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Are you bored with cookie cutter science labs? Do you want to work on something that matters to science and society? The @LSU’s biology #lsucure labs may be for you!!
Students in course-based undergraduate research labs at LSU are tackling big research questions while also learning basic biology lab techniques and gaining science communication skills as they take the @lsucxcscience communication-intensive BIOL 1208R and 1209R this semester. Barry Aronhime’s CURE lab students took to the LSU Lakes earlier this semester to battle and learn more about elephant ear, an invasive species taking over the wetlands along the Gulf Coast. CURE students are conducting course-based research projects to explore whether other hardy Louisiana plant species could potentially outcompete the elephant ear if planted in locations where the elephant ear is abundant.
“Our research isn’t confined to the classroom or lab, which makes the work we do all the more interesting.” - #lsucure student Jared Barrilleaux.
Learn more about course-based undergraduate research at LSU! 👇
I've decided to make a change! I'm going VEGAN! I know people can be very sensitive about their diets, especially when you challenge what they have always believed. I'm not here to preach or convince you in anyway. I've done my research and I have my reasons. That's all there is to it! 🤗🌱

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