A Home Lifestyle Guide: Top 7 Must-Have Bathroom Essentials

Having your own living space is one of the best feelings in the world. That is why it is essential to take care of every part of the house, from the big room to the smallest one. Cleaning up your home from time to time says a lot about your self-love and discipline. Doing this, along with other household chores, can mean that you are responsible enough to own a home.

One of the essential parts of your house is the bathroom because this is where you do the necessary body cleansing inside and out. Here, you can also do your skincare routine and even wash small amounts of clothing. It is crucial to know the must-have items in your bathroom and buy from reliable online shops like Storables.com for all your cleaning needs. Read on to find out more about what bathroom essentials you must consider purchasing!

1. Make Your Bathroom Smell More Fragrant With an Air Freshener

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Every home bathroom is prone to unwanted odors, and nobody wants that. So it is essential to place an air freshener. An air freshener helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh every day, especially when friends or family come over. But you also have to be responsible enough to change fresheners from time to time, unless you purchase a reusable one.

Nowadays, you can also have creative freedom in choosing the scent for your bathroom. There are a variety of air fresheners in the market to choose from, and some popular scents include lemon, vanilla, strawberry, and floral aromas.

2. Hang Your Bathroom Towels Conveniently With a Towel Rack

When you go to fancy hotels and beach resorts, you will always see those tiny metal rods mounted on the bathroom wall. A towel rack is one of the most important items in the bathroom because this is where you can hang your towels and clothes. Having a towel rack will keep your clothes dry, and you will not have to worry about putting your clothes on the seat and the parts of the bathroom. Putting up a towel rack will also help you organize your towels to be ready for yourself and your guests to use.

3. Place Your Used Clothes in the Right Place With the Laundry Basket

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A laundry basket is an item you should have inside and outside your bathroom. So that you do not have to worry about used clothes lying around the house, this can always remind you when it is time to do some laundry. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose even the laundry baskets in your home, so they fit the overall house interior. You will not have a hard time finding the one that suits your interest because they are purchased in different department stores and even in online shops at an affordable price. Make sure to put those laundry baskets on your priority checklist.

4. Organize Your Soaps and Shampoo With Bathroom Liquid Dispensers

Nowadays, people would love to decorate and personalize their bathrooms, especially with the rising popularity of aesthetic-looking homes. Another trend in society is using containers, shelves, and boxes to serve as organizers. The liquid dispensers are no stranger to that, for they can store your bathroom liquids well. Having these items, including Goat Milk Soap in your bathroom is important, especially when you are into liquid shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and facial creams. Just like the laundry baskets, you can purchase them in almost any mall department store or through online shops.

5. Do Your Make-up and Skin Routine in Front of the Mirror

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A bathroom is not complete without a mirror. Having this simple glass frame mounted on your bathroom wall can make a difference in your entire interior design. Mirrors have this certain sophistication, which you can also use every day.

You can freely play around with your vanity for a while, without the fear of judgment by anyone. Do your make-up, skincare routine, and compliment yourself from time to time.

6. Make Your Bathroom Look Clean and Minimalist With Some Shelves and Organizers

Shelves and organizers are always part of a home’s interior, so why not consider having some in your bathroom too? Mounting shelves on your bathroom walls can help you place your items accordingly to make the room more spacious and organized. Having these containers will also help you quickly find your needed items for the day, especially when you are in a hurry.

There are a lot of ways you can do to get your hands on organizers and shelves that will fit your entire home interior. You can find a wide selection in home living department stores, online shops, or even have some customized by your local carpenter.

7. Have Fun With Different Colors and Designs of Shower Curtains

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Getting your entire bathroom floor wet can be dangerous, and we do not always have free time to get them immediately. Having shower curtains can protect the rest of the bathroom from getting wet during your shower. Hanging these simple plastic curtains can also give you some extra privacy. Choosing the shower curtains for your bathroom can also give you the creative freedom to play around with fun colors and designs.


Getting a new living space and starting a new lifestyle is one of the most fulfilling milestones in life, but it also equals many responsibilities. Every part of the house is essential and should be taken care of by cleaning, designing, and organizing items that you place in them.

Our bathrooms are one of the most comfortable places in the entire living space beside the room. Because this is where you can freshen up, do business, and prepare yourself for the day. To return the favor, you should have your bathroom cleaned and organized from time to time. Having the free time to do so will make you, your family, and guests have a fantastic time in the house. If you want to know more about home living, be sure to visit Storables.com today!

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