How to Negotiate With a Moving Company? – 2024 Guide

While relocating, the one thing that haunts us the most is the cost associated with the process. Luckily, it is possible to make a fair deal with professional movers and have a cost-effective move. But how? Well, like most of the complicated situations in life, negotiation is what helps us come out of the expensiveness of the relocation. Negotiation has been a great tool that we can use to strike fair deals in various situations.

When utilized optimally, negotiation can make all the parties associated with the move happy and satisfied. In particular to relocation, the cost of moving a house can be minimized significantly by negotiating with the moving company in the right way. Here are some of the tips and tricks that the experts at Moving APT, a moving service platform, share about negotiating with the movers.

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Know what can be done:

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First and foremost, you must know what is acceptable in the moving industry and what you can expect from the movers. Hence, to start with, you will have to look for the cost of the moving services a company offers and also their provisions for moving insurance. Most of the information you may seek about a moving company is available on their website. If the movers do not have a website or relevant information online, this is the first red flag you must consider.

A detailed tour of the company’s website will help you know the tariffs, types of services, and terms of conditions of the moving company. As you gather the information, do not forget to read the user’s review of the company. The customers are willing to share their experience with the moving company, no matter good or bad. These reviews can be a great way for you to evaluate the movers.

Gather moving estimates and compare:

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While comparison would bring you to the best decision, with several quotes in hand, you also get a better bargaining power. You must at least get three to four moving estimates. Make sure that the companies you choose are reputed and reliable and also that the estimate they provide are accurate. For the accuracy of the estimates, you will need to be very precise about the services you want. From being accurate about the boxes to move to the hard to reach the location of your house, the number of stairs the movers will have to climb to any narrow hallways in the house, you must be very clear and transparent about all such matters.

The selection of movers count:

If you want a fair deal, the movers you choose must be professionals. Checking the background of the moving company is where you start from. A moving company must be registered with FMCSA, be accredited by BBB, and also be a member of AMSA. There are multiple ways you can check the credibility of the company.

From calling the FMCSA to check about any compliant against the movers to checking online about the company, you can try your way out to find the ins and outs of a moving company. You can also reach out to the moving company and ask them about the relevant information you seek. Any reputed company would be happy to share the pieces of information with you.

It is good to be vocal about conveniences:

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Most of the professional moving business offer deals and discounts to their customers. As you browse the moving company website, you will get several such deals. However, if there is no ongoing promotion, you can always step forward and ask the moving company for some extras. You need to be explicit about it and ask the moving company if they can offer you any special offer.

Each customer is valuable for the moving company and they certainly do not want to lose you. However, as much as a moving company would be willing to negotiate with you, they certainly do not want to get exploited. If at any time they get this impression that you are exploiting them, they can tell you a no.

Savings on extra services:

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While most of the moving companies operate on a fixed rate basis, there are accessorial services that come at a variable price. The additional services offered by a moving company such as Mayflower Movers are always open to negotiation. Some of the most useful extra services that you can utilize while relocating include:

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Moving special items
  • Fragile items
  • Piano moving services

When you engage movers for extra services, you minimize the risk associated with the moving process and also save yourself from stress and exposure to injuries.

Challenge the moving company to leapfrog the competitor’s offer price:

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The slit throat competition in the moving industry has been a significant risk to the existence of every market player. Each company wants to outperform their competitors and win the trust of the customers. Also, it is a well-known fact that the customer is most attracted to the price associated with any product or service.

If you want to take advantage of this situation, you must reach to the moving company and ask them to offer you a better deal than their competitor. Being vocal about the offers you are getting from the other moving companies is a good negotiation trick you can use to secure a favorable deal with the moving company of your choice.

If not beating the price, the moving company will certainly try to match the estimate you have received from the other movers.

Play with information:

When you want to negotiate with the movers, you need to be prepared. Gathering as much information as possible is the best way out for striking a favorable deal with the moving services providers. Because you are moving and it is a stressful event, you need to find the best moving company in advance to avoid the stress.

Always remember that negotiation can help you reach a deal that is favorable to all parties involved. So use the tool very wisely. We hope this guide to get moving estimates will help you secure the most favorable deal with the moving company of your choice.