Sex Dolls Selection And Use Guide 2024

A sex doll is a feigned toy made with soft material that resembles a real human being. Their primary purpose is to fulfill the sexual needs of people. Some people have specific sexual fetishes that only a sex toy can satisfy. People have used sex dolls for years to quench their sexual desires.

These dolls are available in both male and female forms. They can be made-to-order, and the customer can design them as per their needs. Sex dolls are available in all shapes and sizes. You can go for design as per your liking. There are a plethora of models available in the market. You can choose from sex doll torsos, BBW sex dolls, colored sex dolls, big sex dolls, and Small Sex Dolls, to name a few. Click here to purchase some of the best options on “Small Sex Dolls.”

In this article, we will discuss the things to keep in mind while purchasing a sex doll.

A Buyers Guide for Sex Dolls

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A lot of people in today’s time find it challenging to maintain a proper relationship. Intimacy is fading away from people’s lives. These people can resort to sex dolls as these toys can fill that void caused by loneliness.

Many people face the difficulty of initiating a relationship. Due to their introvert and reserved nature, many people do not get a chance to indulge in sex. These dolls will help such people.
Now let us understand a few points that you must be aware of before purchasing a sex doll.
There are various types of sex dolls present in the market, having different qualities and attributes and sharp and beautiful details, when combined, looks like a real girl. The buyer should choose the sex doll accordingly and should keep in mind a few things –

PRICE – The sex toy price must not be too high. There are made-to-order sex dolls, the price may vary for them, but the average sex doll must not cost too much or very low.

COMPANY- The sex toy brand must be kept in mind by the user as every other brand provides different specialties. You must surf the internet more often to select the highly reviewed brand. It would help if you only went for the product with the best user ratings. A great source for this would be Annie’s Dollhouse, a well-respected leader in the industry. Check them out for more information.

LONGEVITY – The sex toy which the customer is buying must be durable and long-lasting and should not be too sensitive. Always make sure that the product is not losing its value within a few days of purchase. You can determine the longevity by feeling the product by hand.

PREFERENCE – Buyers must select a sex doll as per their choice. The primary purpose of a sex doll is to make you happy as you will be using it. The user must select the sex doll as per his/her sexual orientation and taste. You can customize your sex doll accordingly. You can increase the size of the breasts, you can change the shape of the ass, and you can design the facial features.

THE INSERTION AREAS – The insertion areas’ tightness must be optimal and should not be too small or too big. Make sure to determine the tightness of the doll before buying as it can ruin your entire experience.

MATERIAL – Various materials go into making a sex doll. The principal substances that are used to make sex are Silicone and TPE. Silicone is the most popular material as it is long-lasting, easy to use, and clean. Many people prefer this material as it is easily accessible and safe. Also, it is more fun and softer than TPE. Before buying a sex doll, you must make sure that it comprises good quality material. Companies mainly use TPE or Silicon to make a sex doll. The former would be a softer material, and the latter will ensure the durability of your toy.

MODIFICATIONS – There should be a fair number of accessories with the sex toy so that the user can customize it according to his needs. Customization depends on the amount of money that you are willing to spend. A basic sex doll can cost you a few hundred dollars. Adding more features will increase the cost accordingly.

Various Types of Sex Dolls Available

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  • Chubby Sex Dolls – These are those sex dolls that are on the heavier side. Many people prefer large sex dolls as they are more protruding and voluptuous.
  • Sex Doll Torso – This toy is nothing but a torso shaped sex doll. As the name suggests, this doll lacks arms, feet, and head.
  • BBW Sex Dolls – The big beautiful white sex dolls are a fan favorite as many people prefer them over others. These dolls are also heavy and chubby.
  • Ethnic Sex Dolls – There are sex dolls based on ethnicity. Some people prefer their sex toys to resemble a particular race. Therefore, there are Asian and dark-skinned sex dolls available in the market.
  • Small Sex Dolls – These small sex dolls are loved by many. They are small in size and easy to handle. A lot of people want these cute dolls to have fun with.

Lubricating the Sex Doll

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Be it a male or female sex doll, lubrication is essential. You must use a good quality lubricant before having intercourse with the toy. The sex doll must be clean before and after every use. Make sure to wash the toy with a disinfectant wipe or cleaner once you purchase it. There might be impurities in the sex doll as it is new and came right from the market. While buying the sex doll, you must also purchase an excellent lubricant. A water-based lubricant is recommended with a silicone sex doll. Do not use silicone lubricant with the same material of the sex doll as it may damage the toy’s surface. Lubrication makes it easy for you to use the sex toy. If you are performing an anal play, then the opening can be too tight, a good lubricant will make it easy for you to penetrate and have a better experience overall.

How To Clean The Sex Doll

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After every use, you must ensure the proper cleanliness of your sex doll. As soon as you use your sex toy to quench your urges, make sure to clean it properly to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Wash the openings with warm water and disinfectant soap. Please do not use a harsh soap as it can damage the silicone surface. Once you have washed it, you can use a paper towel to wipe it dry. You can also go for wet wipes to clean the toy.