Things to Evade While Upgrading Led – 2024 Guide

It feels amazing to own a Jeep Wrangler, right? Well, I am sure you will also want to make the most of your newly bought car! A study showed that in 2018, 240432 Wranglers were sold alone in the USA. So, why are you losing out on LED Lights for your wrangler? Get the best insights on LED Lights from this article.

Do You have to upgrade your LED lights?

Although LED Lights bring out the best in a Jeep Wrangler, still one needs to understand whether it is fruitful for you to invest in the same or not. With newer and newer companies coming up like Mjsoffroad with amazing hardware installations, these are making your Jeep Wrangler look very cool, too.

Do you use your Wrangler for Off-roading or long-distance drives? If yes, in that case, having upgraded LED Lamps help as they help in better navigation and an amazing drive and off-roading experience. It is also a mark of safety and visibility thus, making the roads safer.

Benefits of Upgrading your LED Lights!

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There are a lot of benefits when one upgrades their Jeep Wranglers’ LED Lights. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It increases the longevity of your Jeep Wranglers’ Lights: The best part about upgrading the lights is that it has a better life than the factory installed one. The battery life is also saved, when you are using the same as these lamps take lesser battery consumption.
  • Get better intensity than Halogen lamps: These LED Lamps are much better than that of Halogen Lamps and are sleek looking. The denser concentration of the lights helps in off-roading experience and other things like better visibility.
  • The color spectrum is quite natural: It is very important to have lights with a wider and better color spectrum, especially for the visibility in the dark. Just like red attracts maximum visibility, similarly, these LED Lights can be easily visible from a distance.
  • The shapes and styles are quite attractive: These LED Lights are good-looking and are much smaller and compact in shape, than in comparison to the older and bolder halogen lamps.
    Thus, with all these added advantages, it becomes easier for you to go for these lights as they are quite cheap in comparison to the old-fashioned fog and halogen lamps, and they provide great proficiency and an amazing look and feel to your Jeep Wrangler.

Let’s look at some of the best-LED lights:

  • 7″ Round CREE LED Headlights with Halo White DRL & Amber Turn Signal: These lights are one of the best in the industry and use CREE Chips to produce a high beam of 4200 lumens and low beam of 3600 lumens, and this mechanism is worthy of making them brighter than 60% of other lones in the market. With an innovative internal coolant system, the lifespan of these are close to 30000 hours
  • DOT Approved 7 Inch LED Halo Headlights: These headlights are also good, and are always better compared to the above-mentioned one. They produce a high beam and low beam of 4500 lumens and 3200 lumens, respectively. They are quite economical but are pretty functional and good for use.

What should you avoid when upgrading your LED Lights?

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Although it seems an easy task – replacing the LED Lights is a daunting task due to the number of variants available in the market, and how the mechanics work on the same. Jeep Wrangler is surely a beast, and similarly, you should have the ones befitting the same. Hence, let’s look at the rookie mistakes you should avoid, at all costs.

Have you tried the wrong bulb size?

Well, what happens mostly is that when it comes to replacing the LED Bulbs since there are a lot of available options, online, we tend to buy the ones with good reviews, and turns out, these bulbs may not fit the housing chamber.

Once that happens, it becomes really difficult to use these lights, and you will have to buy another set, again. Hence, the best thing to do would be to consult the garage so that they can help you with the correct measurements, and you can use that to get the best lights available in your range.

Make Sure the lights are Legal on roads.

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What attracts more to the eyes may not be legal on the roads. Yes, you heard it right! When it comes to the automobile industry, and the roads, there are a lot of traffic laws, which you need to keep in mind. Hence, the lights, which you may think of using, like neon blue, or green or any other attractive color, may not be a viable option, legally.

Hence, make sure, you have brushed up on the traffic laws, before going shopping for your next set of LED Lights, as you will definitely not be interested to be pulled aside on the road, every time you drive your car on the streets.

Do not let your resistors or decoders just hang out!

This is a very important structural unit for cars, as these ensure the way your lights work on the head or tail lights. When you try to do things on your own, with the help of your power tools, you may, at times, tend to ignore that all the parts are properly put back in.

This usually happens if you are way too excited about things, or you do not know where to put back things correctly. Nonetheless, you should know the correct place to put it back, as it may burn off the plastic components, which get in contact with the resistors and decoders, due to heavy heat.

Do not even dare to replace an LED right next to a filament bulb.

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Well, this is one of the most important lessons. If you have more than one light bulb in a single housing chamber, you will have to replace both of them. You cannot make the rookie mistake of having two different types of lights, inside one chamber.

When you are using LED lights and normal filament bulbs together, the chances are that you may end up melting the LED Lamps, due to the heat generated from the Filament bulb. Thus, always have similar types of bulbs in the chamber.

So, what are you waiting for? Give these LED lamps a try and stay away from the rookie mistakes, which have been mentioned as you want your Wrangler to fly and not get limited with poor performance and improper lights.