What Is the Most Realistic Online Casino Game – A 2024 Guide

If you did some research before opening this guide, you’ve probably discovered that there are thousands of online casinos that you can use for enjoying your favorite gambling games – such as poker and slots – from the comfort of your home. However, did you start getting tired of playing against machines and seeing the quirky graphics most games will feature?

If you found yourself in this situation, you should know that there are some realistic and live online casino games that you could try using, all of which will provide you with a different experience than traditional online casinos. Which ones are the best? Well, here are the top five realistic online casino games that you could try, as well as some other information that you might find useful:

Top 5 Realistic Casino Games to Try in 2024

1. “Roulette”

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One of the first options that you could choose and, perhaps, the most popular realistic-looking online casino game out there is roulette. Now, as you probably know, American and European roulette differs from one another, and if you’re looking for American roulette, it might be a little bit daunting for you to find it. Nonetheless, most live casinos will offer European roulette, and which one you choose will entirely depend on your preferences for the dealers, interface, and, of course, the stakes.

Another thing that you should know is that providers now offer a wide array of language settings, which means that you could still enjoy playing the game, even if your native tongue isn’t English. Also, automatic machines are the most common with such live games, meaning that a real machine will be spun by compressed air and you’ll receive the results on your computer, laptop, or in most cases, smartphone.

2. “Blackjack”

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Next on our list of the top realistic online casino games is Blackjack, a game that doesn’t need any introduction for an experienced player. When playing in a live casino, there are two versions that you can opt for enjoying – seven-seat in which you’ll “sit” at a virtual table with six other individuals, and unlimited which, as the name implies, involves just one hand that an unlimited number of individuals can play.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that you probably won’t find any side bets across the boards, and the rules and regulations each online casino has will be different, hence, before you opt for enjoying a particular option, you should check and see what are the rules for splits, surrenders, as well as doubles. Additionally, if side bets are important for you, you could find a platform that offers it, it’ll just take a little bit more time.

3. “Monopoly”

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I don’t know about you, but I was truly surprised when I discovered that I could play Monopoly against other people! Now, of course, the concept is completely different. Instead of the traditional game, it’s somewhat more like slots, meaning that once you trigger a bonus round – when you receive 3 special symbols – the wheel will stop and the bonus round will begin. All participants betting on a specific segment can take part in the bonus spin.

Your main task is to roll the dice and move around the giant version of the board game by using your PC, and of course, the further you get, the better the prizes will be. It’s one of the most immersive and fun options that you can choose and that’ll keep you excited until the bonus round comes if you want to try playing a round or two of live Monopoly, you can do so on platforms such as casino.n1bet.com.

4. “Sic Bo”

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If you’re interested in trying something completely different and new, you should consider Sic Bo, an Asian game that’ll require you to bet on the outcome of the roll of 3 dice. It isn’t only popular and played across Asian countries, mostly because in the last year, more and more people are enjoying it. There is a wide array of variations online, hence, you might want to try a few before you find something that is suitable for you.

5. “Bet-On Poker”

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You might be a fan of Texas Hold ‘em, and if so, you might want to try one of its variations, Bet-On poker, a version that’ll allow six players and you to choose a bet on one or several hands. Okay, so, what is different from the traditional game? Well, there is wagering round after every card is dealt. For instance, every hand will have its own odds, thus, you could bet on the value of winning the hand, which basically means that you’ll need to predict the outcome of the game instead of playing against the house or other users.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Before we conclude this 2024 guide, there are a few things worth mentioning, all of which can help you choose a suitable live casino that you can use for enjoying your favorite gambling games. For starters, you must ensure that they’re licensed, and by doing so, you’ll ensure that you’re betting on a safe and secure platform that’ll protect your identity, and more importantly, the money you choose to deposit and play with.

Second, it has to be mobile- and computer-friendly, mostly because this will allow you to enjoy some of the options from above without any hindrances, as well as from any place and at any time that you want. And third, don’t neglect to read some of the reviews left by previous customers. By doing so, you can learn whether or not they had a good experience with them, thus, you can make sure that it’s a safe and reliable provider.


If you’re looking for a completely different online casino gaming experience, you should seriously consider going live and trying one of the games we’ve mentioned in our list above. Not only will it allow you to play against real people, but you’ll also have live dealers and chatting options, thus, the entire experience might be more interesting for you.

Since you’ve now learned some of the top realistic games that you can play online, you really shouldn’t waste your time anymore. Instead, go through our list once more, determine which option you might want to try, and from there, start searching for a provider that’ll offer you live rounds!

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