7 Locksmith Tips That Will Help Secure Your Home – 2024 Guide

Our home and its safety and security should be our priority all the time. Every one of us is trying to ensure they live in a safe place, with the lowest risk of robberies, and other unpleasant events. But, sadly, no matter how hard we try, if someone decides to get in our home illegally, they will also probably find a way to do that, so almost every police in the world announced safety measures list, especially when you live in a building with a lot of apartments.

Burglars use some tricks to enter your house, even when you have the most expensive locks and key systems installed. For example, they may stalk you for a prolonged period, so they can learn your behavior and times when the house is empty. Then, they will focus on the locks, and see if it’s possible to get it, without damaging them. Some of them are doing that, so professionally, you won’t be able to see something happened, until you realize some things are missing. If you have good locks, they will focus on the windows, because they know not everyone is paying enough attention to secure that part of the home. If you have trees around your house, you are easing their access to your home through the open windows.

It’s normal to ask yourself if it’s somehow possible to keep your property and family safe, knowing that the burglars may pretend to be someone else, for example, a salesperson, or plumber, but also, that they can access your rooms through the garage.

Ensuring that your home is safe can be pretty challenging, and also expensive, especially when you need to install additional thinks, like an alarm system, together with the keys and locks. But, in order to keep your home secure, you should follow these tricks and tips according to professional locksmiths within the industry:

1. Use a trusted locksmith service

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No matter where you are based in the world, you must find a trusted service, because the burglars can hide behind the masks of the locksmiths. Professional service should be reliable, fast, and professional, and they should use proper equipment. Never hire people you don’t trust, and no one around you recognizes them. Owning a key is a sensitive thing, and you don’t want the idea that someone else you don’t even know to have a copy of your keys. Research a lot, ask for other people’s opinions and use only certified services, even if that means you will need to pay more for that.

2. Deadbolts are also an option

Together with the lock and the doorknob, the deadbolt adds an extra layer of security from everyone that is trying to enter your house or apartment without your permission. You can speak to the locksmith about this option, and see if the price works for you. But, in this case, you are not allowed to forget your keys at home, because the opening from the outdoors can also be very expensive, and damaging for the door at the same time. This option is highly recommended for offices or weekend apartments.

3. Keep the keys in your bag or pocket

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In order to keep your house safe and secure, you shouldn’t leave the keys anywhere you want, especially not in the yard or the balcony. If someone is monitoring you, they will see a nice moment and get in, even though you are at home. Your keys should always be with you and don’t leave them even on your desk at work, because who knows who can take them and make a copy while in the toilet.

4. Use double cylinder locks

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These locks are a popular choice between the new homeowners who want to be sure they did everything in their power to keep the house safe from robberies. These locks are very hard to be manipulated, but it’s not impossible, knowing that even burglars are following the trends, and probably they know how to open the locks before you can learn how to use them. The double cylinder option is giving an additional layer of protection, making your home hardly accessible. But, in order to work that out, you need to also…

5. Lock all of your windows

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Most of the robberies happen because someone forgot to lock the window, or even left it open during the night, or while the house is empty. Make sure you locked the windows before leaving your home, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you get back from work. If you have trees close to them, we highly recommend you to pay even more attention to those spots of your house. Most of the scary stories about robberies and murders we hear on the news are usually related to open or poorly closed windows. The burglars know they are the most vulnerable spots of your house, and if they can’t access it by the door, the next thing that they will try is windows.

6. Secure the garage

If they can’t do that with the windows, the next spot they will try to break in is the garage. Many people forgot to lock it, and usually, it has direct access to the home. So, you can consider using a separate garage, or be careful if you are locking it properly every time you go out in your car.

7. Repair the locks regularly

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When properly maintained, the locks will do their job. But, you must pay attention to every detail, and if somehow happens that the lock doesn’t work properly, you must call a trusted locksmith service immediately, so you can be sure you are safe at night while you sleep.

Keeping our home safe is challenging, and it may give us a lot of headaches. A proper alarm system will give us enough calm while we are out, so we can be sure nothing bad will surprise us when we come home. You don’t need to be scared all the time you get in, and it’s on you to do everything in your power to ensure you are safe and comfortable in your own house.