10 Useful Tips for a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign – 2024 Guide

When talking about marketing and its campaigns, we all know that it is essential to have a great plan before staring. The SMS marketing campaign is not different than any other. A good strategy is crucial, and you should plan it before you start. It is always good to read some tips that can help you, and here you can read some of the most valuable ones:

1. Choose the Right Contacts

Choosing the right contacts to send them your messages can be crucial for your campaign. If you don’t have the right people to receive the information, then sending them has no point. You should know that sending messages is allowed only to those who accepted to receive them. The best thing is to offer them an opportunity to choose if they want to subscribe. Tell your subscribers what kind of messages they can expect from you.

2. Make Messages Clear and Brief

Maybe the first thing when creating messages is to be sure that they don’t have more than 160 characters. Longer texts can cause many problems, as many phone companies are dividing them into multiple messages. That may cause extra charges or difficulties with delivering the whole message.
If you want to avoid this, try to be clear and have concise information that goes straight to the point. It is not a good idea to use slang, but it is necessary to be creative. One extra tip, always call your clients to take action.

3. Choose the Right Timing

Choosing the best time to send your messages can be very tricky. It is sure that you don’t want to send them too early in the morning and to wake someone up, or too late at night. The frequency of messages is the other important thing that you should be on your mind.

4. Update Your Messages

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Sending the same message a couple of times can be annoying for the receiver. Make sure that you renew your message with something relevant to the person that reads it. If you are sending the same thing many times, it can seem like spam, and it is not good marketing. Check every message twice and update the information you give frequently.

5. Give the Audience the Opt-out Option

The opt-out option means that person can choose not to receive messages from you at any time. By U.S. law, you need to give people this option, and it needs to be transparent. It can be simple, and a person can stop receiving messages from you by sending a simple “stop” as an answer to your message. It may not be desirable for you, but you must give that option. People need to be informed about their rights all the time.

6. Focusing On the Best Customers

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As it is in any other kind of business or marketing, you can also apply the 80/20 rule, or officially the Pareto principle, to the SMS marketing campaign. What this means is that 20% of your customers are contributing 80 percent to your engagement and sales. The ideal thing to do would be to identify them and send them some more special messages with some exclusive offers, which will target that group. Those subscribers are already familiar with your products and brand, and you only need to tighten your relationship.

7. Rewarding Loyalty

Making some great benefits for those who are with your brand for quite some time is crucial, as your subscribers will stay longer on your list if they know that time counts, and they will get some reward, special offer or discount. Here is where those who choose to follow this step can make unique offers to their customers with a special promotion for every month, quartal or year, and the longer they stay, the deeper the discount. When the customers see their progress on the membership list, they will surely stick around for quite a while.

8. Use the Urgency

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It is a location-based marketing campaign with a tempting promotion awaiting loyal customers, but it is valid till…, and that is how it works. This immediacy is what SMS is all about, and everyone can use it for their benefit. Adding expires soon, today only or, as mentioned above – valid till, to your messages will sound like some urgency, and it will attract customers.

In every research done about marketing, and this may sound funny, but it is the truth, the Discount, and Sale signs work, and that is why we can see them everywhere we look.

9. The Right Amount of Messages

Choosing the right number of messages is tricky, but most studies show that the right amount to start with is 4-5 SMS per month. With this in mind, the number of SMSes should increase up to 10, of course, over time.

The significant thing is to monitor those who unsubscribe so that you can find that perfect number for each one of them. Another important thing is that those messages should be of proper value, concise and short but sweet.

10. Customers’ Privacy

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We can all agree that privacy is the main topic today, and that also means that everyone should value the privacy of their customers. The main thing to a sustainable relationship between customers and businesses is letting the customers know that all their information and privacy overall will not under any circumstances be endangered. Only, and only with the customers’ permission to share their particular personal details, this can be done. The best way to do this is to make secure and impenetrable servers so that they couldn’t get hacked.

There are many ways to start an SMS marketing campaign, and with these tips, that should be easier. There are also a lot of excellent marketing services that can help you increase the reliability of your customer database, reduce costs by deleting numbers that are not in use, and much more. If you need help with collecting valid numbers and making sure that they are in use, you should check this service.