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Meet the Mooteam - This is Arno. He's our building contractor and he's lightning fast. He also studies law on the side and makes bad jokes that are funny. #mooteam
If You Were Still Here #newblogpost
There are things I wish I could say to you, like how it was so hard for me to understand how someone could need something so strong and powerful to dull the pain. But, I understand now.

We both found different ways to find comfort, I cried to Jesus and you had a bottle of Jack. Or maybe it was a six-pack; I was never really sure.

Addiction is a fast moving train without any brakes, but that wasn’t who you were because I saw glimpses of generosity and kindness and a desire to be everything we needed you to be.

While I was trying to fix you, Jesus fixed me. At times I wondered if I had the right to be anything different, or better. But, you always wanted that better life for me and made so many sacrifices for your girls.

I would tell you that I have only had one bottle of something that was supposed to be fruity and fun, and after one sip I was convinced that I was drunk until I realized I always act like that. Later I had to down two cokes just to get the taste out of my mouth. I knew that anything that I had to try so hard to like didn’t need to be in my life. But, that sticky-hot summer day I proved to myself that I didn’t have to fear that I would disappear into a bottle. •
If you were here I would do my best to treat you like a person instead of a problem to solve.

To my friends trying so hard to love someone lost in addiction, you will have moments when regrets will surface and you will feel like you didn’t do enoughor pray enough. That might not go away, but the good memories you shared can be what you hold onto when things get or pray enough. That might not go away, but the good memories you shared can be what you hold onto when things get hard. Address the problem and do your best to love the person. Treat addiction like a disease that causes them to leave the life they used to know behind. Their minds are cloudy and numb. They need help, and so will you. I had to do a lot of soul-work to find wholeness in Christ and I found it, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.It means that I get to find another opportunity to trust in God. #addiction #family #hope
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