6 Futuristic Gadgets Your Kitchen Will Need

The kitchen is the busiest part of the house, and it has more things than your bedroom will ever have. Though some kitchen tools have been passed down from previous generations, others will need to be replaced eventually. Such as pans, knives, and utensils!

Everything is becoming high-tech and digital, and it does not stop with handheld smartphones. Even kitchen gadgets are catching up. Just imagine how cool your wall would look with the knives sticking to the wall, thanks to the magnetic knife holder! Think about how you would not need to get your soy milk from a carton when you can click the button of the soymilk maker.

Prepping meals should be fun and exciting! Whether you want to display your best kitchen tools or keep things minimalist, you can visit reputable sites like Recipes.net for great buys and ideas! Anyhow, continue reading to learn more about the six futuristic gadgets your kitchen will need.

1. A Magnetic Knife Holder

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The knife is functional, yet you should handle it with care in the kitchen. If you put it in the drawer, a child could easily open it. On the other hand, if you place it high on the shelf, some may strain themselves trying to reach it. But not if you have a magnetic knife holder.

Look for stainless steel and wall-mounted magnetic knife holders that you may stick to the wall! It will make your kitchen look more futuristic. There is also a wooden magnetic knife holder that can make your collection look sharp. However, if you are a traditionalist, there is still a magnetic knife holder with slots!

2. A Kitchen Cabinet Mount

Not everyone can follow a recipe by just reading the instructions, and some need to follow a video tutorial or read the recipe as they go along step-by-step. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. It is not easy to find a safe spot that is comfortable enough to put your smartphone.

But with a kitchen cabinet mount, you can put a smartphone, a tablet, and even a recipe book! It is usually stainless steel with one end attached under the wooden cabinet. Though it’s not the most aesthetic gadget, it is two steps ahead when it comes to futurism.

3. A Mobile Induction Heat Plate

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You can cook much quicker with a gas stove, it’s true. But if you are the type who is environmentally conscious, you will probably refuse to use this kind of stove to lessen the emissions. Or, if you like theming your home, this stove will look out of place, especially in a minimalist and futuristic kitchen.

Previous versions of portable induction cookers are square, bulky, and heavy, and it even takes quite a time before it heats up, unlike newer versions which are slimmer, rounded, and with soft-touch buttons. These heat plates are much more stylish, some even with digital timers. Though the functions are the same, you can cook much better with mobile induction heat plates.

4. A Soy Milk Maker

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Sustainable living includes making intelligent choices. Some follow #MeatlessMondays, while others forego using plastic altogether. Whether they are lactose intolerant or not, some would not risk dairy products because of their adverse effects on the environment. It is why plant-based milk sales have grown to over 61% in the last five years.

However, buying cartons of soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk is not sustainable either. People started making their plant-based milk using raw ingredients and a high-speed blender. But nothing comes close to the futuristic approach of the soy milk maker.

Though it looks similar to an electric kettle, the soy milk maker is ten times better. Put a cup of soaked soybeans and a liter of purified water, then press the button. You will have fresh soy milk in a few minutes! Others suggest using the leftover soy pulp for other plant-based recipes like vegan burgers and non-chicken nuggets. Others also suggest adding it to bread and pastries to replace eggs.

5. A Slow Cooker

Pressure cookers have not always been trendy. It used to be the cookware no one bothered using because it is big, takes too much time, and you can only cook meat dishes with it. Fast forward to the 2010s, busy moms and fitness fans fell in love with the slow cooker.

The slow cooker works like a pressure cooker, except it can be plugged into an electric outlet. It is made with stainless steel and has a sleek design. The knob in front can control both the time and the temperature. This electric cookware is perfect for anyone. Just pour the ingredients in and leave it cooking for more than 6 hours. You can bake a cake and roast with it too!

6. Some Smart Pans

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Everybody owns a pan, whether a frying pan, nonstick pan, or stainless steel pan. Some even have a wok they use for stir-fry dishes. Pans are the most utilized cookware in the kitchen because you can do more than fry with them. However, nothing says futuristic than a pan you can control with an app.

Though modern pans look similar to nonstick pans, they are nothing like it. These pans are usually made with ceramic. The controller on the handle can tell the temperature of your dish and how many more minutes it needs to be cooked. Even if you are on the other side of the house, you can even turn it off with just a click from the app!


There is more to cooking than making your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing and futuristic. It is not about the incredible gadgets and the advanced cookware, but the company you keep.

Of course, that includes the delicious meals too! Though you have to admit, watching a cooking tutorial and learning how to measure ingredients with an app has made life in the kitchen much more accessible than before! Preparing meals became an enjoyable hobby rather than a tedious chore. Food seasoned with love and care is the best delicacy you can offer to anyone. For more tips and tricks in the kitchen, visit Recipes.net today!

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