6 Cannabis Trimming Techniques And Tips – 2024 Guide

One of the most anticipated moments in the cultivation of marijuana is when at last, after all the efforts, the harvest day arrives. Visit this site Zamnesia to learn the specifics of a variety of popular strains like OG Kush. Knowing the cannabis strain your growing will be extremely helpful to have a successful harvest when it comes time. After several weeks of cultivation, in which we have transplanted, watered, pruned, fertilized, treated against pests and a long etcetera of operations … it is time to cut our plants. As the plant approaches the last days of its life cycle, it is necessary to prepare everything to say goodbye to it and welcome the fruit of your work as a grower. It is undoubtedly a delicate moment, but taking the necessary measures you will enjoy it as much as the first puff of your harvest.

We will present you process of cutting and trimming in today’s article.

Always use the right tools

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Imagine you go to the hairdresser and instead of a pair of scissors, he takes out an electric saw. I’m sure you’ll be terrified of the place. If marijuana plants had legs, they would also run when checking the type of tools with which some growers dare to approach them without much experience. Just as it wouldn’t occur to you to cut your toenails with pruning shears, you can’t pretend to maintain your marijuana plants or harvest your crops with tools other than those indicated. And what are the appropriate tools?

Although if you wanted to complicate the whole process a lot you could arm yourself with instruments worthy of a surgery room, in reality, it all comes down to two types of scissors:

Large pruning shears: They are a defined weapon, with a pointed end that allows you to reach what you are looking for without damaging the rest of the plant.

Sharp pointed scissors: They are those used during trimming when you have to cut the branches that have already reached a considerable thickness from below and for cutting buds.

With these two simple tools, you already have more than enough to do wonders with your crops whenever they need a change of look or when the moment of truth arrives and you have to cut it out and trim it. Depending on what your goals are and what the growth of the plant has been, you can cut it branch by branch or bud by bud.

What is clear is that if you have many plants and these have produced an enormous number of buds, when cleaning them it will be much more profitable to invest in automatic trimming machines instead of having to clean them with scissors. No matter how excited you are about your marijuana harvest, this can be a really tedious task. Check this website to see the types of trimming machines available.

Trimming tips

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As soon as you make the cut there is no going back, so you are interested in reading the tips below very well so that you take into account all the details before and immediately after taking this big step. They are not to scare you or create insecurity. After all, harvesting is just one more step in the cultivation process, probably the most rewarding. And since we want you to enjoy it without any kind of shock, it is best to be well informed so that you do not have any problems:

1. Have more than one shears and scissors

Have more than one set of pruning shears and scissors because, after the first cuts, you will be surprised to see how sticky these plants can be as a result of the resin that contains THC. The scissor blades are quickly “glued” and until you clean them with the appropriate chemicals it is practically impossible to separate them. To save time, it is always best to have another pair of scissors available.

2. Use gloves

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Also because of this stickiness, do not forget to use gloves when you proceed to cut your marijuana plants.

3. Avoid watering at the day of trimming

Do not cut after watering: choose a sunny day, preferably in the afternoon. This will have given the plant more time to make the buds drier in case they have received some moisture in the last days.

4. Eliminate the fan leaves first

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If the plant is well hydrated, you can easily get rid of them by pulling down with your thumb and forefinger while holding the plant by the branch and touching the buds as little as possible. If you want to learn more about dabbing rigs, click here.

5. Do your best in deep cleaning

Hold the branch firmly and cut all the protruding leaves flush with the bud. It is a job that must be taken with patience: you slowly turn the branch and cut with great care and love. If your patience is not enough, opt for automatic peelers.

6. Be an observant hairdresser

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Before finishing the work it is important that you take your time to check that everything is perfect. Probably one of the most important aspects is that you make sure that there is no trace of gray mold on the buds. This could be very dangerous if it stays there and you put your buds to dry, as is. It’s called botrytis and it can ruin your harvest as it spreads quickly and without you noticing. If you identify something suspicious it is to sacrifice a piece of your bud than to risk the success of an entire marijuana harvest.

Do we trim before or after drying?

It may seem to you that the answer is quite obvious since in 80% of cases cannabis growers choose to fix the buds of the plant once they have been extracted from it and before proceeding to the drying of marijuana. But the truth is that there are two trends in this regard, each with its particularities and neither of them is really better than the other. We will present to you both so that you are the one who decides which one you consider most appropriate.

Wet trimming: It is easier and the buds are much more clearly seen at the end of the process. But if you do not have the patience to do the trimming and then also put on these little touches, it may not be the method that best suits you.

Dry trimming: Cleaning of the buds is carried out once the drying process of the branches that you pruned at the time has already finished. It is a procedure chosen by growers who, for reasons of taste, prefer their crops to dry more slowly. But the truth is that it is not a better technique than the previous one. Mind you, it may take a little more dexterity: when it dries, the leaves curl to the top and it is a little more laborious to clean it.


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Whichever method you have chosen, there is one aspect that you should keep in mind. The time of harvest is one of the most aromatic times. As soon as you start making the first cuts, the plants give off a lot of smells. The most normal thing is that you contaminate yourself quickly with that fragrance and you end up not realizing it, but if you do not have an adequate anti-odor system, it will not take you long to attract attention in your building. And now that everything is done, all you can do is smoke it. What you need is a bong, and you can find a great collection at everythingfor420.com