7 Best Pool Table Covers in 2024 (Outdoors and Indoors)

Are you a pool lover? If yes, then we are sure that you already own a pool table you love playing the game on. Whether outdoor or indoor pool is a game that people enjoy playing and spend some quality time with their friends and family. It is crucial to protect all your gears, and it includes it, sticks, etc. It is high time that you should come up with an idea to keep it in good condition for long. You have already invested a considerable amount of money on it. Hence, it is vital to maintain the state of the table after buying it.

By purchasing covers for it, you can protect it from dust and mites. It is significant for you to choose a cover that is long-lasting, durable, and higher in quality. When you lookout for an option, you will realize that it is not easy to find a better option since several options are available. Therefore, understanding the difficulties people usually have while looking for a spread, we have shortlisted a few best options.

If you are looking for the best accessories for it, check here. With a good quality cover, all your needs will be fulfilled. Find the best options below and choose one available.

1. Felson Billiard Supplies Heavy Table Cover

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It is a​ leatherette cover made from heavy-duty and a very durable option. You must be thinking that this will cost you a considerable amount of money. To your surprise, it is a budget-friendly option. Keep it away from all the dust and dirt. This is an option that would last longer than other alternatives available. Additionally, this cover can fit in tables of all sizes between 8 feet long and 4 feet wide perfectly well.

2. Iszy Billiards Resistant Pool Table Cover

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If you want to buy one of the best​ covers for it, then take a sneak-peak at this choice. Nylon is used to manufacture this particular cover, and the material is believed to keep your table functioning for long. Another durable choice is rip-resistant as well. The size is just perfect for each table that is available in a 9-foot size. You can conveniently use this cover to provide protection since it has elastics on all the corners.

 3. Oxford Pool table cover of cloth for the 8-foot table

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It has​ a plethora of features that the users love. This choice is prevalent and is proven to protect the table for years to come. High-end products are used to manufacture this alternative that adds to the durability of this choice. Being a lightweight option, you can conveniently use this choice or take it off handily. Produced in the shape of a rectangle so that it fits tables of 8-foot sizes are covered perfectly well. Keep all dust and pollution away from it, and keep it looking new for years.

 4. Viper Pool Table Accessory

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If you are really looking for something that would​ protect it from all the harsh weather conditions even on the outdoor, then your search comes to an end with this accessory available. Viper has done a great job by manufacturing one of the best covers. Use it durably to provide protection since it is made by using high-quality materials. Additionally, because of its universal design, it can effortlessly fit pool tables of different sizes compactly. Protect the surface with this amazing choice. Sunlight and rain, nothing can harm your most loved pool accessory.

5. Eastpoint Billiard Sports Table Cover

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If you are looking for a more substantial option when it​ comes to pool table covers, we recommend the EastPoint table cover. This cover is just perfect to be used even on one of the most extensive pool tables. No size would run big for this table and cover your table efficiently with this cover option. If you have a small pool table, then this will cover the surface of your table completely along with its edges. This way, it ensures that your entire table is kept safe from debris and dust. Heavy-duty materials are used to manufacture this choice. Hence, it ensures that this cover runs for longer than others.

6. Yves Leatherette Dark Brown Pool Table Cover

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Have you ever came across this​ cover while browsing through the available alternatives? This one tops the list of the best ones available. It is available in modern designs with leatherette options and durable quality. With high-quality products used to manufacture this choice, this is a robust option that can considerably keep it free from debris and dust. No matter what size you have, 7,8 or 9 feet. This option is produced to fit all options comfortably well.

 7. Iszy Heavy Table cover for Pool, Heavy-duty

If you are looking for the best ​ options available in the market even if it needs to spend a considerable amount of money, then this one is the best fit. All good products are used to produce this high-quality product with robust performance. This one is a go-to choice for people eagerly looking for a reliable option. It will provide protection even during extreme hot or cold weather conditions. You can choose to use this option and keep it safely outdoors. Modern design patterns and great color options are provided to along with this. Also, it is much lighter in weight so that you can easily put it on and off.

The Bottom Line

If you are passionate about the pool and want to take great care of your accessories, you should keep them protected. Pick a great option that would complement the look of your pool or snooker, and at the same time, keep it safe and free from dirt.

If left unattended, often dust particles settle on the surface and are quite difficult to remove. With time, as the dust settles in, the pool slowly loses its demeanor and polish look. Hence, it is important to look after them properly.

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