Moving For New Couples: Quick 5 Tips To A Successful House Move in 2024

Moving in with your partner is a big step to take, especially if you live in separate homes right now. It’s much easier if you rent an apartment together and you want to take the next step – moving into a house, or buying a home by yourself. There are many things you need to pay attention to, especially if this is your first time moving together with your partner. It’s a decision that is pretty challenging because it has emotional weight in the first place, and then you must be practical with every step you take, so you won’t end up piled up with belongings from both sides, that you won’t have a place to put them to.

But, here we are to help you, step by step, how to successfully move to your new house, as a couple, who is ready to start a new life together:

1. Make sure you both want this one

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Surely you had plenty of conversations and you know how serious this step is. But, talk once again, just to make sure you both want it. After you are all set, you can plan the next step – organizing the things you need to take there, buying new furniture, and moving the personal belongings from your current homes to the new house.

2. Choose the right size of house or apartment

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If you plan to live together, you have to know that even though you both need a personal space, you don’t really have to take a three-bedroom flat with a huge living room at the beginning. Choosing the right size of the home will help you save money, but also to organize the whole space so you can bring everything you need, to have a comfortable life. For the new couples, it can be a huge challenge to decide how to split the expenses, but as time goes by, you will see that a huge property can be a serious mistake, and you should focus on more efficient ways of living.

3. Hire a moving company

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You can ask your family or friends to help you with some stuff, but if you need to transport big things like furniture, or you need safe transport for your pet, you can check how these things are done on Moving is stressful, and you surely don’t want to come back a few times to the old home, until you are sure you took everything you need with you.

Before you hire that company, you need to check if they are professional and certified for this type of activity. Also, it’s always good to look forward to their website, “hunt” them through social media and forums, and look for a reliable experience of previous clients, so you can make sure you are making the right decision.

4. Buying home stuff on a budget

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Surely your pockets and wallets are already drained, but there are a few things you shouldn’t forget about. When you first get in the new home, check if the kitchen and bathroom have everything you need, and of course, their condition. For some reason, these are the most expensive rooms in your home, and that’s one of the reasons why the previous owners completely renovate them before they sell the property. But, surely many people want some more of that, or they need something removed, so they can adapt it to their lifestyle. As a couple, you probably have a shared budget, and you need to plan it carefully, because you will anyway have a lot of expenses, and you have to be much smarter than before.

5. The big things first

Probably you know this, but we have to remind you to bring and put the bigger things first, like beds, shelves, furniture, TV, and all the other things that make the property look like home. After that, you are ready to bring the smaller things, like covers, curtains, books, home decor items, and so on. It’s much easier to organize moving when you have this one in mind. After that, decorate your home as you want.

Other important things you need to do

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If you have the same goal – to move together and create a new life, you first need to give yourself a trial period, which includes spending weekends together, going on a vacation, sleepovers, or even moving together to pay one rent. If you see that things are doing well, you are ready to invest in your future together.

But, in the first place, you must talk. Don’t stay silent when things are messy, and ask your partner to do the same. You need to be independent, surely, but also adapt to the new togetherness, and create habits together.

You will need time to figure the living together out because you both have individual habits, but now you are together, and you have your own home to build your future. Be respectful of personal time, set boundaries, and of course, don’t skip the important conversations, no matter how difficult they seem.

After that, you are both ready to adopt new habits and routines. You can cook together, you can plan to go out with friends, take care of your pet, but also let the other get rest when too tired, or leave them to work and be silent if they have an important online meeting. We are sure you can do that.


Moving together is important, but also stressful because of the two main reasons – starting a new life together, and have all those belongings put in the same place. But we are sure that once you decide to do that, and hire the right moving company, you will save a lot of nerves, and adapt to the new life quickly. It’s not easy, but if it was too hard, no one would have ever taken this step. And we know that a lot of people did it. And now they are happy together, creating a new life, but still, stay authentic to their friends and family.