5 Tips for Natural Healing – 2024 Guide

Research paints a grim picture of the use of prescription drugs by Americans. On average, an American citizen takes four prescription drugs per year. The use of these pharmaceutical meds has gone up quite a lot in the last few years. But, what many people do not know is that these medications eventually cause you more harm than good especially if taken for a long time. Some of them are also unnecessary. Also, they tend to only target the symptoms of the condition as opposed to its root cause.

According to research on 139 rivers in America’s 30 states in 2002, it was revealed that 80% of these have hormones, pharmaceuticals, and steroid traces. In other words, these drugs end up in the water that we drink. Also, treated wastewater is used in irrigating food crops, which leads to contamination of the cropland by pharmaceuticals.

We are thus constantly exposed to toxins. These ultimately cause us diseases and the first thing we do is to rush to the pharmacy to get drugs. While this offers temporary relief, it leaves the underlying cause of disease intact. In this article, we tell you tips to heal naturally without relying too much on these contaminants.

Tips to Heal Naturally

1. Stay Hydrated

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Many people suffer from chronic dehydration without knowing about it. Your immune system benefits a lot when you drink water and so is your detoxification process and overall energy. The body is composed of 60% water with 75% of it in our muscles and the brain being composed of 85% water. Water is to the body what oil is to machines.

To stay hydrated, you need to establish a healthy routine. You could, for instance, form a habit of drinking one glass of water every time you wake up and another one 30 minutes before meals. To find out the plants that can help to keep you hydrated, you should get The Lost Book of Remedies program. Check buy-ebookscentral.com for more information.

2. Get Adequate Sleep

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Getting sufficient rest is great for healing. A night of good restful sleep allows the body to rejuvenate and recharge and be ready for the next day. Sleep deprivation continues to be linked with a slew of health problems that include a weaker immune system, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, poor balance, and memory problems just to mention but a few.

In the past, most people used to sleep for a longer period but today, research shows that as much as 40% of Americans cannot manage 6 hours of sleep per night. Figures show that 30-40% of people in the US report cases of insomnia each year. And the worst part is that this trend seems to become graver with each passing day. While most people understand just how important it is to get adequate sleep, we simply don’t sleep enough.

To improve your sleep patterns, you need to create a routine. Other things include avoiding electronics like phones and similar gadgets before you go to sleep and ensuring the environment for sleep is a good one.

Some natural herbs can boost sleep.

3. Promote Self Care

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Many natural practices can help in nourishing spirits and minds. Getting sunshine exposure, eating balanced diets, and exercising all promote optimal health. Incorporating these healthy habits into your routine makes self-care easy. Another tip is to have a variety of fruits and vegetables close by. It will ensure that you don’t have to break a sweat to get those vital vitamins and minerals.

4. Seek Natural Healers

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Looks like you’ve hit a brick wall in attaining optimum health? You may need to turn to natural healers. Homeopathy, acupuncture, creative visualization, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, physical therapy, Chinese medicine, spiritual counseling, chiropractic care, and Ayurveda are just some of the options at your disposal.

For several decades, herbal medicine has been practiced by many traditions all over the world. Different plants have varying levels of healing power and have been used for ages for treating common illnesses. There are lots of herbs in your yards and gardens that can improve our immune system but it’s only that we aren’t aware of them. Fortunately, some books list of all these plants that you can use for your natural healing It not only contains a list of these plants but also pictures to help in identifying them.

5. Foster a Positive Mental State

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Research has proven that there is a strong link between mind, body, and soul. This trickles down to your physical health as well. Our thought patterns and emotions contribute to the imbalances in our physical bodies. Your attitude and persistent negative thoughts can hamper physical healing. The reason is that the different mental states influence the biological processes of the body.

Uplifting, inspirational, and positive thoughts create a harmonious state in the body. Through helping others, we also help ourselves in some ways. Things you can do to boost your mental state include taking part in fulfilling activities like hobbies, exercising, and nurturing close relationships with friends and family. Also, different people resonate better with different activities. For some people, meditation and yoga activities are restorative while for others, things like nature walk, dancing, socializing, and playing musical instruments are more fulfilling.


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Living a healthy life takes a whole lot more than simply grabbing some antibiotic tablets from your nearest pharmacy. While prescription or over-the-counter meds do provide relief, the problem is that they don’t focus on the root cause of your problem. If you feel a headache, you would rush for the easily available painkillers which will relieve your pain but leave the underlying cause intact.

Natural healing methods like the ones discussed above offer holistic healing and treat you from inside out. They are also way cheaper.