Things to do in Latvia

If you find yourself on the Baltic Sea right between the countries of Estonia and Lithuania, then you have probably found yourself among the woodlands and white sandy beaches of the country of Latvia. The capital of Latvia is Riga, which is known for many things. These include the art nouveau and the historic Old Town, to say nothing of the large Central Market and the breathtaking architecture of ST. Peter’s Church. You can also explore the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum, that contains more of the country’s hidden treasures.

Latvia is a place that is out of the ordinary, and that makes it one of the best places to go whenever you are headed to a vacation. It’s got some sass and several beautiful views because it is right next to the Baltic Sea, and it is now an independent country that is secure, powerful, and autonomous. The history of being owned by different countries is certainly an interesting one, and it gives the country a wonderful personality.

Just make sure to plan your vacation to Latvia around the weather, which can be very unpredictable at the best of times. While you might find that you head towards one of the casino websites, like when it starts to rain, you can also see quite a lot of other attractions when the weather is fantastic!

Latvia is a small country, and it won’t be too hard for you to see the major attractions all in one visit. However, if you really want a list of some of the attractions that are definite views, you can see the attractions in this article.

Go See The Statue Of Big Christopher In Riga


The legend surrounding the ‘Giant of Lativa’ has been around since the third century, and the statute commemorating it has been around for a few decades. The story goes that a giant assisted a young boy in crossing a river by picking him up and carrying him over his shoulders. As the giant walked, the boy grew heavier and heavier until they reached the other side.

It was then that the boy revealed he was Jesus Christ, and he was carrying the sins of the world which explained why he had gotten heavier as the journey had continued. The giant was named Christopher, which means ‘carrier of Christ’ and the statue and the legend are still around today!

Visit The Kurmrags Lighthouse in Liepupes Pagasts

The Kurmrags Lighthouse may be small, but it is pretty powerful. Powerful enough to endure storms for 50 years until 1967, when it was damaged, but the lighthouse was repaired and continued to shine until 2005, before it was relocated to the shore and surrounded by private land. But if you want a view of what tenacity and an unwillingness to quit brings you, you need to see this lighthouse!

Go To Rundale Palace In Pilsrundale


If you want to see a real castle, you need to check out Rundale Palace. It is a castle that is right across the border from Lithuania, and you only need to pay 11 Euros in order to see both the palace itself as well as the beautiful French Gardens that surround it. Just make sure to plan your visit.

Not only should you go in the Spring and Summer when the gardens are in full bloom, but some months have free admission, so check their website!

Visit The World Hat Museum In Riga

If you like to visit places that have interesting museums, you won’t get any stranger than The World Of Hat museum in the capital. It is a museum that celebrates hats from all over the world, and it certainly is a sight to see!

Go Down The Street Of Jauniela In Riga

You won’t even have to go very far to find the beautiful street of Jauniela, which is cobbled together with beautiful buildings as well as beautiful flowers placed in the window boxes. Additionally, many of the buildings are painted and display local art, making it a beautiful place for a stroll.

Head To The Ligatne Bunker In Ligatne


This bunker is inside of the town it is named for, and it was built back when the Latvian Communist Party held power in Latvia. The bunker was designed to withstand nuclear assault, but now it is an open to the public tourist attraction where you can see all the gas masks and other equipment that was stored there.

Go at the right time, and you can even eat a traditional Lativan lunch in the bunker, giving you a great historical experience.

Go Down To Old Town In Riga

Riga is the capital city of Latvia and one of the main tourist attractions for a reason. It is one of the most interesting places to visit, mostly because of Old Town, which connects you to day to day life in Lativa with coffee shops, bakeries, and residential areas.

Go To The Mazirbe Boat Cemetery In Mazirbe


This is a fun and free activity that might prove to be saddening for any mariner. This boat cemetery is the place where posts in the 1960s and 1970s were discarded, and it is the only authorized boat graveyard in the entire world, filled with wooden ships that once sailed the Baltic Sea.

But because the ships are made of wood, you need to stop by soon, as the boats are rotting away and will soon disappear.

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