The Role of Euteller to Casinos in Finland

One of the benefits of an online casino is its flexibility in payment options. They’re open to all payment facilities as long as it is available in a particular country or a place.

Euteller founded in 2007 is a private company established for the consumers of the people of Finland to make online bank transactions transfer more convenient. It is a real-time bank transfer that authorizes consumers to transact and make bank payments using their bank accounts. It promises faster transactions, accessible and safe.

Euteller assures their customers that they are in good hands. It is an authorized payment institution recognized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA), a Finnish Payment Provider, complete with Finnish license, an in-house Anti-Money Laundering system (AML) which works with fraud control software and under Finnish supervisory authorities and is constantly audited by third-party watch dogs so they are noted for being trustworthy and dependability.

Many merchants trust this payment institution and the majority of the online casinos as well. Euteller Casinos are online casinos that accept and support this type of online payment. The famous casino site from Finland, also introduced Euteller as their leading payment option for their customers’ convenience. This famous casino constantly introduced a variety of casino games, state of the art casino sites with the best bonuses there are. Currently, they are promoting Euteller Casinos for their customers who patronize this type of payment system. Feel free to look over to have the best experience in playing online casino using Euteller as Payment Method.

Brief history

The majority of the consumers were unhappy because they need to reveal their bank accounts or credit card details whenever they need to purchase or do transactions online including betting. They’re worried about hackers and cyber theft hence they feel that they are no longer secure. With the innovation of the Euteller, people trusted online banking again knowing that their money is safe, especially in the iGaming industry.

As mentioned, it was founded in 2007 in collaboration with the top eight Nordik banks in the country namely Alandsbanken, Aktia, S-Pankki, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Lahi Tapiola, Nordea and OP-Pohjola Group. They were inspired by the payment system of other countries such as the Sofort of Germany, iDeal from Holland, and Blik of Poland.

How does it work?


To begin with, make sure you have an account in any of these banks:

1. Nordea
2. Sampo Bank
3. OP Bank
4. S-Bank
5. Handelsbanken
6. Tapiola
7. Aktia
8. Pohjola
9. Alandsbanken

In ordinary situations, if a customer wanted to pay for a purchase using the Euteller, they just have to simply go to the Euteller site or it is advisable to download it for easier and faster transactions. Once the site is opened, select payment, choose the bank and you’ll be automatically directed there. Log on to the bank, make a payment, and be done. No need for any requirements in making a registration because it is already connected to your bank account.

Payment transactions in an online casino have little difference. Once you are sure that the site accepts Euteller as a banking method, go to the “cashier” page on the casino site then select Euteller. You will be directed to Euteller then make a deposit. There is no need for you to provide bank information since it is already in the Euteller’s data.
Euteller usually charges 1.95% per transaction and it has a ceiling amounting to 2.95 euro.

What Euteller Casinos offer


A. Abundance of Games

Euteller Casinos offer diverse games to choose such as live tables, slots, and other casino games with excellent graphics and sound quality for more gaming pleasure.

B. Hard to resist bonuses

One of the incentives of Euteller casino is its generosity in bonuses. A bigger chance of getting a 100% deposit bonus, sign-up offers, and free spins will be given to the player. More rewards will be enjoyed by the players as they progress. However, one should be aware of the terms and conditions that go along with it so it is advisable to check it out.

C. Return to player

Return to player (RTP) means a percentage that a player gets from the wagered money. The majority of the online slots offer higher RTPs as high as 96%. Euteller Casino offers 94% and may be higher as the gameplay progresses.

D. Privileges

Again, Euteller Casino is generous and they offer lots of benefits such as free spins especially to players who are loyal to the site, for frequent players, and for constantly making a renewal deposit.

Advantages of Euteller:


The topmost reasons why this third party type of payment is popular is because of its dependability, the security that it gives, and convenience. One is guaranteed that their money is safe because the level of the security system of Euteller is much higher compared to credit or debit cards. Once a player makes a deposit using this payment method, Euteller does not reveal to the online casino the player’s bank description.

The second reason is it doesn’t need a registration or verification process once you have an account with any banks affiliated with Euteller. Hence, it is faster compared to traditional banks where customers have to wait ten to fifteen minutes depending on the speed of the internet and worse if the banks have issues. All monetary transactions are done instantly and at a low charge.

Third, Euteller has a good reputation in Finland so one can be assured that this institution is safe and legal.

The Downside:


Euteller is a third-party option and is designed to be an intermediary of the monetary transactions between the merchant and customers so it also has its limits. For one thing, players cannot withdraw their winnings. If a customer wins and it is directed to Euteller, the customer can use another method of payment such as Paypal or another eWallet and have it directed there to withdraw one’s winnings.

It is available only in Finland and affiliated with the banks mentioned thus making it limited and may cause future obstacles. So if you’re playing outside Finland, one has to be aware of these matters and coordinate with the online casino operator to avoid discrepancies.

Final Insight:

Euteller, in general, offers a lot of advantages and some disadvantages as well. So if you are a gambling enthusiast, it is advisable to check first if it is compatible on your end and talk to your casino operator for a more fun and rewarding play.

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