5 Best BMX Bikes Under $200 in 2024


There are countless bicycle models available out there for a wide variety of customers. From young children and their first-ever training bicycles to pros and high-quality mountain bikes, there is now seemingly a model for every situation no matter how unique it may seem. However, one thing is certain, BMW bikes will never go out of style and they will always have one and the same audience in the form of adrenalin junkies. BMX, short for bicycle motocross or bike motocross, are specialized off-road-ready sports bicycles used for racing and doing stunts. In this article, you will find out about the best BMX bikes in 2024 with a price tag of less than $200. To find out more and purchase one for your future races and stunts, visit outdoorright.com.

1. Mongoose Legion L60 20″ Wheel Freestyle Bike

img source: amazon.com

Our top pick on the list is a real treat for any BMX fan and a top pick for 2024. If you have grown tired of supposedly high quality, expensive best-rated BMX bicycles, worry not. The Mongoose Legion L60 will surely fulfill all of your needs for a competitive affordable price. The frame is made from hi-ten steel that makes it extremely durable, but also a little bit heavy. Regarding the wheels, they are 20.5 inches and top-tier, with state of the art design and performance. Riders of average size will experience most comfort from this frame and wheel combo.

Gears on this bike are 25x9T offering a lot of functionality, and the chains will run smoothly without any problems for years. For the freestyle industry of cycling, this is very important because of the many dangerous and high octane moves a bike needs to survive. The 2-piece bar should also be mentioned, adding to the already impressive durability and lifespan. Mongoose also included a unified saddle with every model, with a comfy ergonomic design that cares for your lower back.

2. Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX

img source: alltricks.com

While the aforementioned Mongoose model is the top pick, this Redline Bikes BMX model is a close second it there ever was one. The brand has a strong reputation and a large fan following in the BMX industry. Their Roam 20 Youth BMX utilizes an aluminum frame, and although the frame can theoretically hold most riders with ease, the 20-inch wheels are made for the youth first. That is not to say that adults cannot use it, far from it actually.

What appeals to most of the buyers is the cool overall design of this bike. There is a neat racing graph in the stylish yellow color that is sure to appeal to most race and stunt enthusiasts. Moving on to the tires, they are Kenda contact type tires that should make it easy for you to get a grip of any surface. When you have to stop, the powerful braking system will ensure you do so safely.

3. Mongoose Legion L20 20″ Wheel Freestyle Bike

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The second Mongoose model on the list is the top pick for anyone who feels secure purchasing best-seller options. The Legion L20 is among the all-time best sellers of the brand, as well as on the overall market. Like its cousin mentioned earlier, it has a steel frame that pushes it a little bit onto the heavier side. This is not purely an esthetic design choice as the steel makes it durable and gives it a longer lifespan, as well as more for your buck.

A set of U-brakes will stop you whenever you need to do so, while the ergonomic and comfortable handlebars will be easy on your hands, especially for the younger riders. The 2.3-inch tires come with more than average grip for increased safety. Lastly, the affordable price has to be mentioned, a feature that has kept it on the best-selling list for years. If you are a newcomer, you have found your first BMX right here.

4. Razor Barrage BMX/Freestyle Bike

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If freestyle riding is your style, here is a BMX best suited for that type of fun. The adrenaline rush when no rules are involved, as well as the danger that comes with that, is best experienced with something made to assist you in freestyling. This Razor model is very similar to the BMX bikes professionals use in competitions. Although it uses steel instead of the carbon fiber they have, it is more than enough for frequent amateur freestyling.

Moving on, we have alloy U-brakes in charge of preventing you from going faster than you want or ending up off the beaten track. There are not a lot of color options to choose from though. The wheels are standard for beginners and, but intermediate riders will also find them suitable. Since it is on the cheaper side, you could always upgrade some of the features and make it even better.

5. Tony Hawk Dynacraft Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike

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If you do not know the name Tony Hawk, what are you even doing here in the first place? Joking aside, here is a budget option on our list. While it seems impossible that something associated in any way with the legend of extreme sports can be cheap, it is the truth. While it is cheaper than most, it still comes with all the right features an average BMX rider needs for less than $200. Remember, Hawk would never agree to advertise something cheap and poorly designed, so that is as much guarantee as you need.

The frame is made of steel, and the bike has been designed and manufactured to accommodate both average and taller riders. The wheels are 24 inches and there is a very comfortable seat present. If you thought the other four entries on the list were simply too small for your build, here is a larger BMX for you. Like most others, this BMX uses U-brakes for optimal stopping power in every situation. A limited lifetime warranty comes with every model, furthering the value for the investment. Moreover, the cheaper price will allow you to upgrade the bike with a few additional features of your choosing.