The Rise Of The iGaming Industry in Finland in 2024

Saying that there is no point or no potential in gambling couldn’t be further from the truth, as, if we look at the facts, gambling represents one of the most profitable options where anyone can easily enhance their monthly budget. Of course, the iGaming industry overall changed so much in just a decade or so, and before, we needed to go to some casino physically in order to play some game of chance or place a bet. Today, all that we require is a stable and solid Internet connection, and the whole sea of opportunities is at our disposal, mostly at our palm.

Some countries recognized the potential that can come with investing in new technology and the tremendous impact the iGaming industry could have over the whole economy, and Nordic countries were one of the first to see that. Just take a look at how much Finland progressed in the past couple of years, and when you find out that people here spend more than 2 billion, and no, it’s not a typo, and yes, it’s not millions but two billion euros, on online gambling in just one year, it all sums up. The government recognized the iGaming potential and invested in it, relaxed the rules and laws a little bit, and it all led to a huge spike in the paid taxes. But that’s just one plain example of how Finland got to this point, iGaming wise, so let’s focus our attention on some other aspects of it.

The pandemic changed it all


From time to time, it may seem like we forget how we live in such a convenient time, a time when every piece of info is at our disposal, and we already do most of the things online, no matter if it is work-related or not. Interesting enough, the gambling and online gaming industry were perhaps the first ones who saw the full potential of the Internet, and that combined with how fun and exciting these games are, only took everything to another level.

The internet gambling and gaming industry were already on the rise when the Internet became available to almost every person on this planet, and they are evolving even more rapidly during these difficult times. The reasons for that are pretty obvious: people are afraid of moving around too much, the experts advise us to stay home, and being home too long can become a little boring after some time. Because of that, many people try their luck on online casinos or play games online to fulfill and spend too much free time.

Many new games are played in teams, and it is one of the ways how someone can feel important and as a part of some group during these times when we are all isolated. Finland is not an exception, and it follows this world-popular trend by investing in this industry, improving it, and making it a much better experience for every player. The regulations in this country are much more relaxed, which makes it much easier for the people and the country, and the iGaming industry is a big contributor when it comes to paying government taxes. All of this means that this is just the beginning, and we can yet expect huge movements and big steps in this field.

Various payment methods


One of the main reasons why the iGambling industry is on the rise is the opportunity to use almost every payment method we want to pay for the game we want to play. It was almost impossible to imagine that we could use anything else instead of fiat money just a few decades ago, and now we can pay for our services by credit card or even cryptos. Now, everyone knows about some classic and long-time payment methods, and we can all agree that they have changed our way of thinking about our monetary system. In some way, they were the first step towards cryptocurrency, but besides that, we have the option to pay through payment apps like Brite without losing any time or dealing with fiat money at all.

All we need to do is transfer money from our account to the casino or game account, and we are ready to play our favorite game. Visit if you want to find out more about Brite as a payment method in online casinos, and if you weren’t familiar with it before, well, we can just add that you were missing out. Furthermore, it will be much clearer to you why it is a perfect choice if you are a fan of the iGaming industry and why you should consider using it for your future transactions.

Mobile friendly games


Many people loved to play games, but they did not have enough time to sit in front of the computer, but things are a little different now. Maybe people still do not have enough free time, but almost every person has a smartphone, so they can use it to play their favorite game while waiting in line at a grocery store or drinking coffee while taking a break.

The choices are endless, and that’s what makes the iGaming industry stand out from all the rest, as no matter the place, no matter the official time, if you have time to spare, even a few minutes, you can easily make the most out of those several minutes and earn some quick cash. The iGaming industry saw the potential in mobile-friendly games, and we can now play almost every popular game on our smartphones or tablets.

The same thing is with online casinos, so we do not need to spend hours in front of the computers to gamble or play our favorite game. The future will probably bring us even more changes, and we can just wait to see them, but in the meantime, the best and most obvious solution is not to worry about that too much and to simply enjoy.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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