Things to do in Latvia

Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Estonia. Its topography is characterized by expansive woodlands and vast beaches. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is known for its art nouveau and wooden architecture, as well as for its large Central Market and historic Old Town, which includes St. Peter’s Church. The popular Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, which features regional crafts, cuisine, and music, is one of Riga’s museums.

If out of the ordinary is your thing, Latvia is unquestionably the place to go on vacation. For those seeking a location with a little sass, it is the ideal location. This little nation is nestled alongside the Baltic Sea. The country spent a long time being tossed between foreign countries, but now it is autonomous, secure, and powerful. It undoubtedly has a lot of personality as a result of its difficult history

The weather is unpredictable in Latvia, so if you don’t know what to do on a rainy day, you can always find interesting things to do– for example, gambling. you can find a wide variety of casino games, gambling centers and so much more.

Since Latvia is a small country, you may easily do and see everything it has to offer on a single visit. This list of the top things to do in Latvia was created to make it simple for you to plan your vacation.

Go see Latvia’s Resident Giant

Location: Riga


Big Christopher is a national symbol of Latvia. While the statue of Big Christopher is just a few decades old, the legend surrounding him dates back to the third century.

Legend has it that this helpful giant assisted in carrying a small lad across a river. The youngster got heavier as he continued his walk. The boy disclosed that he was Jesus Christ, the son of God, once he reached the other side. He stated that he was carrying the sins of the world, which is why he had grown heavier throughout the journey.

The name Christopher, which literally means “carrier of Christ,” was given to the giant because he carried both Jesus and all of the sins. His bravery and tenacity are still remembered today.

Visit the Kurmrags Lighthouse

Location: Liepupes Pagasts


The Kurmrags Lighthouse is a tiny marvel in Latvia. Only a small amount of migration has allowed this modest yet formidable lighthouse to endure storms. The Lighthouse served as a signpost for sailors for almost 50 years, but a severe storm in 1967 dulled her light. It was hit by a powerful storm once more in 2005, but this time she was relocated to the shore. The lighthouse keeps moving closer to the water.

You cannot park next to the lighthouse because it is surrounded by private land. Parking nearby in a public space, and then strolling along the shore is the easiest way to go to the lighthouse to see this tiny beauty.

Take a tour of Rundale Palace

Location: Pilsrundāle


Rundale Palace is a gorgeous castle with lovely grounds that is right across the border from Lithuania. A ticket that includes access to both the French Garden and the castle costs only 11 euros. The best seasons to visit this place are spring and summer when you can enjoy all the vibrant colors in the gardens.

Tickets are available in advance on their website. And apparently, admission is free from June to September!

Visit The World of Hat Museum

Location: Riga


Do you want to spice things up with a dynamic museum? The World of Hat definitely tops the list of oddly themed museums in Latvia’s capital.

The World of Hat, as its name implies, is a museum stocked with hats that symbolize many global cultures. Although you might not have dreamed about seeing a hat collection when you woke up this morning, you should not miss this sight.

Walk down Jauniela

Location: Riga


Jauniela is one of Latvia’s most picturesque streets. This street is cobbled with buildings of various colors and is constructed like many others in the nation. Many of the buildings include Art Nouveau decorations, and the street is well-known for the profusion of vibrant flowers that spill out of window boxes.

Along the way, you’ll see interesting museums, restaurants, and stores, and you can stop by any of them if you like.

Enter the Ligatne Bunker

Location: Ligatne


The Ligatne Bunker, which lies in the town of Ligatne, was first constructed as a location for the Latvian Communist Party to use in the case of a nuclear assault. Currently, the bunker is open to the public, and you can see the original artifacts like gas masks and rations that were stored there for emergencies.

You can also have a traditional Latvian lunch from the time, which includes soup, stewed fruit, and rye bread, in the bunker, which has also grown to be something of a star attraction in Latvia.

Discover Charming Coffee Shops in Riga’s Old Town

Location: Riga


Everyone throngs to Riga since it is Latvia’s capital city and its crown jewel. It should come as no surprise that it is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities either. You could spend days ambling through this city, with its cobblestone streets, magnificent river, and charming vibe.

You can stroll through Old Town and pause at a neighborhood bakery and coffee shop. The houses along the cobblestone street where its located are painted a range of colors.

Take a trip to the Mazirbe Boat Cemetery

Location: Mazirbe


Are you searching for a fun free activity in Latvia? You ought to go to the Mazirbe Boat Cemetery. The Boat Cemetery is the place where boats are laid to rest.

In the 1960s and 1970s, a large number of boats were discarded in these woodlands. Many people consider this to be a highly significant place because it is the only authorized boat graveyard in the entire world. The ships that are interred here were constructed and operated throughout the Baltic Sea.

The cemetery isn’t likely to last more than ten years because all of the boats are made of wood. The wood is rotting and becoming soil. You must stop by these wilting boats before they vanish entirely.