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99% of store-bought hummus is just mashed potatoes with food coloring so be sure to check the ingredients.
FULL DISCLOSURE: Well what a lucky lady I am 🍀! After MONTHS ⌚️ of waiting I finally got to see @theaddamsfamilyuk 🦇🎃🕸🕷. Not only that, I was privileged enough to head backstage to look at what goes on behind the scenes (check out my story or twitter:@franface). Just look how incredible the set is 😱...I'm not quite dark enough to play Wednesday Addams but maybe Green enough for a Tuesday? 🖤💚@carriehopefletcher was stunningly talented as per 💁🏼 . @oliverormson is a kickass Lucas 🙅🏼‍♂️. Cameron Blakey is utterly divine as Gomez 👨🏻 but @scott_paigey you absolutely stole're a powerhouse performer who deserves EVERY success coming your way...OWN IT 🌜🌝🌛!!! So I suppose all that's left to say is don't miss out on this fabbity show and grab your tickets from @wolvesgrand NOW! 🎭
Esta es mi collecion de labiales de Anastasia Beverly Hills. En general, su linea de labiales me parece muy buena por su formula matte pero cremosa que no seca los labios. Hay muchos tonos nudes, con subtonos rosados, marrones y lilas. Tambien tengo otros labiales mas llamativos y que me cuesta mas aplicarlos como un azul y un bordo con subtono violeta. ¿Conocen estos labiales? Y ¿Tienen alguno?

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Freshly painted nails always look and feel amazing! A good cuticle oil will not only help restore essential moisture and nourish dry cuticles but will give them a gorgeous, professional finish.  I keep a bottle at home and at work and use it daily.  The #Avoplex oil is extremely effective and comes in a dropper bottle making it very easy to apply.
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💗Buenas!💗tanto tiempo! Volví y quería contarles que hace un tiempo compré la base Super Stay de @maybelline para probarla, después de ver muchas reseñas respecto a su calidad y además, su buen precio. Me gustó bastante ✔️principalmente porque no es para nada pesada y es fácil de manejar, la cobertura en mi opinión es media y tiene una buena variedad de tonos, cosa que con algunas marcas no sucede, y saltan de un tono muy oscuro a algunos muy claros, está línea consideró que tiene buena variedad de tonos "intermedios" . Punto aparte, hace un tiempo usaba solo brocha para aplicar base y últimamente me canse y volví a las esponjitas, no sé bien porque 🤔 menos mal que me había quedado un stock grande de esponjitas! Jaja..
Que tengan linda semana, ya con un día menos! ✨👌🏻 ❣️ .
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@cancerbats doing bringing that real #metal sound to to Montreal last week with their #batsabbath tribute!
📸: Michael Kovacs
Check out for more photos and the full review!
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On this edition of HTV’s Celebrity GPS Week-In-Review: Harvey Weinstien’s wife says she’s leaving her husband, Malin Akerman is engaged to be married, Jason Alden returns to the stage, Franky Munez doesn’t remember Malcom in the Middle and James Van der beek talks out about being sexually assaulted #igers #hollywood #htv #celebrity #gps #gossip #news #review #harveyweinstein #malinakerman #frankymuniz #jasonaldean #jamesvanderbeek #follow #video
Ecco per la challenge #cuginexpat il #day17 è dedicato al mascara ❗ecco il BETTER THAN SEX di TOO FACED
◾waterproof version
◾scovolino a clessidra
◾formulazione a base di collagene, che rende le ciglia più spesse, lunghe e incurvate, volumizzandole al massimo
◾ciglia profondamente nere e vouminose
6⃣ mesi di PAO
🇮🇹 Made in Italy
💸23,50 € per 8gr, esiste anche la versione mini a 10,50 €
🏬 acquistabile negli store e nell'e-commerce di sephora
📄 ho buttato via la scatola tantissimo tempo fa (ancora prima di aprire la pagina) non sono riuscita a reperirlo 😫
Avevo inserito questo mascara nel mio progetto smaltimento della #20eurochallenge perché è aperto da prima di Natale scorso e volevo terminarlo 😂
Non è ancora secco 🔝 MA comincia a dare un po' fastidio quando indossato, quindi lo cestinerò (o lo terrò li come reperto perché è troppo bello 😂)
ne avevo sentito parlare benissimo, ma questa versione waterproof non mi ha convinta del tutto 😣
Ha una texture molto pesante che si fa sentire sulle ciglia, ed è difficile da struccare. Viene via solo con il bifasico ❗
Il risultato è bellissimo, tanto che mi hanno chiesto se indossassi ciglia finte, ma non è un mascara da usare nella quotidianità.
Ottimo prodotto, ma per il rapporto qualità prezzo e per l'uso che ne faccio io, non lo ricomprerei al momento.
Lo avete mai provato?
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I had mixed feelings on this book. I read it in one sitting and found the writing style easy to follow. I have to admit that I didn’t feel a connection to any of the characters.

I didn’t feel any chemistry or attraction between Ashton and Sadie. I wanted to feel even a little spark between them but I didn’t. I didn’t feel a connection to the characters. If I had to pick one of them to like then my choice would be Ashton. I wanted more of him. I understood Sadie’s reasons but she didn’t admit to having a secret crush on Ashton so why chance ruining a friendship?

Although this book is part one in a series, I don’t feel drawn or eager to read the next one. Will I read it for the sake of seeing what happens? Maybe but it wouldn’t bother me if I did or didn’t.

The storyline for this book is easy to follow and an ok start to this series. #shortstory #romance #review
Took the @milwaukeetool M18 Fuel Blower for a test run. It did well with everything I put it to. I knew my driveway was dirty but it blew away more dirt then I expected, still have to pressure wash it but half the job is done. My side yard has a combination of leaves and pine needles, it blew both away without any effort and some of the pine needles were soaking wet. Front yard has a big oak tree and a magnolia tree, their leaves were quickly dealt with as well.
I need to do a lot to my yard next spring because the oak tree is keeping grass from growing well, as you can see from the bare spots. Leaves however are no longer are a miserable chore.
I killed a 9Ah battery using the blower off and on for about a half hour, the battery had been sitting so it may not have been fully charged. If you need a blower for your yard or shop this is the one to get in my opinion.
#milwaukeetools #m18 #fuel #leafblower #ope #yardwork #jkendalltools #tools #toolreview #review

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