How do I Make an Amazing Website? – 2024 Guide

Nowadays there are millions of websites all around the world, but only 10% of them are going to be remembered by users. We come in contact with dozens of sites every day, and we come back only to those that are truly amazing.

If you are interested in starting your own website, there are a lot of things you should know and pay attention to. Before you start this project, check out our tips on how to make the right choices and how to become better than your competition.

What is your goal?

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According to Hosting Foundry, building a website is easier than figuring out what your goal is. Think about what kind of site you want to create and what do you want to get out of it. Do you want to sell products on it? Do you want to make your money from campaigns? Are you doing it for fun, and figuring things out as you go?

All of these things will help you learn what your main goal is, they will help you make a plan and create an outline for the first year. The draft of the things you want to achieve should be done before you buy the name and pay for the hosting.

The look is everything

It is a known fact that how the site looks is going to determine if you are going to attract new customers or if they are going to open it once and never again. Focus on the colors and on the menu before you start adding content.

You should start by browsing the themes on the platform you’ve chosen. The most popular platform nowadays is WordPress and millions of users all around the world choose it because it offers thousands of different themes. You can choose to go with something that you can find online, or you can get the theme custom made.

There are a lot of free choices, but the best ones usually need to be paid for. You should also think about the colors you are going to choose for your site. It is best if you can incorporate the brand colors somehow, but if you use strong and bright colors on your logo, try to tone them down when creating your site.

You need to make things look good, and if the background is too bright or loud, your customers’ eyes are going to get tired and they won’t stay and read your articles.

Focus on the web design

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Many people think that web designing only means that you have to make a pretty site. As NJ Bizmap LLC suggests, the core of every brand is the unique voice they present via their website. You have to think about the look of the menu, the icons you are going to put, the widgets, and every other thing your customers are going to come in contact with.

Think about the overall font you are going to use, and know that the letters will make a difference. You need to make a point with it and to put an accent on the things you want your client to notice.

If you want to put ads on your site and if you want to make money with that, you need to think about the position of the banners. Most owners put one big banner on the top of the site, and several small ones on the right of every page. Have a plan on what you are going to put there before you make a sale, and know that those places should not be left blank.

Do you want to put a lot of images on your platform, or do you want to focus more on the text? If you want to sell products there, how do you want your clients to look at the products when they open your website? These things are a huge part of the web design, and depending on your desires and needs, you will have to choose or create a theme.

The menu is extremely important as well. It should not be too big or complex, but it should also contain everything you customers may look for. Put it somewhere visible and easy to reach from all pages, but don’t put too big of an accent on it.

Make it user-friendly and responsive

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If you want to have an amazing site, you need to make it responsive and user-friendly.

When we say user-friendly, we mean that it has to be simple and easy to use. As we mentioned before, the menu should be visible and it should contain all the necessary information. It should also work on all devices without issues, so always check if your site is looking good on computers, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets. No matter the screen size, the site should look good.

When it comes to a responsive site, this means that your users should not wait for 5 or more seconds for everything to load. Don’t install too many widgets that will make it slow, and it is best to have a website audit before you get things running.

Content creation

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Last but not least, you have to focus on content creation. No matter if you write long articles, or short product descriptions, everything should be perfect.

Search engine optimization will help you get to more users fast, and it will rank your site high on the search engines. If you don’t have the needed knowledge on how to do this, you should attend a course, hire a person who has the needed skills or contact a professional that will help you get this done.

Your content should be easy to read and understand, it should help people find the right things with ease and it should appeal to your target audience. Check out Techslang if you’re looking for professional SEO content and article writing services.

Website translation

Part and parcel of content creation is website translation. When you decide to grow your business, website translation is the key to reaching a bigger number of international audiences, buyers, customers, or clients. Your content should be valuable to your readers. It does not give them value if they cannot understand it.

Translating your website helps you communicate better with your foreign audience. People will not buy something that they do not understand how to use. When you are selling something, getting your message across to potential customers is essential. Website translation services maximizes your website’s global reach by combining linguistic expertise and localization. Check out Tomedes if you are looking for professional website translation services.

Creating an amazing site is not hard, but you need to invest your time and money. Try to learn as much as you can on your own, but remember that if you stretch yourself too thin, you will not achieve your goal. Invest in the right people, and ask for help when you don’t think you have the needed skills. Have patience and know that the results will show at least 6 months after you create everything. Work hard and your investment will pay off.