The Difference Between Good And Bad Quality Grease Traps – 2024 Guide

Today, we cannot imagine that a restaurant, kitchen, or factory plant can function without grease traps. Their importance is immeasurable in many spheres – from the economy to the industry where large grease separators are used. Regardless of their size and purpose – they more or less work on the same principle. However, in addition to the purpose, there are some differences in quality that will help you decide which grease trap is best for your needs. To make that decision, we need to know the difference between good and bad quality grease traps. So let’s start from the beginning.

Grease Traps And Their Use

Although many of you probably do not know – grease trap technology is not so new. In fact, it dates back to the 19th century – and we can say that it has remained almost unchanged since then. Of course with some improvements. The essence of the grease trap and its functioning is that the grease and oil come to the surface – leaving wastewater behind. That wastewater will be deposited in the special containers for wastewater collection – or it will go to the sewer.

Grease traps are installed in the drainage system – and serve to isolate grease from the rest of the wastewater flowing into the drainage system, that is, the sewer. This is very important for businesses like restaurants – because if you don’t use them, the fat, grease, and oil will cool, harden, and settle inside the drainage over time. This can sometimes be very dangerous, and we already know all about hygiene measures. So if you are engaged in a restaurant or similar business – grease traps are mandatory to own and are even set by the norms.

How To Distinguish Good And Less Good Quality Of Grease Catchers?

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The fact is that the choice of grease traps will depend primarily on your needs, amount, and flow of fat – but also your budget. However, you must keep in mind the fact that in most cases grease traps are mandatory. It includes activities where the flow of grease, oil, or fat through the drainage system is high. Grease traps are also recommended for households but are not mandatory.

However, these types of traps are a little bit different. Overall, it is important to opt for higher quality.

This may be a bigger initial investment, but it will pay off in the long run – because you will not spend thousands of dollars on plumbing and drainage system repairs. So, when we talk about the quality – you will notice good quality very quickly and make a difference. Here are some guidelines.

●      Maintaining

Those of you who run a restaurant business already know that large amounts of grease are inevitably accumulating in these devices over time. Therefore, the basic difference between the higher and lower quality of such grease traps – is in the way they are maintained. In some places, people still use old types of traps which they have to clean manually. This is certainly not a good option. On the other hand, newer types of grease catchers are adapted to machine cleaning, pumping – and the use of special degreasing agents.

Certainly, having such traps, and keeping them safe and well maintained – is your legal obligation – especially when you have a restaurant or other facility of a similar purpose. If you don’t clean your grease traps regularly –  there is a danger of waste material spilling into the sewer. Therefore, you risk endangering your health, polluting the environment – and paying very high fines. For these reasons, always consult professionals. According to, reliable companies that professionally clean and maintain grease traps – will help you with that. Regular maintenance will prevent unpleasant fumes and odors – but it will also help make your grease trap last much longer. Since this is not a small investment – professional maintenance is essential.

●      Keep In Mind The Material From Which Grease Traps Are Made

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Of course, the best material will depend on your needs – but you still have to pay attention to the differences in the material quality. Namely, these traps can be made of wire mesh or perforated sheet metal with circular openings and small holes. You must take care to opt for less corrosive materials because they will last longer. Stainless steel can be a good option, but some materials are even more resistant to corrosion. And not only that – you can even find certain types that are made of acid-resistant materials. In any case, such grease catchers will last you much longer.

●      Grease Trap Bars Slope

Believe it or not, the slope under which the bars on the grease traps are located – has a significant impact on their efficiency. Namely, grease traps have lattices. They have a role to block the sewer line. They can be placed vertically, or they can be placed at an angle of 30-60 degrees – to facilitate cleaning. Some bars are even placed at an angle of 80 degrees – and these are the so-called sloping lattices. By installing those – the effective area of the grease trap can be increased by up to 200%.

●      Determine The Size Of Grease Traps According To The Amount Of Water You Use

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Although we all initially think that better grease traps are the bigger ones – don’t be fooled. Size is important in this case – but only in proportion to the amount of water you use. When choosing grease traps to use in your restaurant – it is important to double the average water flow, to choose the right size of grease traps. For example, if your water flow is 80 gallons – then the grease trap should be 160 gallons. This calculation should also include items such as the flow of dishwashers in your restaurant – as well as the flow of cleaning agents, the number of sinks, etc.

●      Possibility Of Installation Under the Sink

Although this is not directly related to the quality of the grease traps – it is still one of the parameters that you must take into account. Namely, grease traps are generally such that they require a larger area where they should be installed. Certainly, the best position for such a thing is under the sink – if possible. Such items depend primarily on the terrain itself, the layout in the kitchen – but also the size of the grease traps.


While you may not have spent much time thinking about the quality of grease traps – you should definitely do so. Although we think that all grease traps are the same because they function on the same principle – there are still certain differences between them. Therefore, adapt your choice to the needs of your restaurant – and take care of maintenance. Good maintenance guarantees you a longer duration of grease traps – and therefore less wasted time and money.