6 Tips to Keep Your Retail Store Secure in 2024

Shoplifting is a very common occurrence, a fairy that is about food or clothing. In any case, retailers are looking for various ways to protect goods from this. In times of economic crisis, when profits are reduced due to less purchasing power of customers, the loss caused by theft is a big problem. Electronic anti-theft systems can be a solution, as they protect exposed products and deter potential thieves. Building owners try to protect buildings and goods in many ways, and these are some of the most common.

1. Physical security

Patrolling the area is one of the most important tasks performed by the physical security service. The obligation of the employees of the patrol service is to act preventively while performing their duty, with the aim of discouraging attempts to endanger the safety of the facility, property, and persons.

There is almost no facility in shopping malls that do not have physical security. Securing residential and commercial buildings as well as the persons residing in them requires professional training of security officers. These jobs require the protection and security of facilities and goods.

2. Alarm system

Source: 800amalarm.com

Alarms serve to raise an alarm if an unauthorized intrusion into a property or a specific facility occurs. When you install one of the alarm systems, you feel safer and more carefree because you know that by installing them, you have “driven away” a certain percentage of thieves. A large number of companies wanting to protect the physical access to their property and confidential data, as well as the theft of expensive equipment, install alarms in order to prevent potential danger. Alarm systems can literally save your business by saving valuable documents or devices from theft. It is not just a matter of material value because it is recoverable, but it is about the value of information (documents, manual records, electronic records stored on disks, etc.). When sensitive information falls into the hands of the wrong people, everything can be ruined.

3. Sensormatic tag

A small piece of plastic that is threaded through clothing and attached with a needle is a great way to protect goods from theft. The “buzzer” is removed by the seller at the checkout after the purchase is made. If it is not removed, an alarm detecting the sensor will sound at the exit of the shop. You can find more about it at omacsecurity.com. As for these tags, there are several types.

4. Video Surveillance

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Whenever we think about increasing general security at home or at work, people first think of cameras. This is not a coincidence because certain security is infused by video surveillance, and it is probably the best way to protect property.

Today, everyone wants to introduce video surveillance, but that does not mean that everyone can pay for expensive cameras, recording equipment, and even hire an installer who will connect and configure it all. That is why small cameras are very popular, which are simply placed in the desired place, plugged in, and connected to the existing Wi-Fi network, so the recorded material is stored in the cloud. However, if you want to protect your store, we advise you to invest in better quality equipment and choose cameras with a better resolution so that in case of theft you can identify the thief.

5. Security locks and doors

The installation of security locks and more of them, as well as the installation of padlocks, is a good reason to distract every burglar from his intention. Too many locks take up a lot of his time and in order not to risk being caught in the act, he will give up breaking. There is a large selection of locks, as well as complete doors that provide a high level of security. There is a great offer and you should consult an expert in order for the choice to be the right one.

6. Electromagnetic systems

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This type of theft recovery is usable in boutiques, bookstores, and supermarkets. These are small transparent protective stickers of small sizes that are self-adhesive and are left directly on the item, usually in a hidden place. In the event of attempted theft, an alarm is sounded at the exit.

What is important to note is that this is placed in some “hidden place” on the item, is it self-adhesive, and anyone can peel it off if they see it.

Very often people combine several ways of protection, ie three different security systems that unite them into one whole. This is something you can often see in stores, at the entrance to a room where only staff is allowed. It is about access control, video surveillance, and an alarm system. Access control is a card/keychain reader that is connected to an ultra-strong magnetic lock and provides records of entry/exit of persons from the building. Only people who own the tag have access to the object.

After the last person leaves the building at the end of working hours, the alarm system is automatically armed and protects the building. Connecting the alarm and video surveillance system with the monitoring center plays a very important role in this way of security. When the alarm is activated and the situation is determined, whether it is a real burglary or a false alarm, the physical security or the police are notified in order to go to the scene as soon as possible – all depending on the degree of danger. Also, this is the perfect prevention of false alarms, which are a common occurrence today.

Final thoughts

You may think this is unnecessary or a cover for investment, especially if you are at the beginning of an investment, but what we can tell you is that without an alarm or any security system you will not be able to function and fight thieves, especially when it comes to sales. You should look at this investment as a smart investment that will help you save your goods for customers and thus save yourself losses.