Best Weapon Skins in CSGO

CS:GO is an engaging multiplayer shooter game with an intuitive interface. Its entertaining gameplay thrills many players, making most of them return for more action. Apart from fun, many people are making money by buying and selling skins on the CSGO trading sites. Skins are just virtual cosmetic elements that modify the appearance of weapons and other game features, and whilst this may seem simple to many, the skins trading market is massive among players.

Valve Corporation, the software company behind CSGO, allows developers to incorporate customized skins in different game features. In-game skins have a real monetary value, and you can exchange them for cryptocurrency or fiat. Skin gambling is also a huge part of the CSGO ecosystem and can be a very lucrative activity since rare skins can be worth thousands of dollars on top betting sites. In a follow-up to our recent article with our top tips for improving your skins collection, here are some of the highest quality weapon skins in the industry.

Fade Skin

The Fade is a visually appealing skin with multiple colors and shades that give it a unique glowing look that many players find particularly captivating. For that reason, it is among the most expensive knife skins in CSGO. You can only obtain it by purchasing it from another punter on one of the trading sites or by winning a game. However, others acquire the skin by purchasing a collection of skins known as the ‘Fade Series.’ Each series comes with several types of knives, such as karambit and bayonet. Although there are multiple Fade Series in the market, some of them lack a Fade Knife specifically.

Gamma Skins

Gamma Doppler Phase 2:

Doppler Phase 2 is the rarest of the Gamma skins, and therefore one of the most in demand, if not the most. It has pink stripes on either side and a green stripe down the center. If you want to look cool while playing CSGO, this is the skin for you since, it gives your weapon a 4-inch gold chain with a golden dagger. Very fancy!

Gamma Emerald:

Another great-looking knife skin in the Gamma series is the Gamma Emerald. This skin has blue and white checkered sides and comes with a lanyard made of pink leather that says “CSGO” in gold letters, which might not sound that attractive to some, but looks really good. The handle is green and black leather with the CSGO logo on it.

Gamma Doppler Ruby:

This skin has a ruby gemstone at its center, making it one of the most striking skins in the game. It is perfect for CSGO fans who don’t want their character to have an old-looking gun or knife, and would rather go for something subtle, rather than shouty. We think that this particular skin makes your weapon look like something out of Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones!

M4A1-S – Golden Coil


The M4A1-S Golden Coil is a weapon skin first seen in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The skin is for the M4A1-S, one of the best weapons in CSGO, which also makes this skin highly sought after. You can buy it from the Steam community market for an absolute bargain about USD 0.03 or more, but its value varies depending on its condition.

While this isn’t that expensive compared with other skins, it’s still cheap compared to what you get in return. The skin has some nice detailing on it and looks amazing during gameplay, so an absolute bargain.

AWP – Asiimov


When you acquire the Asiimov weapon skin, everyone in your lobby knows how serious you are about winning, it has a real presence. The AWP is a powerful weapon with a slow rate of fire; Asiimov means it’s in the hands of someone who wants to win more than they want to feel cool-looking.

AWP is a legendary skin that comes in three color schemes: which are red, blue, and purple. The red scheme was the original design that became very popular within the CSGO community virtually straight away after launch. Valve Corporation released the other ones when it updated other weapon skins to add cases around them.

Shadow Daggers – Tiger Tooth


The Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth looks like a tiger or maybe even a shark and has some cool patterns on it with the Tiger Tooth finish, which give it a very aggressive look and feel. It’s quite a new knife, and because of this the price hasn’t even crossed the $1 mark yet. We expect that price to rise pretty quickly however, as it is very popular, and as it’s scarcity increases, the price will probably follow.

Glock-18 – Water Elemental


This souvenir skin first appeared as part of the Breakout Collection during an eSports tournament in 2014, according to CSGO Captain. The Glock-18 Water Elemental doesn’t feature much detailed design work, but it looks as if some water is dripping down the barrel, a cool look, I think you’ll agree. As you can imagine, this also makes it a very popular, unique and expensive skin.

It also has a unique design: It’s a blue-colored gun with a wave pattern, and it comes with two stickers – one of which says “Water Elemental” on the side of the gun, near where your hand goes when holding it. I think this is probably my own personal favorite CSGO skin, because it’s just a really effective design that isn’t too in-your-face.


There are many amazing skins available in the CSGO game and trading market, but the ones we have mentioned above stand out to us because they all feature what we think are a cool design. There are loads of great skins sites such as Dmarket, CS Money, Skinwallet or Bitskins where you can buy and sell skins, or you can visit one of the many excellent CSGO gambling sites, where you can use your skins to bet/wager on various tournaments and play games such as Crash, Minesweeper, roulette, slots and blackjack.

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