Everything You Need To Know About E-Recruitment – 2024 Guide

Technology has brought us all away from ancient times. When technology is combined with the internet, it can create several miracles. There were times when people would hire employees and workers based on personal relationships. However, times have drastically changed today.

New methods have arrived in the market, which enables employers to simplify the process of recruitment. Employers face several challenges while recruiting the employees; all of these challenges have been resolved in online recruitment, also known as E-recruitment.

The term E-Recruitment suggests electronic or online or digital recruitment. This tool is the answer to several problems faced by the Human Resources department of various companies. Let’s understand and discuss what is the procedure to conduct it and how beneficial it is.

Understanding E-Recruitment

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When you ask a question to yourself – what has the internet done to make human life easy, the solution automatically pops that it has improved accessibility. You can be sitting in one corner of the world but still communicating with someone in the extreme corner of the world.

E-Recruitment is a recruitment marketing platform that facilitates the process of selecting and assessing potential candidates for job positions through web-based technology. The cloud-based software for recruitment helps the company to reach a large pool of people and save time.

It is similar to the usual recruitment process except that it is done through the internet. There is various software which can help to improve the function of recruitment for both employer and job candidates on board.

Significance in today’s world

Have you ever tried using e-recruitment software to hire employees for your company? If not, then you must. Otherwise, you will be lagging. Most companies and businesses use recruitment methods to hire employees because it is an efficient tool; it saves time and widens the pool for candidates.

When the HR department has to hire employees for positions, they find it simpler to use the e-recruitment method. It is not only more effective but also accepted by all.

Top systems providing e-recruitment services

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You can get recruitment services from various systems; here is a list of systems that provide online recruiting services and are best in the market:

  • Recruitee

This software enables you to create a website for the company and post ads as and when required. It has several functions like streamlining the recruitment process, promoting job offers, and hiring the candidates from their application.

  • Comeet

The work of HR is not one way; recruitment is lengthy and hectic. Comeet is a software that can help you to merge the teams of several panels in the HR departments. It also allows the candidates who have applied for the job positions to collaborate with HR and find ideal candidates.

Types of methods for the online recruiting process

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HR departments use several methods for the online recruitment of employees. It acts as a lever for them to get work done efficiently and more comfortably. Here are some ways that can be useful for you:

  • Using social media platforms can be an excellent option to post advertisements and notices for the positions open for employment opportunities.
  • There are applicant tracking systems available which can allow the HR to follow the application and other details of the applicant.
  • The Internet has provided the option of video conferencing. A significant chunk of corporate organizations uses video conferencing tools and software for interviewing the applicant. This saves time and resources for the company.
  • Online job boards can be created to display job openings to apply directly to the company when they see the post.
  • One can find various database sources where applicants fill their details, and employers can search these databases with Search Engine Optimization. With this, the candidates can also get authentic information about the company.

Benefits of using E-recruitment tools

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There are various advantages of using online recruitment software and tools. One of the significant advantages is that HR managers can easily manage the applications of candidates and analyze their performance in the interviews. Following are the key benefits of opting online recruitment process:

Focus on target groups

The HR departments have an easy way of looking for specific candidates with certain job positions. With the right keywords on SEO, people can discover suitable candidates for the job.

Saves time

It is not a hidden fact that online recruiting tools and techniques save a lot of time. Recruitment in itself is a time taking process, but publishing advertisements for specific job openings reduces the consumption of time.

Widens the scope of applicants

Earlier, the HR department used to struggle to get good candidates as employees in their company, but now they have a wide variety to look from. Furthermore, it widens the scope as well for the applicants to apply in companies.

Saves advertisement costs

The physical recruitment process ends up incurring huge costs. To save these costs, online and digital advertisements can be a good replacement because much fewer costs are involved in publishing ads on online websites.

Facilitates applicant tracking

There is an added advantage that HR can track the applications. One can save the applications of a few individuals for later when the job openings are available. Appointment letters and rejections can also be sent faster than usual processes.

Challenges faced in E-recruitment by HR departments

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Everything has pros and cons. Even in e-recruitment, people face many challenges because it is a comparatively new concept for the HR departments. Here are some challenges which they are still struggling to recover from:

  • You may get several applications from underqualified and irrelevant candidates who are not suited for the job.
  • You may miss out on the local talent. Therefore, there will be a shortage of talent in the area.
  • Many HR managers have faced a major problem with ghosting.
  • Applicants apply for the job, appear in the interview and then stop responding. This results in a waste of valuable resources of the company.

These challenges can be solved if the HR departments become more flexible and use recruitment techniques to efficiently hire employees.