6 Things To Do If You’re Not Performing As Well In The Bedroom – 2024 Guide

One of the main problems in all relationships comes from the bedroom. The impression that they perform poorly in bed, which is common in both men and women, can be very frustrating. Over time, this results in a loss of self-confidence and other problems that affect the relationship with the partner and in some cases lead to a breakup. If you thought that everything is just a matter of nature and that you simply have to be born as a good lover or your sex life has failed in advance, that definitely doesn’t have to be true. Just as you need exercise, listening to your own body and good information to progress in some sport or other activity, you can improve your performance in bed in the same way.

If you’ve noticed that you don’t meet your partner’s expectations and most sexual acts end in mutual dissatisfaction and back-to-back contact, it isn’t too late to change that. There are many ways to make this experience better for both of you every time. To try to help you solve this problem, we bring you a few tips on a few things you could do to improve your performance in the bedroom.

1. Improve communication

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If you try to solve this problem by consulting with experts, the first piece of advice you will receive will be that you need to improve communication with your partner.

While sex is a taboo topic in public for many people, it should by no means be in your relationship. You need to be aware that no one can read your thoughts and that is why you need to be completely open in communication and demand the same from your partner. This is the first and basic step towards finding a common solution.

So, in the moments when you want to watch a good movie together, leave it for later and dedicate time to an honest conversation. Make it clear what you like and what you would like to change. Talk about your fantasies, what you would like to try, and try to find out the same from your partner.

In this way, you will get to know each other’s desires and take a significant step to become an expert. Remember that even short feedback during sex, which, for example, dictates the pace, can make your next experience much better.

2. Eliminate unrealistic expectations

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Too much time spent with pornographic content or watching passionate Hollywood movie scenes can affect the creation of unrealistic expectations. When you realize that this isn’t an adequate representation of sexual activities as they look in practice, you may be disappointed or feel that you aren’t up to the task. The sooner you explain it to yourself, the sooner you will be able to really see everything.

One of the biggest problems is the large number of people who really believe what they see on the Internet, television, or in the cinema. This leads to unreasonable dissatisfaction and creating the wrong image of it, convincing yourself that you or your partner aren’t successful enough in the bedroom. Just because your sex doesn’t look exactly the same as in the movie, doesn’t mean it’s not exciting or good enough.

3. Try dirty talk

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Sometimes a whisper in your partner’s ear can take the game in bed to a whole new level, which you may not have had a chance to feel before. While men are mostly visual types for whom looking at a woman’s body is sometimes enough for a perfect start to an adventure in bed, women often react to sound signs as well. That is why this advice would be ideal for all men, but we are sure that it could help many women as well.

Don’t hesitate to give her a compliment or spice up the conversation with some “dirty” sentences. You don’t have to do it exclusively in the bedroom, sometimes this kind of phone conversation can be very exciting.

4. Consider sexual enhancers

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Problems that affect poor sexual activity can be varied and each of them will affect the worsening of the situation in the bedroom and the development of mutual dissatisfaction. In addition to the above tips that you can apply, another way to help yourself is by using Enhancement Pills. Metrotimes brings together some of the most popular suggestions on the market, intended for men.

Instead of using pills that have an immediate effect, try this one that will gradually change the chemistry of your body, enriching it with vitamins and other natural nutrients. That way, you won’t only cure the symptoms, but also the root of the problem.

Besides, you can use various gels or sprays that will keep you in the game long enough or stimulate better blood flow and thus influence the creation of an even better feeling.

5. Don’t neglect foreplay

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One of the basic mistakes that can ruin sex is to neglect foreplay. In addition to a few obvious erogenous zones on the female and male body, many maybe just waiting for you to discover them. The neck or the area around the ears are just some of the popular spots on the body that have been proven to be additionally sexually arousing.

Don’t be ashamed to explore your partner’s body, because it can cause more pleasure than you think. The area below the waist isn’t the only key to achieving orgasm and you should keep that in mind for the next time and don’t forget to also take into account his or her interests and special desires. There are many ways to experiment, so don’t skip this phase which can be crucial to perfect enjoyment.

6. Exercise could help

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It may sound unbelievable, but regular exercise can improve your sex life. There are many reasons to believe this, and here are the explanations:

Physical activity primarily affects the improvement of mood and the creation of the hormone of happiness – endorphins.

Then, there is the production of testosterone, which is important for increasing sexual desire.

In the end, it improves your endurance, fitness and makes you stronger, which will keep you in the game for a long time.

Being a good lover isn’t impossible, and problems from the bedroom are easier to solve than you think. Avoid setting high standards for yourself and maintain the level of self-confidence you need thanks to the aforementioned tips. We guarantee you good results.