4 Reasons Why Skull Jewelry is Back in Fashion – 2024 Guide

Skulls in jewelry and fashion have always been a pretty interesting thing to see. Not only that, but people were also always amused by this symbol. Since fashion didn’t emerge in the last couple of decades, this symbol was always a big part of it, for a variety of different reasons. Furthermore, we can see that it always was a part of combinations that represented something.

For example, in some ancient civilizations, it had a religious connotation to it. Over time, it becomes purely the question of aesthetics. Even though it has some negative elements in this symbol, we can see that it’s pretty much ever-present, even in this day and age. In fact, we can say that this symbol is now more present in fashion than it has ever been. You can find it in many different forms, like clothes, jewelry, accessories, and piercings.

Different from the opinion of the highest percentage of people, this symbol doesn’t only refer to death. In fact, it has a plethora of different meanings. It had a completely different connotation in different cultures. For example, some cultures considered this symbol as a constant reminder of our mortality. At the same timfe, we can see that some cultures considered it a life cycle. Therefore, we cannot help ourselves but be puzzled by all these different meanings.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear one of these as a part of your style, regardless of its meanings. If you are interested in taking a look at some of the newest skull jewelry collections click here and see which one of these pieces serves you the best. At the same time, we cannot but wonder why this symbol is so popular. So, let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why this is as popular as it is, particularly in jewelry.


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As we’ve already stated, skulls were used as a part of both everyday styles and styles important for some kind of events throughout history. This adds to the flexibility of this symbol. This means that you can wear one of these with any kind of clothes. We can see that its worn both by people who have a gothic style of dressing and those who don’t. At the same time, we can see that you don’t need to be all in black in order to have one of these included.

In fact, there are many different designs you can use as a part of your overall style. You can be sure that it will fit into all the styles you like, without any doubt. We’ve already mentioned that there are many different accessories in many different shapes and sizes, so you will have plenty of room to seek the best combinations you can make. The only thing you need to know is that you should be persistent before you are able to find the best combination.


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The second reason why skull jewelry is back in style every now and then is that this is a timeless symbol that is here to stay, period. You might be shocked by the rest of the sentence, but did you know that some cultures considered this symbol as a good luck charm? Also, some cultures thought about using the skull symbol as protection from many different forms of evil, particularly evil spirits. The first time that people witnessed this symbol being used more than ever in modern times, was during the Elizabethan era. At the same time, people were pretty creative with producing jewelry that has skulls as a pivotal element.

This was the first time for people to add something completely new to this symbol or adding this symbol to things that weren’t considered as ones who had some sort of connection with this, as we’ve mentioned, timeless symbol. It should be said that this trend was massive when it comes to jewelry. This symbol was introduced in clothes for many years, almost centuries, after that. This can be supported by the fact that many members of European royal families had some kind of jewelry that has a skull on it and resembles different occurrences. So, we are talking about a timeless symbol, without a doubt.


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Now, we would like to talk about the question of the popularity of this symbol. We can see that it is one of the most frequently depicted symbols in the fashion industry. Therefore, this alone can provide us with an idea about how popular this symbol really is. We can see that this symbol is applicable by a vast majority of people in the world, for a variety of reasons.

Naturally, some people are not particularly interested in the meaning of skulls, they just like how it looks on them. This goes on all forms, but especially in the form of jewelry since this is the most popular form. So, we are not surprised by the fact that this symbol is a big part of today’s fashion. At the same time, we are absolutely sure that it will remain popular in the future, as it is now.


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Last but not least, we would like to talk about the question of this symbol’s significance. We’ve already discussed what is the meaning behind this symbol. Now, we would like to talk about its significance. We can see that people all over the world are considering this symbol as a pretty positive thing. One of the best examples in Mexico. In this country, people wear skulls on their jewelry as some kind of good-luck charm. They truly believe that this symbol brings them good luck, therefore they wear it with pride. Some would call it superstition, but we wouldn’t be so bold in these claims.

To some people, this symbol resembles life since it constantly reminds us that we are mortal and that we need to be modest. Even with all these significances that we’ve provided you with in this article of ours, it should be said that the surface is barely scratched. There are so many different ideas behind this symbol that we can’t even begin to count them. Nevertheless, the question of significance is there, and there’s not too much about it that can be changed. This is why people are returning to this symbol over and over.