of tools, clean the backyard, and more. If you are looking for efficient and affordable options, maybe the best choice is to choose between Bostitch and

Porter-Cable, which are known for excellent performances.

You can check out to read more about the advantages of choosing some of these two options. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to the main differences, benefits, and potential downsides of these products.

Bostitch Air Compressor

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This is a well-known brand when it comes to tools that you can use at home. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about quality, lifespan, and maintenance. Also, it is quite flexible when it comes to power output and appearance. The main advantage is the high-quality engine, along with other parts, which makes this product on the top when it comes to cost-efficiency.


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The main feature of Porter-Cable is the price. This is one of the cheapest products that you can find in this category. On the other side, it has some deficiencies when compared to more expensive products. Also, this is a perfect choice for those with less experience in different types of work that they could do with air-compressor. It won’t offer the same functions, but for the money you pay, it is still a great option.

Features That Are Similar

When it comes to the most popular model of Bostitch, the BTFP 02012, and C 2002 from Porter-Cable, we can notice that they share a lot of similar functions and features. First of all, we have to mention the size of the tank, which is 6 gallons.

Also, the output power is the same, which is 2.6 cubic feet per minute at 90 PSI, along with the maximum of 150 bars of pressure. Moreover, both of them have available add-ons that allow you to use them for different things at the same time. For example, you can paint and clean the yard at the same time.


When it comes to the size, they are also almost the same. The Bostitch’s size is 17 x 17 x 19 inches, while Porter-Cable is slightly bigger. The main advantage related to the size is that you can easily store it in the garage without any issues that it will need too much space. Therefore, it is perfect for people who only need it sometimes.

Efficiency and Main Features

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It is common for these devices to have a limited working time before you have to turn them off for a while. When it comes to Porter-Cable, you can use it for 45 minutes, and it will need a break of at least 15 minutes after that time. The pause is necessary so you don’t overload the engine. You can use the pause time to fill the tank again.

The Bostitch is slightly better, and it will require a shorter break, which is better when you have some bigger work. The 5-minute difference can mean a lot when you need to use it throughout the whole day. Therefore, when it comes to the usage time, Bostitch is a better choice.

Another great feature that s mutual for both devices is the weight. It will be easy to operate with them since they are lightweight. The Porter-Cable is slightly heavier, with 34 pounds, which is still not too heavy to operate with. These devices are made to be movable and easy to carry around. In that matter, you can deal with various types of maintenance in your garage and backyard, and it won’t be an issue to place it in the trunk and travel with it as well.
It is common for these machines to emit some noise, which will be higher as the size go bigger. Therefore, these two options are one of the quieter choices. It is a great feature since you won’t annoy the whole neighborhood with the noise, and if you are working in the garage, even people in your home won’t find it disturbing. The Porter-Cable is better in this category with the emitting sound of around 76 decibels, while Bostitch is slightly louder, with 82 decibels.

In terms of maintenance, both choices share a feature where they don’t need oil, which is great for maintenance. However, you could face some issues with the tank, especially when it comes to Porter-Cable. Be sure to clean it properly since it is using plastic parts of lower quality.

On the other side, Bostitch is much better in terms of the quality of the parts, and the best way to maintain it in the right way is to clean the tank after each use. Since it has parts of higher quality, chances for accidents are much lower as well.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, both Bostitch and Porter-Cable are offering some great features and flexibility, along with the compact design that makes them perfect for people who only need it occasionally. On the other side, if you want to be sure that you can deal with a variety of projects at your home, Bostitch is a much better option since it has a higher quality and slightly more power.

On the other side, if you are looking for the most affordable machine that is still capable of providing you with essential features of air compressors, we recommend you to buy the Porter-Cable. Also, you should learn more about the use of air compression. It can be quite convenient when you can deal with various work at your house, such as painting or adding air to tires.

The great thing is that you can redesign the appearance of your lawn by coloring the fence or some other objects. Also, you can play around with the color of your bike, vehicles, and more. Adding air to tires is a great option, and you can get the inflatable pool as well.