Top 7 UEFA Europa League Goalscorers of All-time

Aside from the Champions League, the Europa League is another closely contested competition. Like the Champions League, we have also seen players banging in beautiful goals that will leave your mouth dropped.

In this article, we will be looking into 5 players with the most Europa leagues of all time. This might be beneficial to you if you are into UEFA Europa League betting for goalscorers. You can bet on goalscorers on many websites. You can find more about it by visiting

1. Radamel Falcao


If you were looking for a striker to get the job done, Falcao was that player. This man was unarguably one of the deadliest strikers between 2009-2013. He experienced his best form at Porto where he topped most of the charts and influenced the progress of the team at the time.

His contribution in Porto saw them compete in the big stages while putting on a good show. Falcao moved on to Atletico Madrid and even became deadlier. His contribution to Atletico Madrid’s top performance, especially in the Europa league was felt. So, it makes sense this man would top this list as the highest goalscorer in the Uefa Europa league of all time.

From the moment he got loaned to Manchester United, and Chelsea respectively, his form became a shadow of the top-flight player we used to enjoy. Now he currently plays for Rayo Vallecano and because of the team he is playing for, he hasn’t contributed to the big stages for a while now. Falcao continues to lead the all-time goalscoring charts in the Europa League with 30 goals.

2. Aritz Aduriz


There is no talking about how far Atletico Bilbao has come in competing in the world stages without mentioning the role Aritz played.

Aritz is a Bilbao legend who earned the status by every standard. He spent most of his football career in Atletico Bilbao, though he left at intervals, he always found his way back.

This explains why he was able to record as high as over 170 goals for Atletico Bilbao across all competitions. His Europa League goals contributed a large quota to that impressive number. Throughout his career, Aritz was able to score up to 26 Europe League goals.

3. Munas Dabbur


Dabbur is a 29yr-old striker that currently plays for the top German football club, Hoffenheim. Dabbur has been an asset to every team he has ever played for and that could be tracked by the number of goals and assists he contributed to each team.

His best days were when he played for Red Bull Salzburg between 2016 – 2019. His impact was evident seeing as he was able to record 44 goals in those years he spent with the team. A large chunk of these goals was scored in the European League. The Israeli forward proved himself as a player who knew when to rise to the occasion which he did in most Europa league games played.

Dabbur currently has 24 Europa league goals in total.

4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


When you talk about class, Aubameyang is one of the finest of the crop. This player’s most iconic times were with Dortmund and Arsenal. Even in Barcelona, which is his current base, he is already proving he still has it in him.

There are two things Aubameyang knows how to do too well – running and scoring – which puts him miles ahead of other strikers. Aubameyang’s strides were felt in Dortmund where he scored over 90 goals across all competitions. With his move to Arsenal, he got even more seasoned and banged very important goals that saw Arsenal go all the way to the Europa League final in 2019. So far, the Gabonese forward has been able to rake in 24 all-time Europa League goals.

5. Kevin Gameiro


Gameiro is a top striker whose career started in Strasbourg and is looking to end in the same team as well. From Strasbourg, he moved to Lorient in 2008, where within the three years of playing there, he banged in 50 goals.

Because of the wave, he was making at the time, Paris Saint Germain became fond of him and signed him. His reign in the club wasn’t as spectacular when compared to the wonders he performed at Strasbourg.

That changed when he moved to Sevilla. At Sevilla, he regained his confidence and finally played like someone who had found a home. He played with all his heart and scored goals, which influenced how well Sevilla performed in the Europa League. At Sevilla, he scored over 30 goals across all competitions. Altogether, across teams he has played for, he has 22 Europa League goals to his name, hence sitting him at the fifth spot on this list.

6. Luis Suarez


Luis Suarez made up a deadly attacking trio of Barca with Neymar and Messi who scored as many as 122 goals in all competitions. In the 68th minute of the Champions League final in 2015 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, he scored the second goal for the Catalans for 2: 1, which, according to many, decided the winner in the duel with Juventus. Recall, the final result was 3: 1 in favor of Barcelona.

However, what especially attracts the attention of the media is his action from two days ago. The Uruguayan, seeing that he would step on the coat of arms of the eternal opponent Manchester United in the hall, reacted reflexively, bypassed him and thus showed respect to the club against which he played many times. This will surely be talked about for a long time.

7. Jorge Luiz Frello Filho Cavaliere – Jorgihno


There are many other players worth mentioning and one of them is certainly the Chelsea player and the Italian national team player, Jorginho. He was chosen as the best European football player last season. Jorginho was voted the best footballer in Europe in the traditional selection organized by UEFA and Europe Sports Media (ESM), held during the Champions League draw ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey.

Football is a sport that gained popularity only in the 20th century. Thus, the most popular club tournaments in modern Europe are the Champions League and the Europe League, founded by the Union of European Football Associations called UEFA in Russian transliteration.

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