How to Maintain Your Toenails? – 2024 Guide

Not a lot of people give much thought to maintaining their toenails or their feet in a healthy state. In fact, most of us do not really care about how our toenails look because we either wear shoes, socks or shoes, and socks. No one gets to see them unless you are at the beach. Even you look at them rarely in the morning or before going to bed. But, taking care of your toenails is not just about maintaining a good look, it is also about health.

Assuming that you have started to develop an interest in how to maintain your toenails, you will probably need a little bit of guidance to ensure that you will start building a healthy habit. However, healthy habit is not just about washing your feet regularly, there are several other things you could do to care for your toenails. Although, there is no need for worry. Just read through this entire article and you will know exactly what to do.

Let your feet breathe

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to feet/toenail health is not taking off their socks or shoes for a very long time. Wearing shoes does not necessarily mean that something will happen to your toenails, but wearing them for very long periods can become problematic.

This is especially true in the summer days because the air is trapped inside of the shoe and causing your feet to sweat a lot more than usual. Since the sweat does not have an escape route, except of course if you have breathable shoes, moisture will start to build up inside. This moisture can be the cause for blisters and even for ingrown nails.

Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is not that easy. Sure, you can just take off your shoes and the problem is solved, but you can do that while in public, right? You cannot walk barefoot outside on the scorching hot pavement. You also cannot be barefoot while at work either. That is unprofessional.

But, all hope is not lost. You still have the option of getting much better shoes that will allow the skin to breathe and sweat properly. The other solution is to just ensure that your foot gets enough time to breathe while at home. Do not wear any socks, sandals, or slippers.

Cut your toenails regularly

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One of the most common problems with feet has to be the ingrown nail. I am sure that you have already experienced this because most people have. It is something that happens to everyone these days because we are constantly walking a lot throughout the day and in uncomfortable shoes.

The reason this happens is that the toenail is trapped both by a sock and a sneaker. It does not get enough room to grow in the right direction. It needs to travel forward, but since the path forward is blocked, it starts growing to the side and into the flesh of the toe. The skin here is very soft, allowing the nail to pierce it quite easily. Once this happens, a person experiences a lot of discomfort, pain, and itchiness.

Once this happens, a person must cut off the toenail as soon as possible. Once it is cut, it will take a couple of days for the flesh to regenerate and heal. The easiest way to prevent this from ever happening is by cutting them regularly and not allowing them to grow more than they should.

Supplements for toenail growth and against fungus

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Not every person is equal. For some, the nails on their foot require just a couple of days to grow back to its natural shape. While for others, it takes a week or maybe even more. This may be an indication that the person is not providing his/her body with the right nutrients throughout the day.

Assuming that you are a person who has this slow growth, I would recommend taking supplements that will improve the growth and will also fight against fungus. Toe or fruit fungus can be quite problematic and uncomfortable. You should not let it spread from your toes to the sole of your feet. The fungus might cause the skin to itch, scale, and crack which could ultimately lead to discomfort and pain.

So, the best defense against this type of fungus are supplements as suggested by Viva Nutra. You just drink one pill in the morning or before you go to bed and you will not have to worry about developing problems from fungus ever again.

Wash your feet

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Hygiene has to be one of the most essential things humans have to do to maintain their health. Without hygiene, many viruses would be able to spread much faster and easily around the world. To prevent viruses and diseases from ever entering her body, we must maintain a certain level of hygiene every single day.

However, hygiene is not just about washing our hands, brushing our teeth, and washing our hair. Your feet require the same level of treatment as every other part of your body. Just imagine how much bacteria and other germs can be found on the floors of your home. With every step you take, some of that bacteria will attach to the sole of your foot.

This is why I believe it is essential to wash your feet every time you get home and before you go to bed. Once you build this habit of keeping your foot clean every day, the chances of an ingrown nail or fungus will be dropped to almost zero. I think you also appreciate the fact that your feet, socks, and shoes will never smell again as much as they did when you did not wash them.

Switch socks

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The last thing you could do to improve the health of both your toenails and your feet is to just switch the socks at least once a day. Once your feet start really warm and start to sweat, this is the moment you should swap to a new pair of socks. Once you build this habit, I guarantee you will notice a difference in the health of your feet.

As you can see, maintaining your toenails is not actually as complicated as you thought. By following this guide, I am sure that your feet will be in great health.