How Often Should A Tv Aerial Be Replaced – 2024 Guide

Digital signal is already widely standard in all developed countries of the world, and the transition from analog, terrestrial signal to digital signal means more TV channels, better picture and sound. In comparison with analog, the picture is unmeasurable better, clearer, with HD and 4K available, which brings more vivid colors. The sound is also much better. So all the problems of analog television are solved by the advent of digital.

However, in order for it to always function like this, the antenna must be changed from time to time. Read the answers to some of the more common questions about the lifespan of TV aerial below.

How long do TV aerials last?

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According to some general estimates, the lifespan of an aerial should be around 10 to 20 years. Although there are people who have an antenna for up to 30 years, sometimes there are no rules for something like that. If the professionals did a good job during the installation of the aerial, of course, it will be useful for a long time, but there are many other factors that affect the duration.

Before blaming your technology for the disturbance, ask your provider if there are any network malfunctions or ask your neighbors if they can watch TV. This allows you to check if the error can be found in your own system or with the provider.

We have practically already answered the topic of this article. The life expectancy is 10 to 20 years, but it’s not food so that it has a specific shelf life. However, there is a possibility that it will fail much faster. We will give you reasons why this can happen, so as not to solely blame the person who installed your aerial.

1. Poor quality of aerial itself

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Favorite series starts or an exciting football match and then it happens – TV reception is disrupted and the device no longer broadcasts the program. How can you correct the error as quickly as possible and continue the program? Why is the reception suddenly disrupted by a cable connection or optionally a satellite connection?

Some people use fairly old aerials. These receivers start to pick up the signal poorly during bad weather conditions such as blizzards, rain and fog and you may have sound and picture problems. To balance these factors, you just need to reinstall or change the antenna.

In addition to the above factors, a damaged antenna can also cause image problems. Among the main causes for this are strong winds or hail, explains The danger also arises due to the accumulation of snow, which could remain on the surface of the device and could not withstand that its weight is deformed. Still, if it is new and of good quality, you shouldn’t have problems.

2. Wear and tear

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Although everything has worked for you so far, sometimes there just has to be changed because the technology is constantly changing. One such change is a digital television, which requires more modern equipment, which means that then you have to say goodbye to the old antenna.

Given that digital technologies provide new opportunities for data transmission and reception. However, this is a great change for several reasons. Digital has emerged as a very practical alternative to analog television. With the help of this technology, the image quality becomes much better and at the same price.

In addition, digital TV has a large number of broadcast channels, and you can also access the Internet, TV guide, etc.

3. Improperly installed TV aerial

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As a result of poor installation, most users have a problem with the lack of a large number of TV channels and the spontaneous change of channel position on their device. In this case, the device needs to be configured, and this procedure is time-consuming and requires special knowledge.

So this problem can only be dealt with by an expert. Check this website to see what problems experts can solve for you.

4. Inoperative aerial

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How frustrating it is if a newly purchased TV starts to perform poorly. Especially if there are a lot of channels, but in the end there is nothing to watch. One cannot explain to oneself why this is happening? After all, in the store, the image was colorful, sharp, contrasting. And no interference.

At such moments we begin to complain to those who have to provide us with a picture. And such objections can be fair. Don’t be surprised if you couldn’t have known in advance about this problem.

The reason for this is simply the very poor design of the equipment that is applied after some time of use.

It happens that sometimes the problem is directly related to the problems on the satellite from which the signal is received and it constantly bothers you. And if the image of individual channels starts to freeze, slow down or decay into squares, then call support.

You can’t remove such a bad image yourself. You need pro help. If this happens again, it is best to replace the receiver.

5. U Bolt Over-Tightened

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This is also a mistake of experts, and it often happens that it is due to negligence. Seemingly routine work can sometimes be further complicated, and this happens if you accidentally tighten the upper U bolt a little tighter.

After that, the inappropriate shape is made. Such a shape leads to a certain deterioration of the antenna, so careful handling of the U bolt is of great importance. Also, it is easier for everyone to use the tool during this job, but in order not to make a mistake, it is best to do this without a ratchet spanner.
Where to place it to the last longer?

The ideal place where you can protect your aerial from external influences and from possible breakdowns is the attic. It is true that this place brings with it several shortcomings, because as good as it is, it can sometimes be inconvenient due to its location. In that way, there is a chance that the antenna will get stuck, and also, the signal is better the higher it is.


Each of us wants the image on the TV screen to always be of the highest quality. But, unfortunately, no one is safe from unforeseen situations.

As you could read in the text, there are several reasons why you need to change your antenna. The antenna itself may not respond to the received signal or may not be set up correctly.