7 Advantages of Renting a New Chiller for Your Business – 2024 Guide

Chillers are the staple element in many industries, including some of the more popular ones such as dairy and medical. Not many people know about these machines, but they certainly play a huge role in both larger and smaller businesses. In case a chiller fails, those responsible for the maintenance of the products have to make sure that they have a reliable replacement, or they must combine forces to fix the current one and make it up and running as soon as possible.

Today’s article is focused a bit more on explaining why it is important to rent a brand-new chiller for your business, so we won’t be covering why it is important to have one in the first place, but instead why a new one is better than an old one. We think that people are already familiar with all the reasons of having a chiller if you’re running a business in the dairy or medical industry, so let’s take a look at some of the things that you might be unfamiliar with, such as reducing the risk factor and a few others as well.

1. You’ll avoid corrosion

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After a long time of use, corrosion in the tubes is something that’s not rare, and it can certainly become a problem if not treated. Unfortunately, this happens when there’s a lack of maintenance in the machine. It’s not an easy task to open up a chiller and clean it thoroughly, and it’s something that can be done only by a professional. Whether you want to clean the old one that you’ve purchased, or you were already renting before, renting a new one will help you in both situations.

Corrosion can cause problems in your machine by blocking the water flow and eventually making the performance a lot lower than it needs to be. If untreated, this can eventually be the reason for your machine to stop working entirely.

2. Chances for failure are much lower

If you’re constantly renting chillers instead of purchasing them for your business, replacing your old one with a new one is a smart thing to do because of the following reasons:

– If the previous one ends up breaking down while it’s in your use, you’ll probably have to end up paying for at least some of the damage. So, it’s better to replace it if you notice any signs of malfunctioning.

– You won’t have to risk putting your business in a troublesome situation because the chances of a new chiller breaking are much lower. Ctcair.com is a Chiller Rental Company where you can find offers that are worth considering in case you’re currently looking to rent.

3. You’re buying time until the issue gets resolved

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If your old chiller is currently facing a technical issue, renting a new one can help you buy some time until the issue gets resolved. It might be a difficult task to transfer all of your products but it’s certainly better than risking something happening to them by keeping them in a chiller that’s about to fail or has currently failed. This is the reason most of the larger businesses have a spare chiller machine in their warehouse in case things go wrong with their main one. For smaller businesses, however, we know that it’s a bit difficult to achieve this due to lower budgets. Renting is always a great option though.

4. You get to save money

If you are just starting with a project, and you’re looking forward to testing the grounds first before making the initial investments, renting a chiller is a great idea. You get to save money in case you figure out that the area you chose is not good for the type of business that you want to do. Think of it as getting a “trial version” of your business. You spend less money and if things end up going opposite of your plans, you can always end the renting contract and return the equipment to the company that provides it.

5. Your old one can go through maintenance

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It’s quite common knowledge that you should do regular maintenance on any type of machine if you want to keep it running as it should and for a long time. Chillers and other types of freezers are not an exception at all. To be able to perform maintenance, you’ll have to put your current one out of use, but that means that your products will have to be placed somewhere until the entire process is done. Buying a new one just to use it for a few days is not a cost-efficient investment, which is why we think that renting is the superior solution here.

6. Can be used for as long as you need to

Purchasing a chiller is a move that “limits your freedom” and makes you less flexible with your business. The reason this is the initial cost of the investment, which is not a small sum of money, and the fact that you have to use it if you purchased it. So, in case your business goes downhill and the profit is not really what you expected it to be, you are unable to just “leave” and get out of the job. With renting, however, that’s possible. You just end the contract and you return the equipment, then you’re good to go.

7. It is not expensive to rent

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Budget is an issue for even some of the larger businesses, not to mention the smaller, starter ones. When you first start doing something, unless you have a starting investment to get you up on your feet, it’s not easy to purchase all these expensive gadgets and equipment. Even if you plan on being persistent and succeed in what you’re trying to do, you should still start by renting instead of buying. Renting will also give you at least some experience and teach you what’s good and what’s not before spending a lot of money on purchasing your device.