6 Most Popular Jobs in Saudi Arabia – 2024 Guide

Saudi Arabia is a popular country because of different reasons. Before everything, people like to go there as tourists. The country has a rich culture and history and it seems interesting to people from the west.

However, entertainment is not the only reason why people go there. Some of them decide on living in the country because of good living conditions. More precisely, they can ensure their financial stability thanks to the highest paying jobs.

It is not a secret that Saudi Arabia has a strong economy. Many people decide on leaving their families to come there and work. In some cases, the salaries that certain sectors offer are the best in the world. The necessary knowledge and skills will allow you to make a profit.

We know that many people do not know a lot about Saudi Arabia. Some even think that going to that country isn’t the safest solution they have. If you are one of them, we can tell you that the country is completely safe for all foreign visitors.

That especially counts when we talk about job seekers. Of course, you will need to respect the local culture and certain rules. However, the same rule counts even when you visit countries like France, China, and the US.

You came to the right place to find out the most popular jobs in Saudi Arabia. We will provide you with some necessary details that will probably seem attractive to you.

1. Petroleum Engineers

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You know very well that this sector is the main one in the country. Companies from that region are desperate to find different experts that will help them boost their revenue. That is the reason why many of them are in-demand for petroleum engineers. Believe it or not, you will manage to earn around 80 thousand dollars per year. In other words, the monthly salary of a petroleum engineer is around 8.5 thousand dollars. We are sure that the opportunity like that is rear.

2. CEO of Multinational Company

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Many international companies operate in the country. Because of that, being a company’s CEO is one of the most popular professions in that part of the world. You will manage to earn around 33 thousand dollars on average thanks to that profession.

Of course, we do not want to say that everyone can get a job like that. You must have knowledge, skills, and experience to complete the tasks that CEO’s have. Because of that, this job opportunity might be more attractive to people that have at least 5 to 10 years of experience in a particular business field.

3. Medical Profession

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Saudi Arabia is a rich country and it can ensure the best possible medical equipment. However, the number of medical experts within the country is not quite big. That is the reason why they invite many people from the outside of the country to come and work there. Despite that, they also offer good salaries for everyone who has a strong education in the medical field.

Being a surgeon is especially profitable in the country. Believe it or not, you can earn around 29 thousand dollars per year in that way. Surgeons in some other parts of the world may earn more. However, an offer like that will probably seem attractive because you won’t have a huge competition. Despite that, the working conditions are more than excellent.

4. IT Industry Goes Through Rapid Improvement

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We assume that the subtitle from above is not going to surprise you a lot. The IT sector is drastically improving in all parts of the world. Saudi Arabia realized how important is for the country to have good IT experts. Because of that, just like in any other country, they have high salaries.

We can use the example of IT managers that earn 12 thousand dollars on average. It is a very good salary for people that live in a state like Saudi Arabia.

5. English Teacher

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Here comes the part that seems the most interesting from our list. Being an English teacher in Saudi Arabia can pay off for sure. For a long period, Saudi Arabia was a traditional country. These people were proud of their culture, history, and language. Because of that, learning some other languages seemed unnecessary for them.

Yet, the number of tourists that come here jumped a lot. Despite that, they realized how important can be to know how to speak English for different purposes. In the end, a huge number of multinational companies are operating there. That is one more reason why people there decided on improving their English language.

Believe it or not, an average teacher can earn around 3000 dollars per month. Yet, there are some additional benefits they can get. For instance, you can potentially get the right for free flights to your home country. In that way, people in Saudi Arabia want to make the profession even more attractive. We are sure the demand for an English teacher is not going to reduce soon.

6. Project and Construction Management

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As you probably know, SA has a huge number of immigrants that came to the country to work. The good working conditions attracted them to leave their homeland and come there. One of the professions that became popular because of them is project and construction managers. Believe it or not, they can potentially earn up to 12 thousand dollars per month.

Average Salary in Saudi Arabia

We highlighted some of the most popular jobs in Saudi Arabia. However, they are not the only ones that may seem attractive to you. The average salary in the country will confirm that statement. An average salary across the entire country is around 16 thousand SAR. In other words, you will manage to earn around 4.2 thousand dollars per month.

Final Thought – Working VISA is Necessary

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Starting to work in Saudi Arabia without permission is impossible. More precisely, the document that you need to have is a working VISA. Getting one has never been easier because you can apply for it from the comfort of your room. The online VISAs have become quite popular because they are a practical and less time-consuming alternative. If you want to find out more about that, we recommend you visit https://visa-saudi-arabia.com/. There you will manage to see how the entire process works.