Arabica vs. Colombian Coffee – Explain the Difference? – 2024 Guide

Everyone is fond of having java as an essential beverage across the globe. It can be consumed in different forms, either hot or cold. You can mix it with milk, water, or other ingredients. Many people are unaware of the kinds of coffee seeds and how they are different. You might have heard of two joe types, i.e., Arabica and Colombian.

Well, many individuals keep on asking the comparison between them to decide which one is best for them. The intake of coffee increases blood pressure and makes us energetic. This ingredient has high levels of caffeine, which keep you active for a long time. The overdose may spoil your health because it is like an addiction to some people.

Anything taken above the recommended quantity is harmful to the health, and hence, you can become ill. It is necessary to know a variety of available coffee beans that best suit your health and are of high-quality. There are a lot of things that you can explore in terms of coffee and their types. In the following write-up, we will cover some of the significant differences in these two types of beans.

Before that, we know two main varieties of these plants. Well, it is a complicated topic, but when you understand it, you will easily recognize them and drink the perfect one that you like. You should check out caffeineinside to get more information about coffee and how to make it.

A Brief Overview

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Before discussing the comparison in detail, it is necessary to know the main varieties of coffee beans available worldwide. There are two types, one is Arabica, and the other one is Robusta. If we talk about caffeine’s taste and levels, then Arabica is sweet in taste and less in caffeine level.

On the other hand, the case is different in the Robusta. Many people are unaware of their quality. The Arabica, which originated from Arabia, is of high quality in comparison with other types. Now, Colombian coffee is an Arabica joe, which was originated from Colombia. Skilled farmers grow plants in perfect weather conditions to get beans of high-quality.

The terrain is hilly, with an average rainfall of 80 inches. It undergoes wet processing to provide clinically-proven, high-quality coffee beans. It tastes good as well as does not affect your health than high-caffeinated beans.

Suitable Location for Growing Java Beans

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Generally, a healthy coffee plant grows in the place, which lies between north and south at 30 degrees. When it comes to soil, then it must be wet, humid, and quite warm. The place needs to be shady, where there is no direct sunlight on the plants.

Well, Colombia is one of the most suitable areas for growing Joe plants. Many other exporters are also there globally, like Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Ethiopia, etc. In Colombia, more quantities of arabica coffee are grown because of the preference and demand of people. If we talk about other locations, then any place with volcanic soil is full of required nutrients to grow a healthy plant.

The farmers grow both types of coffee in such locations to supply the required type adequately. Sometimes, we do not know that we are drinking the mixture of both joe types in the same cup. It is necessary to study them differently to know which a person is consuming.

There are different flavors of coffee, i.e., available at various locations. So, in this article, we are talking about Arabica, which grows in every suitable location. On the other hand, Colombian coffee grows only in Colombia. It is one of the significant differences between these types.

Wet Processing

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When coffee grows on plants, it appears like red cherries. In this process, there is no need to remove the sprouts from the ground. The farmers take it out when the beans get roasted. There is no presence of any fruity ingredient in it. The size of the bean is also significant as compared to the Robusta ones.

Generally, the Arabica seeds are adequately washed and dried. It enhances the fruity flavor and makes it tasty. When it comes to Colombian beans, the size is medium with a balanced and delicious taste.

The flavor is similar to the caramel, berries, cardamom, etc. There is an additional aroma of spices, citrus, and fruits. Many people across the globe like the flavor and color of the coffee in their daily beverage.

Is it Possible to Mix Arabica with Colombian Coffee?

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There is a different taste of every type of joe bean, and if one is mixing with another kind, the taste may vary. It is advisable not to combine two different types because it may ruin the flavor of another. After comparison, we have found that both varieties lie in a single category, but the processing step makes them different.

Due to that single step, the taste changes, making it unfit to drink whenever mixed with another ingredient. You can prefer consuming individually to experience the aroma, taste, and texture of various beans. Both are high-quality coffee, and mixing them will ruin their quality as well as waste your money.

The Bottom Line

Coffee is a crucial ingredient in our daily life. There are different qualities, forms, and timings to consume it. This thing may vary from person to person. But it is essential to consider the best-quality product, i.e., for your health and good in taste. Many people find it challenging to choose the best one out of Arabica and Colombian beans. Therefore, we have listed some of the basic differences between them.

Ensure that you go through them in detail to choose the perfect quality you need for your family. There is no point in wasting your money on the wrong ingredient. Selecting between Arabica and Colombian depends on your taste, quality, and price that you can prefer. Your main aim should be getting a healthy and cheerful body by getting a sip of tasty coffee one after another.