A Mover’s Guide to Conference Center Relocations

Every corporate employee understands the importance of conference centers.

Conference centers are a great place for corporations, companies, and collectives to hold important meetings or interactive seminars. They’re also often the perfect venues for fun and educational conventions. For many years, conference centers were regarded as important establishments. However, they’re now becoming less popular in the US.

Many conference and convention centers across US states have started undergoing drastic business changes. While hundreds of conference center owners have decided to renovate their centers, others are relocating theirs instead. Their purposes for going through business relocations are mostly subjective. So, let’s have a deeper look into the growing trend of conference center relocations in the US.

Common Reasons to Relocate a Conference Center

Conference center relocations can tackle an array of business-related problems for the owners. The following reasons are often the most common ones that business owners consider.

  • Expansion

Conventions and conferences of various types are becoming more popular all across America. Businesses in the country are also growing in size. As the number of people joining and hosting conferences grows, so do the accommodation needs of a conference center. To make arrangements for large conferences and conventions, centers need to be big enough. That’s why many owners are now relocating to more spacious locations.

  • Modernization

Another common reason that conference center owners are now relocating is to modernize their centers. Many of the country’s most active conference centers were established several years ago. There are only two major ways to make them more modern as per recent corporate trends: renovations and relocations. Some conference center owners find it more efficient to relocate to a fresh new space than to spend money on extensive renovations.

  • Cost Reduction

Conventions might be becoming more popular, but corporate conferences are becoming increasingly obsolete. As companies switch to online conference channels, physical conference centers are becoming less frequented. That’s why some owners choose to relocate their conference centers in an attempt to reduce the operating costs of their business.

How Conference Center Relocations Work

Conference center relocations involve some basic and extensive tasks. Owners or managers commonly need to hire professional business movers to conduct these tasks efficiently. Here are the different stages that commercial movers can help you with.

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  • Planning

All commercial moves start with the planning stage. Conference center business owners might choose to plan their move with a dedicated group of business managers first. They often involve commercial movers for professional guidance later.

Planning involves the most important administrative and financial decision-making. Business owners must plan every small and big step involved in the commercial move. They typically start by creating a project budget that includes all the costs and expenses they’ll likely incur. Researching potential new sites for the relocated conference center is also a critical part of planning. You also need to plan for the vendor and moving company management strategies you’ll employ during the move.

  • Disassembly

Once owners thoroughly plan their conference center relocation, they start reaching out to commercial moving companies. Professional business movers help conference center owners conduct their move safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

The first step in a conference center move is typically the disassembly and uninstallation of furniture and fixtures. Movers remove furniture items that have been fixed onto the floor or mounted on walls to prepare them for packing. They also safely de-cable and uninstall electronic devices like projectors.

  • Packing

After disassembling all the bulky furniture, fixtures, and other conference center items, movers start the packing stage. Professional movers pack various business items depending on their size, fragility, type, and unique handling requirements.

As a conference center owner, you should look for business moving companies that offer tailored services. Experienced movers are skilled at using the right moving equipment and packing materials for different product types. Getting reliable packing and rigging services is compulsory to avoid the need for moving insurance.

  • Transportation

The next step in a conference center move is the transportation of packed items to the new site. Since every conference center has a different size, owners often need to opt for specialized transportation services. The type of transportation services you might need depends on the number of products you’re relocating, how bulky they are, and how much distance you need to cover.

Many commercial moving companies customize their transportation services for their customers. They use the most suitable fleets and modes of transportation to cater to every relocation project’s unique requirements.

  • Post-Relocation Tasks

It’s natural for conference centers to be left messy and in bad shape after all the items in them have been relocated. There can be rubble on the floors, drywall holes in the walls, etc. That’s why many owners find the need to get post-relocation services at the original site, like cleaning, drywall patching, and sanitization. These additional moving facility services help property owners put the closed-out property back on the market with a good offer.

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How to Find Professional Business Movers

The best way to find reliable moving companies in your vicinity is by searching for them online. You can shortlist a few reputable moving companies and start researching their services. Legitimate customer reviews and testimonials are a fool-proof way to gauge the quality of a company’s services.

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