Is World of Warcraft Shadowlands Worth Playing in 2024?

If you’ve been taking a break from this game for a while, it’s time to get back to playing. It is definitely worth it because there have been incredible improvements lately. If you take a peek into this magical world, you can see new expansions when it comes to Shadowlands. This primarily refers to life-improved features. In that case, we can say that there was level mixing, speed reset, better adjustment, leveling experience, new instructions and zones.

If you’ve been wondering if World of Warcraft is Shadowlands worth playing in 2024, we have to tell you that this may be the best time to do so. So keep reading and learn all about some improvements and other reasons that will lead you to start this expansion right away. In the following text, we will briefly explain to you what has been happening lately in WoW.

Quality update

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First of all, Blizzard made an effort to provide you with rich content or upgrade to the existing one. They decided to make you even more interested when it comes to this fantastic game, and in order to do that, they offered frequent updates. You can’t imagine all the things you get with each new update. We are telling you this because many changes have been introduced that suit all players equally. So, whether you are a long-time player or a beginner, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the World of Warcraft.

This is a new version that the developers have released and be sure that it will not disappoint you. Also, all those who have not had the opportunity to play WoW so far can learn everything from this vanilla version, because that is exactly why it is there, that is, to present the origin of the game and the whole story.


This game has always been the right place to visit when you need a little more adventure. This is because this is a really big game because the whole world is divided into several continents. Do you know how many hours it would take you just to cross this whole space? Experts say that even eight hours would not be enough for you to achieve this. So this fact tells you a lot. Despite the various transportation options, this world is still huge for you to cross so easily.

And that is exactly what encourages players to play more and more, complete missions and get some cool extras. Either way, if you love WoW just because of these things, you’ll be thrilled when you start the game again. We tell you this because even more content awaits you, and that’s more research and a lot more fun! Embark on an adventure again and take part in world events with other players. There are never enough new tasks for real fans of this game.


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There is no person who has not heard of this game and that is why it is number one on the market. However, it also resists father time, and long-term players can confirm that. They can play it for years, but there will always be new ones who are very happy to join it. So, this community has always been very successful and constantly expanding. Today we can say that she is even more successful. This is due to the growing number of updated guides intended for beginners.

This way you will not be lonely as a beginner, because there are many more such players like you. You will also be able to contact them if you wish, as there is a community that allows voice chat and play with others. They are noob-friendly. Given that this is a really huge number of players, we are sure that you will be able to connect at some level.


When it comes to this experience, players who return to the game will notice that the game has undergone another stat and leveling squish. In that case, the character from the highest level starts at level 50, because the new maximum is 60. However, that is not all when it comes to characters. The characters are no longer as connected to the level as you used to be in the past. The new extensions offer a lot of gates and other content such as various capabilities that you can take in other ways. With these and other improvements, the experience of the players has changed for the better.

We can say that change is noticed when it comes to a sense of progress. This approach basically changes it, because it gives you a sense of gradual progress. You used to have to run a lot to achieve a huge milestone. This is no longer the case thanks to design changes. Also, all the most popular sites that offer you boosts, such as LFCarry still have Shadowlands boost in their offer, which means that video games are very current in 2024.

Possibility of choice

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Today you don’t have to participate in all contents to be competitive. Now you are free to play the content you want to use for preparation and you don’t have to opt for PVP or PVE only. This way you will have a lot more fun than before because now you don’t have to behave like in the previous extensions. For example, there you had to participate in PVE content to achieve what you want in PVP. You were simply forced to take part in things like raids and dungeons because you had to get the equipment you needed.

However, the new system gives you a totally different feeling. It rewards you only based on the content achieved during that week. There are also additional rewards when it comes to equipment, and one of the conditions is to perform nine activities across PVP. At the end of the week, players can choose from several different options while in the past they can only choose one piece of equipment. And then they had to wait for months.


Like other MMO’s and WoW after so much time it continues to live and evolve constantly. It changes and adapts to new generations. That is why our recommendation is to return to this masterpiece or to embark on the world of adventures if you have not done so yet. You will have the opportunity to explore the whole world from many continents, ranging from alternative timelines to the realms of the dead. We hope we have helped you get answers to all your questions.