3 Things You Need to Know About the E2 Visa – 2024 Guide

Traveling abroad is undoubtedly one of the things wildly enjoyed! The United States of America is an excellent place to spend a vacation. People also often come to the United States to experience and live like locals. But before anything else, you will absolutely need a visa to experience living in the US. One of the most issued permits for non-immigrant is E2 Visa, which is also perfect for non-immigrants who are investors, entrepreneurs, and who want to start a business in the United States. Well, if you are quite interested to know more about E2 Visa and how to achieve American life, keep reading.

What is an E2 Visa?

The E2 Visa is a visa issued by the United States of America for non-immigrants. According to Ashoori Law, it is an excellent option for investors and entrepreneurs. Aside from the opportunity to promote cultural exchange, it usually allows the non-immigrant people who plan to start up a business and expand their local business. However, The E2 Visa is only available to citizens from countries with an E2 treaty with the United States, which we will tackle later on.

Requirements for E2 Business

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For-profit businesses must have an expansion of economic activity. Able to meet the requirements include companies that have progress in engaging in a large corporation. Marketing Strategies are a bit outdated nowadays. Promoting a small business makes posters, and locally promoting business online is much easier and cheaper to manage than doing it directly. Digital Marketing can help in terms of social media presence and optimizing your business website. It can be a start to the growth of your small business. Public Relation tactics can boost to keep relationship with your clients and adding a new one. It is a vital promotional tool in marketing.

Knowing the latest trends must be modernized regarding generation wants and needs, because everything is changing extremely fast, marketing strategies sometimes fluctuate. It would help if you always prepared some other backups and other options that could help a business grow, apparently. It always brings to legal policies and obligations by forming an LLC for everyone’s safety and protection. Promotion is a very important tool in marketing strategies, and they are many ways to consider. As we lived in a fast-paced world, you should be ready for change, focus on improving your business at different tactics and develop a marketing plan. When it comes to business run in the U.S., it must be continuously and profitable.

Application Process

The application process depends on your country. Fortunately, you can always visit the United States Embassy website. Most of the forms that you will need to fill up can be downloaded on the website. We highly recommend hiring an immigration attorney to make things easier for you.

Once you hire an immigration attorney, the lawyer will review your status and give you a list of the requirements you will need to file the E2 Visa. Consolidating all the documents you need usually takes three to four weeks. After filing the petition, the papers will be transmitted to the United States consulate. The processing of the E2 Visa will take three to four months, more or less. One thing to keep in mind an immigration lawyer will not be enough. You also need a professional translator to help you with document transcription. Read more on this here.

If you are currently staying in the US and planning to apply for this Visa, send the application to the USCIS. It usually takes two to four months, but you can speed up the process by paying $1,225.00. The USCIS will process your Visa in fifteen days.

Note that the E2 Visa does not determine how long you can stay in the US. It will depend on your status financially and especially the status of your business.

Length of Stay and Renewal

The E2 Visa, a popular choice for entrepreneurs and investors, offers a unique blend of flexibility and longevity in the United States. This visa allows holders to initially stay in the U.S. for a duration typically tied to the terms of their business plan. This initial period usually aligns with the projected timeline for establishing and stabilizing the business.

A significant advantage of the E2 Visa over many other non-immigrant visas is its potential for indefinite renewal. As long as the business continues to operate successfully and meets the E2 Visa requirements, there is no limit on the number of times the visa can be renewed. This aspect is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs and investors committed to long-term business projects or who wish to establish a lasting presence in the U.S. market, so it’s essential to consult a skilled lawyer for guidance on the renewal process.

This indefinite renewal possibility enables E2 Visa holders to not just start their businesses but to grow and nurture them over time. They can actively manage their ventures, make necessary adjustments, and evolve with market trends without the constant worry of visa expiration. Consequently, the E2 Visa stands out as an attractive option for those looking to invest and develop their business endeavors in the United States over an extended period.

E2 Visa Denial

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Most of the common reasons for visa denial are lacking supporting documents or the ability to cover all expenses. Unfortunately, there are no other options for a formal appeal if a consulate denies your E2 visa application. To look on the positive side, you can always do proper planning to be successful.

There are ways we can always be cautious not to let your visa application be denied. Like we mentioned earlier, the common reason for visa denial is the lack of verification that you will return to your home country after the program. Ensure that you will prove to them during the interview that you have intentions to return home once the Visa expires. You can always submit a signed statement that you intend to depart the United States once your Visa E2 status expires.

Do not intend to apply for this Visa anymore if you know you have bad records like overstaying and had criminal charges before. The United States of America has a firm security check that you need to undergo. You will waste your time because your Visa will indeed get denied.

Be mindful that you should have a fundamental investment in the US. The good thing is that there is no minimum amount of investment to consider substantial. You should also know that the US will conduct a proportionality test to tell if your business is significant. They will investigate the proportion between how much you invested in the US business to the business’s total value. To be considered substantial, your actual investment should be 100% of the business’s real value, which is $100,000 or less. Moreover, the higher investment, there is a high possibility that your investment will be considered substantial.

Lastly, do not try to deceive the visa officers. Presenting fake documents or lying about yourself is technically considered fraud. Just tell nothing but facts about you and also be professional during the whole interview.

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The E2 Visa is an excellent opportunity for those people who want to start a business or invest in the United States of America. We hope this simple guide helped you better understand and to give information to the E2 Visa, which covered the requirements of a start-up business, the application process, and some tips to prevent E2 Visa Denial. We wish you good luck with your visa application.