How to Buy Adult Toys Online Safely & Discreetly – 2024 Guide

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are single or not, and which gender you are. In the 21st century, it is globally accepted that people LOVE sex. However, it is also becoming accepted that people do not want to stick to basic sexual activity. Sooner or later, we all get the desire to experiment with things. That is the reason why the popularity of adult toys is growing every day.

Of course, the desire of people is not the only reason why the adult toy industry is becoming bigger. Thanks to the online world, all toys are now accessible. With a couple of clicks, you will easily purchase a sex toy and turn your fantasies into reality.

It is a big lie that only single people are buying these products. Many couples want to try out new things together. It is always good to bring something fresh and exciting to your sex life. But, every individual needs to understand that not every adult toy available online is good. More precisely, your task is to learn how to buy adult toys online safely and discreetly.

The first thing is way more important. If you spend money on harmful sex toys, then you can experience certain physical health issues. On the other hand, everyone has the right on privacy. If you do not want other people to know that you are buying these items,  then you should carefully look for online sex shops.

After we made everything clear, let’s learn how to properly buy adult toys and ensure peace of mind!

The Package of the Delivery


Let’s primarily talk about discretion. For starters, the package of the sex products needs to be properly covered. Many online shops understand that their customers would not want to expose their hidden fantasies. Because of that, there has to be an additional layer of protection that will hide the sex toys that often appear on the package.

This is something that you should find out before even spending your money. The only way you can gain the necessary piece of information is to contact customer support. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions about the package and delivery itself. These are things all customers have the right to know!

Check Out the Reputation of the Online Store


Knowing more about the reputation and history of the online sex shop is important for both, security and privacy. The online store must not be involved in different scandals. For example, all the data that you share with the shop needs to remain safe all the time. Despite that, the delivery time must not be too long. The most professional shops will strive to send you the package as soon as they can (up to 72 hours is fine).

So, how do find out these things? These are two ways to do that! For starters, the reviews of previous clients are something you should check out. People that have the same passion and goals as you will tell you the best whether the adult toys met their requirements and expectations. Despite that, there is a big chance you will find out more about the delivery time there.

Another thing that you can do is to check mainstream media. It will be enough to type the name of the company in the Google search box. If there are any articles about the online shop, they will appear on Google.

Find Out More about the Materials of the Toys


Even if you don’t find anything bad about the shop, you must read the description of each product that you want to purchase. Most people do not even know which materials are toxic or not for the usage. Because of that, they would leave a positive comment in case the toy met their expectations.

Some materials are pretty toxic and they can hard sensitive areas on your body. Indeed, a lot of businesses are respecting the official rules and standards. Unfortunately, some shops do not plan to do something like that.

The reason why some companies sell harmful adult toys is – better profit. These toys are usually not that expensive. However, with good advertising abilities, they can establish a brand and boost the price of harmful toys they are selling.

Before we end this part, it would be good to say a few words about toxic materials. In short term, the most important thing to do is to avoid those toys that contain phthalates. These materials can be pretty harmful if you use them for a longer period.

If you do not know a lot about different materials, it is going to be enough to smell the toys. Everything that smells unusual is suspicious. Strange smells are characteristical for toxic materials. That is the easiest way to determine whether adult toys are made of healthy plastics or not.

On the other hand, materials such as glass, metal, and silicone are not dangerous at all. Of course, you will have to clean and maintain the toys as often as necessary. Despite that, they are a bit more expensive. But, they will certainly meet the expectations you have and keep your physical health safe.

Check the Prices


We will continue in the same manner. Some online shops do not establish a brand and their toys are more affordable. However, as mentioned, those made of good materials can’t ever be too cheap. That is the reason why you should check out the prices of the same toys in different online shops. You will easily notice if some of them are too cheap or too expensive.
Certain online shops try to hide the gaps of their adult toys at low prices. People want to save money and they use that opportunity to sell products that lack quality.

Final Thought

Apply all the pieces of advice we mentioned in this article. That way, you can be sure that your purchasing process will end up safely and discreetly. If you struggle to find an online shop that meets your expectations, then we have one more recommendation for you. You can check out home for love dolls Naughty Harbor after reading this article and explore the options that you have. Use tips that we shared to confirm that our piece of advice is trustworthy.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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