4 Ways Sofa Covers Can Protect Your Furniture

Oftentimes, especially in the homes of elderly people, it is observed that the homeowners sometimes seem to wrap or seal their sofas and couches using plastic bags or wrappers. While this does not in any way contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the couch or the overall living room, this traditional method of covering up sofas and couches does not come without its merits.

Given the fact that sofas are commonly placed in living rooms and are meant to be used by the multitude of people who may visit your home on any given day, it is of utmost necessity to keep the surfaces of the sofa or couch clean at all times. This does not just serve an aesthetic value.

It also maintains a necessary degree of hygiene in your living room and prevents stains, faded color, oil, and so on from settling down on the surface of the couch or sofa. All of this is achieved by the traditional mechanism of plastic wrapping. However, a sofa wrapped in sheets of plastic does not look aesthetically pleasing, and it does not help you make a strong first impression on any guest.

Luckily, today there are several categories and subcategories of sofa covers that can help protect your sofas and couches from all kinds of dirt, dust, and fluids while at the same time imparting your furniture, and in extension, your living room with a positive aesthetic appeal. Some of these categories of sofa covers are listed in this article.

1. Quilts or Throws

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This type of sofa cover can be mounted on a sofa in two different methods. You can tuck the additional length of the sofa cover into the sofa. Alternatively, you can just as easily fold the top portion of the sofa cover to make sure that the sofa cover has been mounted properly. These sofa covers help protect the sofas from all kinds of wear and tear. They also help prevent the formation of stains on the sofa due to the spilling of fluids. These sofa covers can even be mounted on older designs of sofas. These sofa covers help impart your sofa with a unique texture and pattern.

2. Sprays for Stain Resistance


Even though a stain-resistant spray does not technically count as a covering for sofas, couches, or other furniture, these sprays are perhaps one of the most significant paraphernalia involved in the protection of your sofas and couches from stains, spots, and spills.

Most of the sofa covers available in the market do not come with special built-in fabrics to protect the sofas from stains. You can indeed find certain sofa covers that are perfectly efficient at preventing stains from occurring on the surface of your sofa or couch. However, these sofa covers are often observed to cost exponentially more than other regular sofa covers in the market.

If you do end up buying one of these costly sofa covers that have been designed to prevent the occurrence of stains, make sure you read the clause carefully. The clause should reflect a warranty period within which the stain-resistant fabric of the sofa cover can be expected to perform with maximum efficiency.

In case the performance of the fabric is not up to the mark, you are advised to return the product or get it exchanged within the period of warranty. Beyond this, you can also use specialized sprays for much more realistic prices.

3. Custom-Tailored Slipcovers

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For the purposes of aesthetic appeal and comfort, getting tailor-made slipcovers for your sofas, couches, and other pieces of furniture can go a long mile. These slipcovers are designed and sewn specifically to meet your particular requirements. Getting a custom slipcover for your living room furniture is much akin to getting your clothes fitted by a professional tailor.

Since you are the only one who can clearly dictate your needs, the process of procuring a slipcover for your sofa or couch requires you to communicate the particular measurements for your furniture to a reputed and trusted professional. Check here to order spectacular sofa covers that will complement your furniture and décor.

Before buying a slipcover for your living room, you will need to make sure that your sofa or couch is compatible with a custom-made sofa cover.

4. All-Purpose Slipcovers

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The key difference between a tailor-made slipcover and an all-purpose slipcover is that while the tailor-made slipcover is highly specific in its measurements and can almost be expected to fit the visage of the sofa or the couch perfectly, all-purpose slipcovers are a lot looser and do not have any provisions for customized measurements.

These slipcovers are available in the form of box cushions and can be used to drape specific areas of the sofa without having to mount them with precision. These all-purpose slipcovers are more concerned with the utility of protecting the sofa or the couch from any potential damage than the aesthetic appeal or impression of the sofa.

These slipcovers can be described to have a jacket-like functionality since they are usually mounted on the areas of the sofa that may be more susceptible to stains, wear, and tear.


Sofa covers are perhaps one of the most underrated and overlooked pieces of utility that need to be present in every home. Sofas or couches are generally placed in the living room or the guest room of a house, and they are generally meant for the guests to sit on.

The fact that sofas are primarily meant to be used by people from outside and not the family members or the close friends of the concerned individual means that it is necessary to invest a somewhat decent amount of money, time, and effort to make sure that your couch, and in extension, your living room, always has the most presentable and impressive appearance that it can have.

In this article, you have been made familiar with some of the most commonly used categories of sofa covers and the specific functionalities of each category.