Is it OK to Sleep With a Weighted Blanket Every Night? – 2024 Guide

Restlessness nights are a serious issue that affects not only our health but also life expectancy. Either because of stress or any other reason, often it becomes difficult for people to fall asleep. The only solution that they can think of is taking sleeping pills. However, this is not a permanent thing to do and you know it better.

Instead of taking sleeping pills, you should start using weighted blankets. They are known for improving your sleep quality. Furthermore, it is just a blanket and therefore, it is equally beneficial for kids and adults. So if you want to try something new to improve your sleep quality, you should try them. And if you do not know much about them, visit sensolife and get a detailed report on how it works.

Sensolife is a place where you can purchase these blankets and will also learn more about them. And if you are worried that it might not be good for kids, no need to bother. Kids can easily use these. Therefore, if your kids make noise and you get tired every day to the extent that it becomes difficult to get asleep, you should give it a try.

Is it safe to use it every day?

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Yes, it is completely safe to use a weighted blanket every night. It is just a regular blanket with some modifications and nothing else. Therefore, you can just replace your older blanket with this new one and get a peaceful sleep every night.

Who should use it?

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Not getting good sleep or finding it hard to fall asleep are all problems that anyone can face. And the reasons vary from person to person. You might have some psychological issues, stress disorders or anxiety. Or it might be just that you got a baby at home and he keeps you attentive for the whole night. All these reasons cause disturbance in your sleep pattern.

The only solution is to get a good night’s sleep but the worries don’t let you get it. Therefore, instead of making people dependent upon sleeping pills and addictive medicines, sleep researchers have found weighted blankets to be quite beneficial. So if you are suffering from any problem and it is affecting your sleep, you should try using these.

Benefits of using

You can use a weighted blanket anytime you want because they are not a medicinal product. Therefore, there is neither a time to use it nor a schedule. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about a single thing because these blankets are not addictive. Though they are good for your health, but they are not pills or drugs that you might get addicted to.

Another amazing thing is that there are no side effects of using them and neither any dangerous aspect. It is completely safe to use and a trouble-free stress therapy to reduce your tensions.

How will you feel about it?

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And if you are worried about getting suffocated or congested under a weighted blanket, it is not true. Although it has a bit of weight but it provides you with a feeling of warmness and comfort. So you will be lying there as you are in the arms of your loved one. Thus, until your worries go away or you feel refreshed up, it will hold you tight.

The most interesting thing is that you can get this feeling any time of the day. Furthermore, according to the users, a weighted blanket is quite effective and makes you fall asleep quickly. They give you a warm and cozy feeling and anywhere you want.

Working on weighted blankets

1. You might be questioning the working because it is just a blanket so how will it treat anxiety. So here are a few things that you should know;
2. They will calm your nerves and lower your heart rate by triggering the nervous system.
3. It will put pressure on your body and triggers the nervous system, thus, your brain will release serotonin. This will calm your nerves.

Some people find it hard to sleep because of the surrounding noises that make them anxious. This blanket makes them feel protected.

How will it work better?

As mentioned above, it is not medicine and therefore, it will take some time for it to work. Therefore, it is recommended that you use it for at least 30 days before giving any review. Although using it is good but it is not a magical carpet that will do anything you want. So, if you do not feel it effective even after 30 days, you should consult a psychiatrist.

Study and survey results show that these blankets are very effective. So if it is not working for you, you might have a serious issue like insomnia. Because 63 percent of study results show that these blankets reduce anxiety and 33 percent of people said their stress level reduced. Therefore, it is quite apparent that this deep pressure stimulation therapy is effective to reduce stress and lowers anxiety.

Making best use of weighted blankets

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1. If you want to maximize the benefits of weighted blankets, you can try these;
2. Find the right blanket for you, which has 8 to 13 percent of your body weight.
3. Get a blanket that seems comfortable and likable for you.
4. Use it daily, therefore, it is best to replace your previous comforter with this one.
5. Cover your torso and also legs. To make the best use of it, you should cover more of your body in it.

An alternative therapy

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Sleeping is not comfortable for people who suffer from anxiety and stress disorders. They always look for different therapies and treatments. So if you have any such problem, you can try using this blanket and

it will act as a therapy for;

1. Stress
2. Anxiety
3. Sleeping problems, insomnia and also tossing and turning
4. Autism spectrum disorder
5. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder