Top 8 Tips to Maintain Your Lawn’s Brilliance

Whether you’re looking to mold the perfect lawn, or trying to build a brilliant one, it is important to know the basic and effective lawn care tips.

Knowing about it will help you maintain your lawn’s brilliance at its peak condition and become much more appealing. Of course, creating your ideal lawn is somehow easy, but maintaining it could become a problem.

However, if you are new to lawn care or just one of the people who want to know the basics, we prepared top 8 tips to maintain your lawn’s brilliance. With that said, let’s dive in!

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1. Eliminate Weeds From Your Grass

With weeds, thatch and moss keeping your grass unhealthy, it is best to remove them early. Before removing weeds from your lawn, you must first identify your lawn’s grass type. Doing so will help you determine how to naturally control weed growth around your lawn. You can do this by following an ideal mowing height range.

If you are unsure about the type of grass your lawn has, you may seek help from local gardeners.

This way, you can eliminate pesky things from growing around your lawn and running its beauty in a natural way. Or you may also use various weed killer herbicides to help you control unwanted weed growth.

Another option to reduce your loadwork of removing weeds from your lawn is by adding a thick layer of organic mulch or landscape fabric.

2. Apply Lawn Fertilizer

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Any homeowners would wish to have a flourishing lawn. It adds appeal to the overall vibe of the house and even creates a great first impression to guests.

Ideally, you can just add in a mix and match of several plants to elevate your lawn, however, to maintain its beautiful growth, you must apply the ideal lawn fertilizer.

Lawn fertilizers will help your lawn to stay healthy, reduce weeds, promote root growth, and even replace nutrients.

To prevent damage to your lawn, remember that lawn fertilizers also need the right timing to deliver the best results.

3. Seed Your Lawn

Generally, seeding will aesthetically elevate the overall look of your lawn. Start properly seeding with the best grass seed and healthy neutral soils. Take note of the season grasses to achieve your desired lawn or maintain its brilliance all throughout the season.

You may also spot seeds in bare and unsightly areas.

It is advisable to first know the cause of the bare spot. If it is due to pests, manage the pests, remove some dead grass, and separate compact soils before seeding. Make sure that after applying grass seeds, protect the area with a thin layer of weed-free straw, a seed starter mat or a seed blanket.

4. Deep Watering

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Deep watering can be tricky. By doing so could cause your soil harm and cause grass roots to be established poorly. Your main goal is just to keep the soil moist and never to over water it. You can deep water frequently but for prolonged periods.

This way, you can keep a heartier, and healthier roots.

Basically, the best time to water your lawn is in the morning. This will reduce water loss and gradually get dried up with the sun throughout the day.

5. Edge Your Lawn

Edging can be the final finish you grant your lawn to have that neat, clipped, and lush look. Use a pair of sharpened shears, such as these at, to edge your lawn together with a 2 shot mold to properly secure the area. Edging can help stop the grass from further growing into your lawn borders.

You may opt to reshape your lawn or install permanent edging using transfer molding.

With this, you can create the perfect edge for your lawn needs.

6. Improve Lawn Drainage

Lawn drainage problems will most definitely come after you especially after a heavy rain. Poor lawn drainage may be a minor issue but it can kill your plants in an instant.

To prevent this from happening, you may choose to create an underground drain with gravel and then cover it over.

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You may also build up soil to the areas where water leakage is an issue but make sure to keep track of the water running as it can also cause problems to some other areas too.

7. Learn Proper Aeration

Simply put, basic lawn care tips are not complete without learning how to properly aerate a lawn. You will need to learn aeration if you wish to maintain a lush garden in your home. Aeration is essentially an important process for your lawn especially for heavily trafficked areas.

It helps rearrange your lawn’s compacted soil to enable oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the topsoil. It can also strengthen the root system of your yard and even endure climate changes. Learning the proper aeration will surely make your lawn a strong, appealing, relaxing place for your friends and family to enjoy.

8. Enjoy the Process

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Nothing beats elevating the presentation of your lawn by enjoying what you are doing. Enjoying your lawn will most definitely complete your lawn’s brilliance. If you are doing it for joy, then surely, it will reflect beautifully. Thus, make sure to enjoy the benefits of having an appealing lawn and a beautiful space for your friends and family.


A lush, green, and appealing lawn is a very wonderful asset any homeowners take pride in. Well, maintaining your brilliant lawn area can be a bit tiresome but learning a few tips can also reward your home generously.

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Try to follow these top tips to maintain your lawn’s brilliance. You can never know what these tips can bring forth if you haven’t even tried a thing.