4 Proofs your Online Casino is Fake Listed – 2024 Guide

The only thing that I ask you to do after reading this article is to not get upset if you’ll have suddenly realized the online casino you play at is fraudulent. What you’ll have left to do is to quit this casino, close the account (if it’s possible and if the casino holders will waste their time on this issue). But it’s most probably that you’ll just be ignored, sorry.

Anyway, it won’t help if you start arguing with them or send aggressive emails hoping they will give your money back. They won’t. They are frauds. So to speak, you’d better forget your spent money unless you want to waste several months trying to carry this issue to the court.

Let’s get a closer look at this problem. As far as there is a list of the best reliable online casinos (see more) which you successfully bypassed, there are also bad gambling sites that promise you $10,000 as a welcome package and much more ahead. There’s no doubt you’ve fallen for it. Anyone can make such a mistake. It’s normal, especially by now, when fake casino sites have learned to pretend legitimate and attract players.

Hopefully, the fake listed casinos can be spotted. To tell the truth, it’s easy if you just take some time to study this question. The reasons considered below are undeniable proofs of fake casinos. You have to check your online casino thoroughly for these things.


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Prior to all and the most discussed question when speaking of casino reliability is licensing. If you feel like it’s not necessary, you’re dead wrong. Joining an online casino without a license is a direct way to failure. Bear in mind that all trusted gambling sites obtain at least one license and it’s open to the public’s view. Of course, a license doesn’t stop frauds. They can easily type the registration info on their site so it looks real. Then no one can spot the difference between real and fake licenses.

What to do?

You have to carry out deeper research. In other words, you need to go to the licensee webpage and search for the mentioned license by casino name or URL. The MGA, for example, keeps the issued licenses open. Thus, if you found the active license in the list, your casino has passed the first step. But there are three more.

Outrageous Terms

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As for the general T&Cs, pay attention to the point: “the online casino can change these terms and conditions whenever needed without notification”. This all leads to your unhappy ending. The thing is when you start arguing with a casino like “why you don’t pay me out”, they can change the terms and refer to the ‘new’ rules. With the recent terms updated they can prove the mistake is your own fault. And they will be right according to the terms.

You should also pay attention to the bonus terms. Some online casinos place minimal wagering requirements for bonuses, but there are others. As you might notice, the wagering requirements can be really insane. For example, you have to spin 50x or 100x times before you can withdraw. It will never lead to any payout.

What to do?

As a rule, users read the terms before they join the casino. So, at this moment the right thing is not to register and not to claim the bonus. If you’ve already done, your deposit hardly was very big, so let it go and quit the casino forever.

Games are totally unfair

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Everyone knows the games must be fair and random driven. However, scam casinos don’t think so. Their games don’t have any RNG applied. Actually, you may have winning rounds, but mostly you will lose and bring profit to the fake casino only. Apart from this, the frauds tend to rig free mode games in favor of players to make them wish depositing and playing for real. Whereas during a real game, gamblers will only lose.

What to do?

Sorry, but if you have already deposited a sum and noticed repetitive failing results, I can’t help you. I advise you to deposit small amounts for the first time to test the water. And remember to bet little sums too until the casino game starts paying out.

No or slow payout

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This is the last step on your descending ladder. If you have passed all the above stages and haven’t yet got the payment for the last 5 days, congratulations! You’ve found a fake online casino! By this time there are two scenarios: no money, and slow processing hence no money. Let’s figure out both.

No money. In the first case, you’ll just be ignored. Both your withdrawal request and your messages to the support team are useless. The frauds have already taken your money and forgot about you. Do whatever you want, but the money’s gone. Here the frauds can also apply the alteration of the terms and blame it on you.

Slow payout. In this case, the online casino seems to be working. It feels like everything’s ok and the support team swears they do their best to process your withdrawal as fast as possible. But at the same time, they tell you inappropriate excuses like your docs are at the verification stage or they couldn’t contact your bank and so on. If it continues for a couple of weeks or over months, I think you’ve already guessed that your casino is a complete fake.

What to do?

Forget about the money. Or let it be, you can file a suit against the scam site. But get prepared with all the material proofs and docs. Otherwise, your case won’t even be considered.


Gambling is an industry prone to online fraud. If you join this activity, there is a high probability that you will face fraud. That is why we recommend consulting various lists of the best casino sites and check reviews of online casinos. However, if you have already experienced the described mistakes, you can follow our pieces of advice.