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User Image equinophobiia Posted: Mar 18, 2018 12:24 AM (UTC)

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the barn has got me done for the rest of the week 😴😴 (pro tip: don't wear white to the barn it gets totally ruined! 😂) also, just a second post bc i was far to excited to not share this, i am going to be doing a hunter pace with cate coming early april! i am super excited, i have always wanted to do something pike this, mainly because cate and i agree that constantly doing arena work is BORING! 👎🏼 not sure what event i am doing exactly, but either flat with no jumps or an endurance run if cate is fit enough. atm i don't think cate could do 7-9 miles. 😂 she would be a pooped lil unicorn. 🦄 the event isn't very expensive either and i am just jumping up and down thinking about it!
what kind of events do you like to do with your horse? i personally get easily bored with arena work and jumping so i am constantly finding fun ways to play in the round pen or cate's pasture. i often ride bareback too, and of course i do my typical trail rides around the property. 😊 lemme know what you guys enjoy doing in the comments, i would love to hear them, and maybe practice on my own!
User Image madi.nornes Posted: Mar 28, 2015 12:06 AM (UTC)

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RIP PJ❤️❤️ you will be missed
My horse looking at me with pure disdain, as he did throughout the ride as well as eating everything he saw and randomly breaking into a canter. Made the ride more exciting 😊

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Horse trek (yes I booked it before the reality of my money situation hit me! 😂)
#franzjosef #horse #horses #riding #trekking #glacier

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