How To Minimize Taxes Cryptocurrency Taxes?

The concept of cryptocurrencies has experienced a rocky road to the situation we can find it in today. It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that a vast majority of financial experts didn’t believe that the concept will end up as valuable as it is today. If you take a look at the crypto market, you will see that there is one big player, Bitcoin, a couple of smaller ones like Ethereum, Cardano, and Altcoin, and a plethora of small, almost insignificant ones.

However, it needs to be said that the market wasn’t as developed just a couple of years ago. At first, Bitcoin was the only one. Sure, you are aware of the fact that it is the first one, and most valuable one today. However, to reach this point, it needed to overcome many obstacles. There are a lot of these stories you can find online.

Not only that the market has more big players, but we can also see many software and tools that can help us in this trade. If you are interested in taking a look at one of these, be sure to check out
With an increased interest in cryptocurrencies, we can see that a lot of countries have decided to legalize them completely.
If you follow new trends and news, you will see that there are a lot of countries that are in the process of doing so, one way or another. Since there is legalization, we can see that the question of taxes will become more significant in the future. Now, we would like to provide you with a couple of ways you can get these taxes lower. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these methods.

1. A Gift to a Family Member


The first, and most secure way to get crypto taxes lower is to use your cryptos as a gift to a member of your family. The reason being that the IRS doesn’t prohibit US citizens from giving gifts to family members if their worth is less than $15,000. Meaning, you will not be inclined to pay any tax if the gift is worth less than this sum. We can see that the regulation is similar in a wide array of EU countries. However, the amount differs.

Since digital currencies are taxed as properties, there is no way that they could be taxed when they are converted to fiat currencies after they are received as a gift. Even if the sum is higher, the tax rate will not be nearly as higher as when you sell it on the market as an owner. Even though this strategy looks like an ideal thing to do, we would advise you to consult with an estate planner before you make a move like this one. The reason being that it needs to fit in your overall financial plan.

2. Withholding the Crypto


The next approach we would like to discuss depends on how much time you have withheld your cryptos. It’s because there are capital gains rates that are dependent on how much time you have them in your e-wallets. Not only that you will have a chance to get these rates lower, but you will also have a chance to wait until the value has risen in the market. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone.
Sure, we would agree with the fact that this is a somewhat risky move because the market price of the digital currency of your choice can drop. However, when you compare all the negative and positive sides, you will see that there are more of those who can be described as positive. In any case, holding onto your coins will provide you with a chance to pay less tax rate, which is a plus.

3. Purchasing With Cryptos


If you take a look at the current regulation, you will see that there is practically only one case when traders are required to pay taxes for their digital currencies. We are talking about the situation when you withdraw your coins and convert them into fiat currency. At the same time, we can see that it is unsure whether people will need to pay any fee when they shop online with BTC, ETH, or any other.
For this reason, we can see that many experts see this as a chance for people to avoid taxes. As you can see, it is not against the law. Therefore, we do believe that this is a solid way to do it. However, it is unclear whether the situation will remain the same in the future. If you take a look at the modus operandi IRS uses today, there is no news about this way of trading could be taxed. We will just have to wait and see.

4. Trade Cryptos with 401-K and IRA


Last but not least, we would like to talk about the possibility of purchasing cryptos through your retirement account. In this case, you will have two possible outcomes, you can either pay a significantly less rate or you can completely avoid any rate. So, this is a chance for your investments and profits to grow from time to time, without any interference in terms of tax. The reason why this is possible is rather simple, it is the word of law.

Naturally, this regulation doesn’t explicitly address cryptocurrencies, but they surely fall under it. All the income that comes into an IRA account will not be taxed in a manner we are used to seeing in some other situations. Therefore, we would say that this is one of the safest approaches to engage in cryptocurrency trading.

The Conclusion

Since the legalization of cryptocurrencies has become a major topic in the world of finance, many people are unsure how these updates will affect them. When it comes to tax, it will certainly be a must. Here, you can take a look at a couple of ways you can avoid high tax rates. We are certain all of these methods will be of use to you as a trader.