Difficult to Get a Loan? – 2024 Guide

Sometimes your current financial situation can make it difficult to borrow money with good effective interest rates and maturity, especially if you have several payment remarks that lower your credit rating. After all, getting a loan does not have to be as difficult as it may seem. The simplest tip is to make sure to compare different loan intermediaries and find out exactly what terms they have and what term they can offer for a certain amount.

In principle, there is only one reason why you should not borrow money: lenders do not believe that you will pay the money back to them on time. Likewise, there is only one solution that works in the long run and that is that you arrange your finances so that it provides the security that is needed. Of course, there are various options for quick loans and credit cards, but it is a temporary solution to a problem that can be lifelong if not addressed. Do you feel like this is about you?

An expert financial advisor from San Jose said, Keeping track of your personal finances and knowing how to best plan your budget is essential so as not to run into large debts or get a lot of credit information and payment remarks. You can learn more about financial advisors in San Jose by clicking here.

At the same time, it is also the case that those who have the best finances and the highest credit rating have a greater chance of borrowing money when there is a real crisis, than those who have a low credit rating and a lot of credit information. Below you can read about the most important things that lenders look at when they receive your application to get a loan from them.

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The absolute first thing that lenders look at is of course your age. To borrow money, you must be at least 18 years old. Some credit and lenders require that you are even older than 18 years, ie at least 20 or 21 years old, to get a loan. First of all, it is fast lenders who otherwise offer softer terms in terms of maturity and loan amount, who must ensure that there are not too many at a young age, who have just turned 18, who they accept and who later end up in even greater liabilities. In the same way, your young age can affect whether or not you can borrow from regular lenders. The younger you are, the less time you have had to stabilize your finances and budget, as well as to get a fixed income to be able to manage your loan. It can also sometimes be difficult to get a loan if you are young because of the non-existent credit history.


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Income is also an important part that, together with an overview of the number of your expenses, forms an opinion for the lender regarding your ability to repay your loan. Low income does not always mean that you are not allowed to borrow money in comparison with someone who has a higher income, as it can still turn out that you have fewer expenses to manage on the side. Of course, you can not have too low an income. Banks and lenders have different views on what the amount should be for you to be able to borrow, so you must always check the terms and conditions before submitting an application.

Having a fixed income is usually an advantage if you want to take a loan from a bank and most other lenders prefer that you have a fixed income, as it provides greater certainty that your finances will not suddenly change. On the other hand, it is a misconception that it is not possible to borrow unless you are a permanent employee. Nowadays, it is becoming more common with other types of employment and thus lenders are also more flexible in their terms. Due to this, it is usually possible to get a loan despite a lack of permanent employment. To know your options to get a loan with bad credit or no credit, visit CASH 1.

If you do not have a fixed income, however, you must ensure that your creditworthiness is maintained by other means so that the lenders accept your application and are able to provide your chosen contract terms.

Payment remarks

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Are you having difficulty getting a loan? When it comes to payment remarks, the absolute best option would be not to have any at all, but as we know, it is still quite easy to miss a payment and get a payment remark. Debts or invoices can also give you a payment remark that is registered with UC. Usually, these dots, as they are also called, remain in your register for three years and thus make it more difficult to get a loan. How many payment remarks you are allowed to have varied. For example, if you borrow through Moni365, you can be sure that a proportion of our 44 lenders will accept up to 10 payment remarks when you apply for a loan. It is crucial that the lender values your user experience highly. It is still difficult to get a loan, do not hesitate to contact them through their website.

In order to still be able to borrow money and do so with a reasonable interest rate, as well as to get your desired amount, you must ensure that the lender has security. It is important to meet the remaining prerequisites such as age and a regular income. As well, your debt balance of the Enforcement Authority needs to be non-existent in the last six months. Do you have problems repaying the entire debt? Are you at risk of more payment remarks? For support, turn to budget and debt counseling in your municipality. They can give you several good tips and help as best you can to directly try to rearrange your financial situation.


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Refinancing loans is an option for you if you have several small loans at the same time and have difficulty getting a loan because of that. Another name for start-up loans is group loans, which actually fits much better as what you do is basically collect your loans into a larger loan. This gives you a more stable feeling right away and a better credit rating, then instead of several loans, you have only one – bigger loan – to pay off. In addition, you save time and the amount you pay for your interest in many cases becomes smaller immediately. There are many different lenders with whom you can take out a refinancing loan with different requirements regarding, for example, age and payment remark, as well as with different offers regarding loan amount and payment.